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  1. Marker restriction is absurd

    +1 I was thinking however, that the scout class should be able to place one generic "scout" marker on the map which is limited to one at a time, which the squad leader can look at and then swap out for the more accurate, specific one. Still requires communication but also adds greater depth to the scout role.
  2. Variable FOB cost

    5% being two words.....HEMP FARM
  3. 2 sergeants per squad

    Sorry, I sneezed. How careless of me.
  4. Is The 30 Mil BTR Overpowered Now?

    Where will all this leave the poor 72 virgin factions?
  5. Where are the knifes? Cmon!

    Yeah definitely mate, I think I saw one strapped to someone's sandal once!
  6. Where are the knifes? Cmon!

    The British Army are trained so that no one is all reloading at once, you would have someone covering you as you do so. In the unlikely case, every single last member of the multiple is reloading at the same time and someone needs to be dispatched, you could indeed use a knife if you carried one. Most people don't carry knives as they are not standard issue. Those that did, would not carry the knife in their webbing or osprey body armour pouch because it would fly up into your face if hit by an explosive device. You're right, the game isn't a simulation, but as I think you can tell from the game so far, realism plays an important part. Hense, if your character in-game were to carry a combat knife, it would not be accurate. This is why I have suggested the use of a "sword" or bayonet to most people. This would be realistic and also allow you battlefield Rambo types to have your fun.
  7. C-RAM (counter mortar)

    I haven't yet played in the legendary scrim against the famed and feared Mumblerines no, thanks for asking. I'm sure as I become more adept in the field of battle, I will be offered the chance to test my honour in a gruelling battle of attrition in a fight to the death with the aforementioned lords of the battlefield, for a final chance to define my legacy for eternity. Until that point, I'm afraid I'll just be fighting over turnips in the vegetable patch with the rest of the surfs. Having said that, your point pretty much backs up what I say. Mortars are effective, but certainly not overpowered. If they weren't doing what you alluded to above, then they'd be a complete waste of time. 50 kills seem reasonable, considering vehicles achieve similar kills during a match too.
  8. Nmmr , no more magical rallys

    Well, I'm nice and jealous that you got a full-on attack on a fob, that sounds like fun, I wish it happened more often. As for ticket bleed, I've reconsidered that as it honestly does make sense to have some ticket bleed, as long as it isn't too much. But yeah, the points you mentioned about FOBS being built up as a waste of time and manpower, I agree and that's where my issue lay. You lose less amount of tickets for losing a FOB, than you do for some armour.
  9. C-RAM (counter mortar)

    I just don't see mortars as much of a problem right now, the longer you play the more you realise that they're more effective at scaring people than actually getting kills. I have seen them used effectively but certainly not in an overpowered way requiring a hard counter system. We have Indirect Fire (IDF) shelters for that. Besides, the idea that technology like this could just be deployed ad hoc in the field is pretty unbelievable and certainly wouldn't help with balance.
  10. It's coming!!!!!

    Belated Christmas
  11. It's coming!!!!!

    Definitely releasing it for Christmas.
  12. Nmmr , no more magical rallys

    One way to make this very simple and really capture the best of both worlds is to require the SL pick up an RP kit from a FOB (not the MAIN) before he can deploy. This, too me, would be a great solution. It would put emphasis AND importance on the fob for friendly and enemy teams. At the moments fobs are little more than glorified rally points with little tactical significance. A lot of the time in the mad dash/forlorn attempts at flag capturing, fobs are overlooked. When was the last time anyone mounted a full squad level tactical attack on a built-up fob? pff. Personally, I'd like to see ticket bleed taken away so that there isn't this crazy sense of urgency to rush a flag and ignore everything else. No ticket bleed would let everyone pause for thought, reorg at fobs and conduct business in an orderly fashion instead of a mad dash. (got a bit sidetracked there, but ticket bleed ruins gameplay and the tactical importance of fobs imo)
  13. 2 sergeants per squad

    After giving this some thought (albeit about 5 minutes) I think fireteam leaders would be a good idea. However, the role should only include the following: Visible in-game rank of Lance Corporal, aka 1 chevron. Able to place down Fire Team rally point, (SL can place SQUAD rally point only) but usage is linked. IE- Both place rally points and someone spawns on one each, the remaining spawns would be 7 and not 8. Then two more people would spawn, one on each RP and the usage would be 5 remaining etc. Second rally point would also encourage two-pronged and flank attacks while also allowing for greater spawns which would stop some of the noobier players from getting annoyed at a potential walking simulator and quit the match. EG medic in fireteam 2 could spawn and heal the SL if the other rally goes down. Higher chance of momentum holding. Lance Jack has to use area chat, no separate command channel Ability to place markers on the map and carry another set of binoculars. This would really free up some of the time it takes for SL to place stuff and allow for better situational awareness for the squad. Assets are split between SL and Lance Jack. -SL gets 1x Medic, 1x Rifleman 1x Lat 1x Gunner LJ gets 1x Medic 1x Rifleman 1x Lat/GunnerMarksman This splits the team down and hopefully encourages people to split squads among two vehicles (when using two) instead of having 2x medics and 2x lats all piled into the front car of a two-man convoy and getting blown up along with all their most valuable assets. -This also encourages better infantry tactics such as bounding and overwatch. (google if unsure what that means) -Lance Jack Rallypoint should be limited to within eg 50-100m (subject to discussion) of Squad leader. If SL goes down, LJ cannot place. This keeps the team focused on the command of the SL and encourages squads to stick together but spread out a little more when attacking. Also, might be interesting to include a MINIMUM distance for the RP. Eg no closer than 15 metres. If you want the squad to stay on top of each other for example FIBUA style attacks, you can simply spawn on the SL RP as usual. -Possibly (further input required) have access to additional ammo which he can distribute as he sees fit. Second in command responsibilities at re-org is ammo check and distribution in RL. However, stuff like additional LAT Rockets obviously cannot be carried in his day sack so it would be limited to GPMG/LMG/5.56/7.62 rounds. What the Lance Jack CAN'T do. -Approve vehicles -Build Fobs/HAB/Defences -Have access to Command Chat -Set up rallies too far away from SL. -Place SL rally points -Be a gobshite and steal command. Although this is obviously unenforcible.