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  1. Admin Contact Server Location: North East North America Rules: No one man locked squads Apologize for TKs English only in command chat and use it SLs must have mics 20v20 seeding rules (Do not cap past middle point(s) or remove FOBs not on these points) Do not argue with admins in chat - you will be banned 250+ms pings can result in a kick Don't spam voice communication in squad/command chat No advertising/recruiting TK in main will be instabanned Squad leaders must actively pursue objectives Do not impersonate/pretend to be Bx0 or an admin Keep talk in all chat to a minimium No ghosting (swapping teams for info and swapping back) Only leave logistics vehicles at FOBs/main Kick or ban for racist/offensive chat/names AFKers will be kicked Don't be a jerk No glitching/hacking Admin/Mods reserve the right to remove anyone being problematic