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  1. It had nothing to do with the team. The enemy was already firing into our main before we could even leave it.
  2. Well.... I got to play by first Squad insurgency game since the years of PR insurgency. Safe to say, it was a complete mess. Playing as the US forces, by time we were permitted to leave base the insurgents were basically sitting outside main waiting for us to leave the base protection zone. It was a complete bloodbath. The majority of the game revolved around us trying to make it out of base. Then we finally managed to use another squads rally to teleport out of base. Insurgency in PR used to work so well. Is this a regular theme? If so, how did Squad get it so wrong? /whinge
  3. I certainly hope we have 100 player servers prior. It's hard enough to get into a server as it is...
  4. The SKS is one of my favourites, but yes medic should get an AK option.
  5. Slightly, for few seconds. I'm usually I've of the first spawned though...
  6. I've found that the game can be laggy for the first 30 - 60 seconds when I join (ie frames drop). But it soon clears. Have you tried clearing the cache? 1060 3gb should be fine. 8GB RAM is a tad low, I'd try adding another 8GB stick if possible. I have 16GB and that's still not enough. SSD would be the next step. Lastly, Squad has a history of performing poorly on AMD's from what I've read.
  7. 1060 6gb here too and Gorodok is horrible. I don't understand how I can average 100+ fps on some maps and 45 on another. Settings make SFA difference.
  8. Seeing a few glitches in v14 not previously seen in prior versions
  9. From memory a 1660 is on par or just about a 1060 6gb. You should get away with 60+fps on high/epic @ 1080p.
  10. I play on a laptop. I7-8700 & 1060 6gb. Here in Orlstralia the same desktop setup was only a few hundred $'s less at the time. Word of advice: stretch your budget and buy the best possible setup. It's very hard to upgrade a laptop. I regret not going for a 1070. Look at undervolting and a laptop cooler. Temps/throttling can be an issue. You want the 9750 and at least 16gb of RAM. What GPU?
  11. Awesome Squad pictures

    I bet this guy had a headache
  12. +1 And adding more game modes does not help.
  13. Spot on. It's almost like the devs are trying to please and keep everyone happy. You make a bad decision, you pay for it. My biggest gripes > Constant revive & rally system is creating a BF/COD style game; > Walking speed is too fast; > I miss insurgency from PR
  14. Any comments or feedback on performance improvements?
  15. I am experiencing and seeing a lot more instance's of people being revived and ending up on roofs or otherside of walls. I thought this was fixed but seeing a lot more in v13. It could be a coincidence.
  16. I think the devs have enough, and important things on their plate at this stage.
  17. That's some serious feedback and I agree with the majority of your points. Choppers should definitely have less supply in my opinion. Otherwise you'll end up with instant TOW/AT emplacements at chokepoints within the first few minutes. Agree with the squad naming convention. That may naturally happen as air assets add another dimension to the game. I like the helicopter controls being difficult. Not impossible, but difficult. Good stuff
  18. Off topic, how much RAM does your squad use? I think highest I've ever seen is 12 - 13
  19. You shouldn't have an issue with that setup. < Are all drivers up to date? < Monitor temps, check for throttling < Try turning shadows to low
  20. I really don't know how the game is supposed to grow when it's a struggle to even get into a slot...
  21. They are awesome. Note to self: do not ever grab the hat kit
  22. That would probably be considered cheating following the logic of particular people here
  23. I disagree with all of the OP's points too. None of the points would add any significant value to the game or game play.The time effort could be better spent on further performance optimisation, 100 player servers, helicopters, commander position, maps, thermals, additional weapons, additional vehicles etc • I've never had an issue with bases being attacked, very few issues with players being too close. • I've never observed any issues with chat or language being used. • I have observed a couple of single crewing issues, not overly detrimental to the game. It generally sorts itself out pretty quickly. • I've never observed any deliberate tking. I have observed 3+ players being killed by accident.