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  1. Tactical player character movement and animations

    That's not what I'm talking about. That's an assumption. Basic rifle doctrine dictates resting the weapon on a horizontal surface or pinning it to a vertical surface with the off-hand. It takes no stamina or breath to let gravity or weight stabilize your rifle. If you've ever played Red Orchestra 2 or Rising Storm 2 you've used this feature in a video game. If you've ever handled a firearm, you have rested it on something. A bipod is far more effective at stabilization than resting a small section of a firearm on a small section of a surface. It's not like resting an FAL on a table welds the two together. I'm interested in passive aiming stability, not BS laser-like firing stability like bipods currently have, where you can let loose shot after shot with no loss in stability.
  2. Tactical player character movement and animations

    To clarify; WW3 does this with double tapping A or D in prone to roll onto one side. Admittedly it would add more complexity though. Yes! Although collision would probably have to be reworked somehow so players aren't poking their heads through walls like their feet.
  3. Tactical player character movement and animations

    I would like to add that these features have all been done in other games in the current Unreal engine (with the exception of weapon resting). That's how I know that I personally like these features.
  4. Tactical player character movement and animations

    The game everyone is playing sure doesn't have weapon resting like I'm talking about.
  5. The suggested features list (in order of importance); 1 - Reverse prone (ie, lay on your back) 2- Prone rolling (belly down to belly up) 3 - Weapon resting 4 - Emergency reloads 5 - Staged reloads 6 - Sprint dive and/or sliding The explanation: 1 - Reverse Prone (lay on your back) Being able to lay on one's back side is tactically advantageous in certain situations. It's a good way to get out of the way of bullets or team members in a jiffy, or get low while putting a bullet in that tango that just ran around the corner into your face. Being able to roll from belly down to a belly up position means you can check your six and stay low to the ground. 2 - Prone rolling Obviously in full combat gear with a pack, rolling around like Solid Snake isn't feasible. However, being able to roll halfway or 3/4 means a soldier has room to look between his feet (6 o' clock) or to the side (3/9 o' clock) without having to reorient his entire body in an awkward shuffle or magical rotation. Even when wearing a pack, one could still roll onto their bum faster than getting up into a crouch. 3 - Weapon resting We all understand that running a kilometer and steady aim do not go together. That's why rifles have had such long forends or "handguards"; A soldier rests his rifle. This is why shooting in the prone is so stable. If you see a boulder, window sill, tree or other stable surface then you rest your weapon in order to get a good shot. Muscles alone aren't that great at holding a bead on a 200 meter speck. 4 - Emergency reloads If you're in trouble and out of ammo, it might save your butt to just drop that empty mag on the ground and focus on getting more bullets on target. Any ammo left in that mag is left behind, but thirty rounds is ten times more than three (and you might need that extra ammo to survive this encounter). 5 - Staged reloads Remember that time you had to cancel a reload animation (right at the last moment) to knife some fool, only to return to a replay of that reload you just nearly completed? If you drop your rifle mag then need to quickly draw your secondary, your rifle shouldn't have a magazine still in it when you return to your reload. One step of the reloading process was already complete, but the single animation sequence has to complete in order for the reload to complete. I propose a much more convoluted, complicated, sophisticated, technically complex system of staged reload animations for small arms in Squad. Not just for "realism", but tactical depth and quality of life. 6 - Sprint diving and/or sliding Being able to slide or dive into cover is a great way to get low and get to cover quickly. It's also fun and really cool. Thanks for reading! Hope we see some of these features in the future.
  6. Can't get my mic to work

    I have heard people say Logitech headsets are having issues. I have been using a Logitech USB webcam for my mic. Has worked in Squad since I started playing a year or so ago. Perhaps it's an issue with drivers? IDK, since my mic has stopped working in Squad. Comms indicator shows up on my screen, but not for anyone else. They can't hear me but the game says I am transmitting. Quite frustrating.
  7. No one can hear me or see my name come up in Comms

    Bump. I have the same issue. Logitech webcam. I have heard this is an issue with Logitech headsets, so maybe it has something to do with Logitech drivers? Not sure, but I can't get my webcam mic to work at all lately. Hope there is a solution, as unplug, reboot, and reconfiguration are doing nothing for mic compatibility within Squad for me. This mic used to work fine, but not anymore.