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  1. November 2017 Recap

    This update is very good and more than welcome and I´m looking really forward to it because I´m waiting for these features a long time. Also the fact that you are going to implement that you can place your gun onto things to have a supported stand. I play mostly marksman in different styles depending on the squads needs, but the upcoming features giving the marksman role a very hard life. Atm it is not easy to fight against scoped enemies like machine gunner in mid-range (100-300m) even without the bipod. If you fire single shots the LMG and the assault rifle are very accurate. If you want to go beyond 300/400m it is pixel aiming and if you want to attack a target around 600m or more behind cover, taking out a mortar guy or a vehicle gunner, it is really hard pixel aiming due to the scope. Also atm you can only be efficient giving headshots if your enemies are not new to the game and if you are not satisfied with only supressing enemies. I know it´s not a sniper but with the ability to zero in guns in future you make it even harder for the marksman and due to it´s limited scope it is not better than the rifleman/LMG with the scope anymore. In my opinion one thing you can do to have it better balanced is to put a better scope on the marksman rifle to range out enemies, is this or something else planned to make the marksman a valuable class again? cheers