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  1. Do you have the skills to succeed with a conscripted army? WHAT IS CONSCRIPTED COMBAT Two players (we call them "Commanders") spend one week planning a strategy with a small group of SLs The Commanders enter a fully populated server with their chosen SLs and share the plan with everyone there: that is their army! Both sides battle it out in earnest for an amazing game that is open to all! WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? Everyone. Anyone can be a Commander, Squad Lead or Soldier! (preparation required for CMDRs and SLs) No clan affiliation required Clans are welcome to be on the same side (but must spread out evenly over the Squads) WHEN DOES IT TAKE PLACE? Every Monday at 9pm Eastern Time (queues have been in the teens so arrive early!) We are also seeking to book events for other days/times WHERE DO I LEARN MORE? Web Site Discord Reddit post describing the concept WHO IS RUNNING THIS? We have gathered together a group made up of community members as well as former TWL and STA league admins We're open to have more people help out - we've been having such fun with these that we decided to open it up, help us grow! TELL ME MORE We publish our strategies for you to use, ignore, copy, change, contribute to, love or hate! Check out this Kohat Toi AAS V2 example. An updated write up about how this all came about is available here Over a thousand players have already enjoyed these battles over the last 3 months TESTIMONIALS "This is the way Squad should be played" "I laughed, I cried.. It was better than 'CATS'.." "Best experience in Squad.. ever!" "An amazing antithesis to typical esports models" "The very nature of the event is anti-toxic" You don't need to do anything special to get involved, just pop in to our Discord and participate on whatever level you see fit! [DISCORD LINK] [WEB SITE] Thanks for the amazing support thus far - we look forward to seeing you there!!
  2. cc// Crack Clan TV

    Short, to the point, very good for beginners and very refreshing compared to the countless videos that try to increase their channels total time viewed stats. Keep up the good work!
  3. CC// Crack Clan Videos

    I'm getting my act together and aiming to contribute to the pile -- as soon as I lose the cowardice I display here:
  4. We are looking to fill slots in our Squad of tactically-minded (non-RP) players that play throughout the week and focus on (North American) Monday and Friday evening events. We are part of a multi-gaming group that is about to celebrate 20 years together which carries a combined experience across everything from casual to competitive to milsim to professional e-sports. We are also interested in growing the group and creating content for several thousand followers that we already have. Our group consists of working professionals; we all have obligations to family and/or careers and need to schedule our gaming time. Therefore our environment often prefers the experience over the result, come check us out, tell us about yourself and how you’d like to play and feel free to ask any questions! Currently leading our Squad: Smithy - four years of leadership in an ARMA3 realism unit and 15 years of competitive gaming Yang - four years of senior leadership training and managing all enlisted members in an ARMA 3 unit dox - e-sports team owner and over two decades of multimedia, community management and competitive gaming Join our Discord: crackclan.com/discord Web Site: crackclan.com Twitch: twitch.tv/crackclan