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  1. New Generations Custom Server Launch Night

    New Generations Custom Server Launch Night New Generation are happy to announce the launch of our public custom server! Join us on Friday 24th August at 18:00UTC/19:00BST for a chance to play some of the best community created content Squad has on offer Due to the nature of modding you will need the following collection below to be able to join our server Click the link and choose Subscribe To All https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1485997235 Any questions or suggestions for future content? Head over to the ]NG[Discord https://discord.gg/aJP9ne
  2. ]NG[ New Generation UK/Europe/USA

    Team still looking for great FPS players
  3. ]NG[ New Generation UK/Europe/USA

    Hell yeah Skippy
  4. Hope to see you in our server. Be interesting to see what a tight formation could come up with. Might turn a few heads.
  5. Petition to Limit Server Licences

    Capitalism my friend, free market. Although I do sympathise with you. Be interesting to see what others think. Building a server can be done, you just need a large community. They will help you seed. Hell, I could name my server "abciseasyas123" or something equally as stupid and get my guys to seed it and it would be full. Build the community. It takes time.
  6. BTR, Striker, Warrior ambush

    lol, just lol.
  7. Separate Tickets Armour

    If you limit vehicle re-spawns, idiots will join, waste all the assets and then when they run out, move to another server.
  8. Old sumari .

    My guess, and it is only a guess, is that they added fog to encourage less sniping/lone wolfing and more squad based gameplay. Would be nice to have an option to remove fog though. It ruins one of the Narva maps too.
  9. ]NG[ New Generation UK/Europe/USA

    O hai thar lol
  10. Changing up FOBs a little

    I like it to be honest, was thinking that myself literally 5 minutes ago, very strange you posted this here. Would also mean cutting off enemy supply routes are even more important. Currently, if you're a HAT/LAT it makes sense to die after you've shot your rockets, especially if there is enemy armour nearby and you don't have any ammo left on the ammo crate. Your 1 ticket death can mean -30+ tickets on the other team if you destroy a Bradley. Reckon people should at least consume ammo points when they spawn in.