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  1. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU

    Good luck....good to have ...new blood.
  2. EAC Launch error "untrusted system file"

    Turned off.... all the skins....worked.
  3. Having the same prob since this morning.Tried a number of thing's with help from young clever bods in the clan....nothing....re-install...prob is still there. Checked the EAC , say's all is ok.
  4. No respawns -Game mode!!

    In Red Orchestra they still have this mode , played within a tight construct , or clan enviroment it works out quite well. But generaly , the server's are pretty empty.
  5. If you join a RIP server and get in a squad with a RIP player....just say your new im sure youll get a little help
  6. In Country Vietnam

    You'll need RO2 too run it.....WHEN...repeat WHEN it come's out.....think you maybe waiting a while , small team involved .....and Tripwire are themselves busy with a few other projects.
  7. absolutly amazing......jesus....thx for posting....made my day
  8. I SL a fair bit , its not only that you have the situation that has been discribed , you also have a number of vocal SL's actually saying WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE. I'll often place a FOB somewhere a little behind the defence position , then of course dig it up....shift it forward , the amount of grief that you can take is difficult. Generaly i've got a very good reation from the guy's in my squad....they see action every time. This is like 1 or 2 game's in 10 , by no mean'S the general situation.
  9. Failure... how to deal with it?

    Yep thats about it
  10. German Community/Forum

    The Dev's are meeting up in London with any that can make it on ...Saturday the 30th of January Is anyone in the German community interested in meeting up on the same day , we cant really make it over there , so why not party with them -Düsseldorf -köln -neuss anyone around these place's....to hook up ? Gesprochenes deutsch siemlich gut....wollte nur mit text aus-sehen wie der dorf trottel
  11. Come share a drink with some of the devs!

    what about meeting up those in the german community.....on the same day for me -Düsseldorf -Köln -Neuss anyone able to meet up there ? we wont be with the dev's and the rest , but we will in spirit
  12. Making Squad Leading Easier

    A little shocked.....well a bit more than a little. plus no one has problems with names , people react to the name's very quickly , someone landing in the middle of a firefight.... , call out a 165 multables incoming you'll have a third of your squad running in three direction's plus pure respect to the player's your running with.