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  1. Mic not working only in squad HELP!!

    yea i definitely don't see my self buying a new headset for one game that isn't working properly. This isn't the first issue i have had with this game and it probably wont be the last. Im just going to wait and see, hopefully the devs will fix this issue soon thanks for feedback though!
  2. currently im using a bluetooth turtlebeach 420X+ headset and whenever i goto speak nobody can hear me even though my name pops up in the corner indicating im pressing the talk button. I have looked at other threads and ive tried everything setting my mic as default playback device, plug mic in before i start the game, cleared game cache, and i even reinstalled the game but my mic will still not work. The problem only persists in squad as any other game i own my mic works perfectly fine i am certain this is a problem with the game itself. if anyone knows any workarounds to get my mic to work any help would be appreciated, otherwise ill just have to wait for devs to fix this issue . really sucks if i gotta wait cus communication is kinda vital in squad