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  1. Air Assault Mocap Session

    That pistol running reminds me of good old N64 Goldeneye days. What is this for?
  2. No workarounds for AMD users?

    It's a little late, but I thought I could post an update anyways. Altough my AMD CPU worked at 8x 4.2 GHz and I got myself a new graphics card, I still wasn't able to play with more than 25-30 fps online. Fastforward some weeks and countless Amazon returns (I'm still surprised they didn't care that I returned about 5 components after trying them out), I'm now on an all-Intel setup: i7-6700k with a Nvidia 1060. It's all running at 60+ FPS at all HIGH or partly ULTRA settings. I still feel a littlebit silly for bearing with all that hassle just to play Squad, but it's all working fine now, and that's what counts
  3. No workarounds for AMD users?

    Here's an update: Since my motherboard was kind of broken in the first place, I ordered a new one (same model) to give my processor a second chance. That turned out to be the right decision, as now my CPU gets clocked to 4,00GHz, even a little overclocked to 4,2GHz when playing. I'm getting stable 25fps now on an online server. Now that that's out of the way, I'll be getting a new GPU again soon, to higher my FPS and hopefully be ready to rock Squad Cheers for all the help guys!
  4. No workarounds for AMD users?

    i had my tech-buddy check things yesterday, we found out my cores are stuck below 2.00GHz. Even when using overclocking settings, it never surpasses that mark. So together with all the BIOS memory issues, we assume I have a faulty motherboard. My sale is on halt for now, ordered a new MoBo from amazon just to try out. Something's definitely wrong!
  5. No workarounds for AMD users?

    Alright, I managed to sell my AMD CPU surprisingly fast, for a decent price. Abandoning the AMD ship for now
  6. No workarounds for AMD users?

    I too must admit, I did some rough searching in the forums and on google, and found nothing concerning - most posts even refered to the V7 update fixing this issue. I love the devs even though I haven't been able to play yet, but this should be pointed out at some visible place (like in the early-access info). May i refer back to my previous question, on whether going all-Intel or overclocking is the best solution? Having rolled back to my old HD 6900 with latest drivers for both GPU and CPU chipset, i get steady 50 fps in training, ~15-20 fps online - again, no matter whether on LOW or EPIC. btw, I recently found out a friend of mine is rocking Squad with the exact same CPU on HIGH settings. wtf? Could I be searching in the wrong place here, with the fault being either RAM or motherboard related (maybe they're partly defect)?!
  7. No workarounds for AMD users?

    Whoah, i must have turned off email-notifications by mistake. Didn't think there would be any more replies! A huge thank you for the tips, @beginna... unfortunately, I have arleady returned that new AMD card to avoid missing the return deadline. So now I'm wondering what's the best thing to do. Go all-Intel - altough I'd have to get a new motherboard (which has a bugged BIOS memory anyways) and try to sell my AMD CPU which I spent a small fortune on, thinking I'd be future-proof... and then get a Nvidia card in additon to that? I just want to play the game, and not be left standing outside in the rain Edit: Altough my 8 AMD cores already run @ 4GHz, I might have some room to play with overclocking (since I have a pretty huge fan). Could this help?
  8. No workarounds for AMD users?

    No, I don't use any razer gear. audio settings was one of the first settings i read about setting them to LOW would help, unfortunately it didnt. I also lowered the MaxChannels=32 or 64 which didn't do the trick. Good idea with the power settings I've tried that now, without any better results. I should note that on the testing range it get around 150fps - as soon as i go online, its the same story: around 30-40fps whenever im moving, then back to 0,5-5fps when standing still. Edit: I'm quite pissed that even Arma3 runs shitty (25fps) on my setup which I now thought would be reasonably up to date. Seems like their engine hates AMD aswell
  9. Hey there, I just got myself a new AMD Sapphire RX480 since I haven't found any bad reports on the forums about this card, and so I thought all the AMD trouble had been resolved already. Trying Squad with the new card installed, it now seems the trouble is being caused by my processor, which is an AMD FX8350 8x4,00GHz I'm wondering, after having to dig quite deep to find guides like this, are there any useful workarounds for the AMD desaster that is going on right now? Ingame, as long as I'm moving, i get 20-40 fps, regardless of the graphic settings being on LOW or ULTRA. Whenever I'm standing still, it drops down to 0,5-5 fps. Also, can anyone confirm this is a CPU issue, otherwise I could still use the opportunity to send my new AMD GPU back and replace it for a Nvidia. As a PR veteran I'm very excited to play Squad! Thanks in advance for any useful tips!
  10. Dense Vegetation Needs to Slow Players Down

    i agree on the sounds, running through bushes should definitely make noise, to reward those who take their time to sneak through.
  11. Comms between the dead and the living

    What about only muting the local positional voice chat when someone is dead? So he can still talk to his squad buddies (hence no need to use TS)... Imagine you get to know a stranger from another squad and talk to him for a while... suddenly a shot is fired and he doesnt answer anymore - wouldn't that add to the atmosphere?
  12. Death Animations

    I like this idea the most, it would aswell probably be the best balance between coding work for the devs and immersion for the players.Imagine your buddies calling for you on your radio with their voices fading in and out [emoji57]