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    Name: ManBearPig Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198008295405/ Primary Language(s): English Age: 30 Timezone or Region: MST (GMT -7) Nature of Interest: Casual and Fun. I am a fairly casual gamer, looking to relieve some stress during my free time. However, I am still looking to compete and win matches, and not just clown around the whole time. Winning enhances the fun. Gaming background: Hearts of Iron III, Battlefield 4, ArmA 2, Red Orchestra. Mostly war related games really. Additional: Military Veteran, decent cook, great at Jeopardy Status: Unsigned
  2. HI everyone! I am a fairly new player to squad, and I am a fairly casual gamer. I am looking to have fun and not be too uptight about things.