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  1. Spotting enemies?

    FOV is set at 95, Gamma is 2.0 but I played with it a bit and doesn't seem to do anything. I tried turning a few settings up and down but haven't found anything conclusive. I will take a look at Digital Vibrance. Is this something you also use or not at all?
  2. Spotting enemies?

    Hello everyone, I just came on the forum to ask a small question. I've been playing the game for a couple of days now and I'm having a bit of trouble spotting enemies in this game. Because I have about 2500 total in Arma2/3 combined I expected this to be a lot easier. I also see a lot of my teammates just spotting and putting people down in a heartbeat. So I'm here to ask if there is anything I'm missing? Is it just experience or is there some magic combination of graphics settings that makes people stand out? I've googled quite a bit but couldn't really find a definitive answer so maybe a few tips and tricks from the forum community can help me out here . Thanks in advance, Kind regards, Insannik
  3. So they don't need male protection huh? Just for shits and giggles :
  4. [TLR] The Last Rifles

    Just played with some of these guys yesterday on their server and they seemed quite nice! (except for ImaterialMeat [I think], he's a douche for kicking me from the squad [I'm joking, still love you #nohomo ]). Anyways, if you're looking for some good laughs. Join their server.