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  1. You can already see class on the map, you just need to enable it...
  2. (Nani!?) Hip fire is weird [not normal!]

    Making hipfire too accurate will make ADS useless (unless you have a scope). And also, nobody would in their right mind hipfire at that range when you can ads. CoD sure, squad? no ty.
  3. Kokan AAS v1 RUS vs UK unbalanced vics

    Hmm. I'm not sure, but to me it looked like you emptied a couple of mags onto the ground and not onto the vehicle. Hard to see tho because of the vegetation. If you were shooting the ground, then that would make sense. If not, it seems a bit broken. Can't say for sure.
  4. A16 Helicopter First Impressions

    I also watched youtube. It's possible to counter it slightly if its not completely failed. But it would be real hard to make it hard to counter in a game. Just hold the opposite direction (strafe like flying) which isnt hard in a game, but incredibly so IRL.
  5. A16 Helicopter First Impressions

    What exactly do you mean with a skilled pilot can counter a failed tail rotor? That sounds extremely made up and unrealistic. You cant defy laws of physics no matter how good you are. The helicopter WILL spin out of control without the tail rotor and there is nothing you can do about it.
  6. Building is useless

    I'd think more people would actually build stuff if it didnt take a year for a whole squad to complete a few sandbags.
  7. It wont, since I got 165hz monitor. I have the limit at 165, but that's why my pc sweats in the menu.. <.<
  8. Nobody wants this? I find it extremely annoying to have the PC go full blast with fans because it tries to max fps in the menu. This only happens when you have a higher fps limit ofc.
  9. fall damage not realistic

    I dont jump off another mans head for fun. Sometimes you boost your teammates over fences or up onto roofs. If you slide off while on their head and you try to grab the ledge (and failing) you fall off and take fall damage. That kinda sucks and makes boosting eachother not feel worth it cause its tricky since you slide off so damn fast and take damage. Huh. I always take damage from carefully falling off those concrete walls in urban desert maps(mostly). I believe I tried proning when falling, crouching and standing, still take damage >.<
  10. Favorite Servers Don't Stay Error

    Yeah lol. I thought my install was broken or something. Favourites doesnt save or something. It's definitely broken. Sometimes some of them stays marked, sometimes none. Its un-usable at the moment.
  11. Lies. I have an old ryzen 1700 and the game is buttery smooth at max settings at 1440p (except AA). No stutters what so ever. I think the stutters often come from resources loading from disk or background programs running. Try install the game on SSD if you have the space and always run the game in "real" fullscreen and not borderless for the absolute best performance.
  12. I can actually agree to this. Kind of a neat idea.
  13. Battle Cry

    Dont forget "allahu akbar". But on a serious note, no. Not needed. Just use local VOIP.
  14. fall damage not realistic

    I've taken fall damage by falling of a teammates head. Taking damage going down the concrete walls that are max 2m is also a bit too much imo. Definately not high enough to cause injury. Otherwize an option to "climb down" with space from a ledge would be great. Like one of those climb mods on Arma 3. (go to ledge, look at it and press space and you climb down)