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  1. The i7-7700hq is starting to become dated. What settings / fps do you see?
  2. I don't know what you people are complaining about. I have a 1060 and average 70 - 90 fps on 1080 with everything max and AA 1.25 and shadows medium.... What more do you want?
  3. No. Not obvious at all. You are way off the mark (excuse the pun).
  4. Armored Warfare

    I actually remember playing a round of that layer Otec, it was a very jovial 'tongue in cheek' round. I actually enjoyed it from the aspect that I could drive/gun an MBT for the first time without feeling guilty or being harrassed for losing it. You should be able to get a few people in the training range these days. People in there are generally very open.
  5. These constant crashes both in game and at the end of round is making this game unbearable. I wait 15 minutes to join a server, play 15 minutes before the game CTD and I then need to sit in a queue for another 30 minutes. Stop implementing more crap & fix the actual game /vent
  6. Wow that went right over your head. Most rifles generally take "magazines", not "clips".
  7. It never went away in PR.
  8. We only have transport choppers and half the team wants to be a pilot as it is. Imagine what would happen with fixed wing assets.
  9. You're being a little over dramatic aren't you? How are the graphics/effects in Squad vs PR again?
  10. Totally agree. I'm calling it, the buddy rally has officially ruined this game and has morphed it into COD.
  11. I wouldn't call it high, probably mid range. Either way it runs pretty well on my rig with everything maxed. PS for the OP - I'm on drivers 436.02 without any issues.