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  1. You have no choice over what faction you play. Get over it. Be grateful you don't need to wait 30 mins in a queue of +10 like us down under.
  2. So I stumbled across a few vids of Post Scriptum and noticed it's 50% off the moment so bit the bullet and bought it. Wow, it feels 70 - 80% like Squad in a reskin. It really does WW2 well, just a little less advanced with less content than Squad. I've only played a few games and had a ball. There's a few annoying quirks, in the same way there's a few things done better than Squad. It feels a little "harder" and more unforgiving than Squad. The visuals and maps are gorgeous. Sounds are good. Performance the same. Armoured vehicles are terrifying. Definitely worth it to substitute with Squad. I would love to see the Pacific theatre (drools).
  3. Hey mate, it's pretty sad when all squads are locked, some servers are worse than others. What country/region are you from?
  4. https://giphy.com/gifs/jean-claude-van-damme-dancing-FBzqZGthkW6.gifKQ
  5. Yep, good to see and appreciate the community being listened to. Can't wait for 50 v 50
  6. The Insurgency Force

    You pretty much answered your own question. Nothing wrong with insurgents, you either don't know how to play the game or had stacked teams.
  7. Here I am crashing to desktop 17 times a day, you are complaining about the lack of pants...
  8. I agree. I pulled our Commander up the other day after running directly into the front line and dying 5 times in a row, he had no idea it was costing us 5 tickets a pop.
  9. Your entire post is irrelevant, crewman kits can fix logis. I've done it countless times where I walk in, grab a crewman kit off a truck,fix truck, drive back to base. Secondly, don't abandon your logis in the first place?
  10. I can't ever say I've picked a team, I stick with what I'm assigned. It's a 50/50 chance... The way I understand it you should stick with what you're given. What annoys me is map rotations that end up with me end up playing the same faction multiple times in a row (ie Russian, Russian, Russian)
  11. This game is becoming very politically correct... ~ No Humvees; ~ Potentially no PLA; What's next? It's a game for Christ's sake. Bigger games than this don't seem to have an issue.
  12. Still getting CTD continuously and randomly mid game. Happened to me 17 times yesterday. Aweful.