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  1. Whenever I restart or turn on my PC and try loading up Squad it freezes up in the loading screen requiring me to Ctl+Alt+Del, switch users then switch back again so that I can close Squad (I am unable to leave the loading screen after it freezes, switching users minimizes the screen when I return to my account so that I can end Squad via task manager....hope that makes sense). After that I delete the Squad folder in AppData, verify the games integrity then start it up and reconfigure all of my keys. I apologize if this is a repeat post on here but I have searched for a solution and come up empty so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated because this is becoming quite a hassle. Thanks, -Brendan
  2. Editing Preexisting Maps

    Awesome Thanks!
  3. Editing Preexisting Maps

    Hey guys, I apologize if this has already been asked or is in the wrong thread but I’ve tried looking high and low and have not been able to answer my question. I’m looking to edit preexisting maps i.e. vehicle and structure placement and was wondering if this were possible with the SDK or if it would have to be done in world editor. Again I apologize if I’m asking something that has been answered multiple times elsewhere but I’m not entirely sure what I should be searching. Thanks, -Brendan