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  1. BTR, Striker, Warrior ambush

    lol, just lol.
  2. Separate Tickets Armour

    If you limit vehicle re-spawns, idiots will join, waste all the assets and then when they run out, move to another server.
  3. Old sumari .

    My guess, and it is only a guess, is that they added fog to encourage less sniping/lone wolfing and more squad based gameplay. Would be nice to have an option to remove fog though. It ruins one of the Narva maps too.
  4. ]NG[ New Generation UK/Europe/USA

    O hai thar lol
  5. Changing up FOBs a little

    I like it to be honest, was thinking that myself literally 5 minutes ago, very strange you posted this here. Would also mean cutting off enemy supply routes are even more important. Currently, if you're a HAT/LAT it makes sense to die after you've shot your rockets, especially if there is enemy armour nearby and you don't have any ammo left on the ammo crate. Your 1 ticket death can mean -30+ tickets on the other team if you destroy a Bradley. Reckon people should at least consume ammo points when they spawn in.
  6. #Bringbackthesusat Please bring back the susat instead of the acog for some brit weapons.

    For some reason it doesn't work for me. I can set it to what ever setting and the sensitivity is the same. Am I being stupid?
  8. The future of Armour - Specifically MBTs

    I don't think it's that classified. A simple google search provides more than enough inspiration to build from. Regarding interiors though, it would be really cool if they were introduced. So 9 dudes in the back of the warrior looks like the transport truck. This probably isn't a priority but wow would it look good. What I think should be higher up the priority list though, is the driving seat interior for the IFV's currently in the game. At the moment you just see a bunch of bland grey paint and it's not the nicest to look at. Much more pleasing to be on foot outside a warrior or a bradley and look at them from the outside.
  9. Pretty sure the team is already penalised because the logi does not respawn if abandoned. No logi, no HABS. GG
  10. LSW is a marksman?!

    It was called the "Crowcannon" for a reason
  11. SUSAT for Brits

    During the testing, pretty much every weapon had the SUSAT. This has been downgraded, but the British roles have not been finalised. They might be implemented the LDS soon, and perhaps add the SUSATs back instead of the ACOG. Standby
  12. I mean, to be honest, I really doubt your views are supported by the majority of the community, as such the ticket system is likely here to stay. This is a game after-all. However, I do sympathise with you and I think people that ridicule others with the line "mah immersion" need to back off. Perhaps a simple solution to this "problem" is rather than calling them tickets, it's simply renamed to something like "influence" or "reinforcements". When reinforcements run out, the territory is lost. This little fix allows greater immersion without changing the game. With the upcoming "conquest" game modes, you might find something like "influence" to be more immersive. Who knows.
  13. Forget this .

    Crew kits have been released mate. Change server.
  14. ]NG[ New Generation UK/Europe/USA

    New Generation are currently on a recruitment drive. Feel free to message me if you're looking for a clan