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  1. I don't know when it all started, but it was a while ago. I've read countless threads of people complaining about the same random CTD issues but yet to see anything come out to address the issue. Are the devs aware of it? Do we know what causes it? How many people is it impacting? It's frustrating the hell out of me to wait +8 people in a queue, then to randomly crash to desktop and have to wait in queue again. It's a game breaker for me. Please fix the game! /rant
  2. Post Scriptum...wow

    So I stumbled across a few vids of Post Scriptum and noticed it's 50% off the moment so bit the bullet and bought it. Wow, it feels 70 - 80% like Squad in a reskin. It really does WW2 well, just a little less advanced with less content than Squad. I've only played a few games and had a ball. There's a few annoying quirks, in the same way there's a few things done better than Squad. It feels a little "harder" and more unforgiving than Squad. The visuals and maps are gorgeous. Sounds are good. Performance the same. Armoured vehicles are terrifying. Definitely worth it to substitute with Squad. I would love to see the Pacific theatre (drools).
  3. Disable balance

    You have no choice over what faction you play. Get over it. Be grateful you don't need to wait 30 mins in a queue of +10 like us down under.
  4. New to Squad

    Hey mate, it's pretty sad when all squads are locked, some servers are worse than others. What country/region are you from?
  5. Buddy Really! REMOVED!! 1.8

  6. Thank you devs

    Yep, good to see and appreciate the community being listened to. Can't wait for 50 v 50
  7. Beta 18 Released

    Thank you devs
  8. The Insurgency Force

    You pretty much answered your own question. Nothing wrong with insurgents, you either don't know how to play the game or had stacked teams.
  9. Here I am crashing to desktop 17 times a day, you are complaining about the lack of pants...
  10. Commander your cost upate

    I agree. I pulled our Commander up the other day after running directly into the front line and dying 5 times in a row, he had no idea it was costing us 5 tickets a pop.
  11. Your entire post is irrelevant, crewman kits can fix logis. I've done it countless times where I walk in, grab a crewman kit off a truck,fix truck, drive back to base. Secondly, don't abandon your logis in the first place?
  12. I can't ever say I've picked a team, I stick with what I'm assigned. It's a 50/50 chance... The way I understand it you should stick with what you're given. What annoys me is map rotations that end up with me end up playing the same faction multiple times in a row (ie Russian, Russian, Russian)
  13. Personally, I think the next faction should be China

    This game is becoming very politically correct... ~ No Humvees; ~ Potentially no PLA; What's next? It's a game for Christ's sake. Bigger games than this don't seem to have an issue.
  14. Beta 17.2 Released

    Still getting CTD continuously and randomly mid game. Happened to me 17 times yesterday. Aweful.
  15. VR headset

    I have a RIFT S, love it. Can't really complain about blurriness, maybe screen door effect at times with specific games. Pavlov and onward are awesome.
  16. FPS drops since V16 update

    The i7-7700hq is starting to become dated. What settings / fps do you see?
  17. FPS drops since V16 update

    Mystery solved.
  18. FPS drops since V16 update

    I don't know what you people are complaining about. I have a 1060 and average 70 - 90 fps on 1080 with everything max and AA 1.25 and shadows medium.... What more do you want?
  19. My Christmas list for Squad

    No. Not obvious at all. You are way off the mark (excuse the pun).
  20. Armored Warfare

    I actually remember playing a round of that layer Otec, it was a very jovial 'tongue in cheek' round. I actually enjoyed it from the aspect that I could drive/gun an MBT for the first time without feeling guilty or being harrassed for losing it. You should be able to get a few people in the training range these days. People in there are generally very open.
  21. Beta 17 Notes from Game Design

    These constant crashes both in game and at the end of round is making this game unbearable. I wait 15 minutes to join a server, play 15 minutes before the game CTD and I then need to sit in a queue for another 30 minutes. Stop implementing more crap & fix the actual game /vent
  22. v16 HAT vs Russian Helo

    Wow that went right over your head. Most rifles generally take "magazines", not "clips".
  23. Beta 17 Public Testing

    It never went away in PR.