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  1. Can I run this?

    I run everything max, super sampling 1.25, shadows medium and I average 60FPS @ 1080 i7-8700 1060GB-6gb 16GB RAM SSD Technically 1060 isn't that far ahead of the 1050 Ti. Another 8GB stick of RAM wouldn't cost much. You should definitely be able to play, don't expect to be able to crank the settings up too far though.
  2. Also, when I first join I can see lines running vertically from assumed live/dead players, almost like puppets on string. Does anyone else see this?
  3. I was playing without shadows pre v16 but now getting really good FPS (even in battle) and have turned them back on. Can't say I'm doing any worse. No shadows does look very unnatural and bright.
  4. 2. is really frustrating, especially in Oz where you have +7 players waiting in queue.
  5. I would think so. I run 60+ fps on a 1060gb and i7-8700 with everything cranked up and shadows low. @1080 that is
  6. Really happy with the change, my comments. Pros + Choppers add a refreshing change to dynamics + Performance has improved + Feels a little more like PR + I'm not so hesitant to drive/gun vehicles now with choppers flying around (ie I'm not going to blamed for wasting) Cons + Helicopter controls need improvement (joy and keyboard) + Helicopters are too fast and take too much damage (interim thing?) + Still getting CTD at map changes + Half the team are pilots now (this will die out) + Buddy Rally's and helicopters are now a major factor
  7. Devs apparently don't care, they already have our money. This game is turning into a joke.
  8. Still getting the UE4 crashes upon map change. Wasn't there prior to v14/15.
  9. Bump. Same problem as of v14 or v15. Randomly crashing on map change or even mid game. Can happen up to 5 times per round. I have been submitting UE4 crash reports. Can devs acknowledge there is an issue?
  10. It seems the majority of the community all want the same thing. You are fighting a losing battle. The devs either don't care, or are only interested is attracting more players for $. We've hit the peak, the game is on the decline.
  11. Any news on randomly spawning on top of HABs? Really frustrating.
  12. Perfectly describes how the game feels and direction it seems to be taking to me. Call a spade a spade.
  13. Similar scenario. Actually getting worse FPS. i7-8700 1060 6gb 16gb ddr4
  14. < Crashing after most rounds (never an issue prior) < The game is starting to look very...outdated graphics wise < Nil performance upgrades < Tutorial was short, sharp and we'll done