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  1. Devs apparently don't care, they already have our money. This game is turning into a joke.
  2. Still getting the UE4 crashes upon map change. Wasn't there prior to v14/15.
  3. Bump. Same problem as of v14 or v15. Randomly crashing on map change or even mid game. Can happen up to 5 times per round. I have been submitting UE4 crash reports. Can devs acknowledge there is an issue?
  4. It seems the majority of the community all want the same thing. You are fighting a losing battle. The devs either don't care, or are only interested is attracting more players for $. We've hit the peak, the game is on the decline.
  5. Any news on randomly spawning on top of HABs? Really frustrating.
  6. Hi all, Old PR veteran here, looking to buy a new machine and would be looking at playing Squad towards the fully maxed out side. Caveat is that it needs to be a laptop, can I please have thoughts on the below. Re branded Clevo machine - Intel Quad Core i7-7700HQ 2.8GHz up to 3.8GHz 6MB L3 Cache - NVIDIA GeForce GTX1050Ti 4GB GDDR5 - 15.6" FHD 1920x1080 IPS WVA Matte 60Hz LED - 16GB RAM DDR4 2400mhz - 1TB 5400RPM Slim Line HDD (can go SSD though) Costs around $1080 USD ($1400 AUD) Any feedback would be appreciated. TIA
  7. Perfectly describes how the game feels and direction it seems to be taking to me. Call a spade a spade.
  8. I've been tinkering with LAT the last couple of weeks (predominantly Russian/Militia) and just don't seem to be doing a lot of damage to vehicles. The other day I hit an MRAP with an AT round head on, followed by a a FRAG round to the side. Safe to say, it just kept plotting along and killed me. Both shots were at some distance so I don't think it was within arming range. I've had a play with the shooting range and the LAT seems to do absolutely nothing to vehicles for me (even ass shots). Am doing something wrong with it is it incredibly under powered?
  9. Similar scenario. Actually getting worse FPS. i7-8700 1060 6gb 16gb ddr4
  10. < Crashing after most rounds (never an issue prior) < The game is starting to look very...outdated graphics wise < Nil performance upgrades < Tutorial was short, sharp and we'll done
  11. Have you never seen a well placed 50 or TOW shape a battle?
  12. Well done and thank you guys. I like the flow of updates at the moment (albeit small ones).
  13. A further update, have managed to kill multiple armoured vehicles now with LAT including an Abrams. I've put it down to the shooting range NOT reflecting actually damage, and me using FRAG rounds against up armoured vehicles.
  14. Excited for v15

    Player radars incoming! Where's the results to these surveys? I'm interested to hear if the devs are actually listen to the community or live in their own little bubble
  15. Awesome community

    It's like you've known me my whole life
  16. That strangely sounds familiar. I'll do some testing...
  17. The issue you'll find is that some maps will perform completely different to others.
  18. The whole game seems to be losing it's balance. What's the point of a LAT anymore?
  19. Sensational, because having +6 in a queue for a server isn't bad enough already? You can't even find an Australian server with less than +6 in a queue most nights.... Pathetic.
  20. You're right. We should all be forced to run max settings and play with 4fps
  21. I had a moment the other day (Aussie server too). We were defending a flag. I overheard another squad leader saying "chuck down your ammo bag and lob grenades". I then watched on as the player then proceeded to lob grenades, refill from the ammo bag and continued to lob grenade after grenade in the enemy's direction. The devs clearly want this game to go in the BF/COD direction. I wouldn't be surprised if we get crosshairs and player radars in the near future...
  22. I really don't know how the game is supposed to grow when it's a struggle to even get into a slot...
  23. Well.... I got to play by first Squad insurgency game since the years of PR insurgency. Safe to say, it was a complete mess. Playing as the US forces, by time we were permitted to leave base the insurgents were basically sitting outside main waiting for us to leave the base protection zone. It was a complete bloodbath. The majority of the game revolved around us trying to make it out of base. Then we finally managed to use another squads rally to teleport out of base. Insurgency in PR used to work so well. Is this a regular theme? If so, how did Squad get it so wrong? /whinge
  24. It had nothing to do with the team. The enemy was already firing into our main before we could even leave it.