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  1. [BB] Bella's Battleground

    Welcome to [BB] Bella's Battleground! Squad up and have fun! Introduction: Server name: Bella's Battleground Server location: Chicago, IL Server slots: 80 Server resets: To provide optimal game play, server resets will be performed every 1-2 days depending on usage/performance levels. Prior to every reset, a broadcast will be made so all players are aware. If for any reason, the server gives out on its own, it will reset automatically. Please join right back with us, resets take place immediately! Website: Bella's Battleground Discord: Bella's Battleground Steam group: Steam group Objective: We are about communication, teamwork, and providing a friendly atmosphere in order to ensure enjoyable, efficient, and high quality game play for ALL players. Both admins and players must respect guidelines as well as If you ever have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to let us know! Rules/regulations: Be respectful and mindful of your actions towards all players. Do not use racist, offensive or derogatory language. There is zero tolerance for this. Do not intentionally TK or you will be removed from the server. If you accidentally TK, please apologize in all chat. Do not retaliate. SLs are required to have an SL kit. SLs are required to have a mic and we highly encourage active use of squad/SL comms. Do not lock a squad unless you have a minimum of 4 squaddies. A driver AND gunner are mandatory to operate armor requiring crewman kits. SLs may kick for any reason. Do not abuse comms or spam chat. Do not camp or kill enemies at their main base. This includes mines too close to opposing team's main base. Minimum range will depend on the map. If you're unsure, please ask an admin. Cheating, hacking and glitching will result in a permanent ban. Do not share ticket counts or intel from the opposing team. Do not grief, troll or waste game assets. Do not ghost or stream snipe. Inactive/unassigned players will be kicked. Please join a squad. Do not advertise your social media/streams on the server. If you have questions or an issue, please call for an admin in all chat. If your questions or issues are left unresolved, please join our discord and we will be happy to assist you! As always, thank you and thanks for playing with us!
  2. Community Clan Fight Night

    Babes for Belaya
  3. Community Clan Fight Night

    [BB] for Kokan
  4. Community Clan Fight Night

    [BB] is in, Mestia
  5. Community Clan Fight Night

    [BB] is in for Tallil
  6. [BB] Bella's Battleground

    @CptHrki were you kicked with an actual kicked:reason? Otherwise, it was your actual game and not us. We would not kick anyone for that reason.
  7. [BB] Bella's Battleground

    Thanks Shaldag =] Really appreciate the kind words, hope to see you on soon!
  8. [BB] Bella's Battleground

    Hey Smee, Thanks for the comment always good to have new people in the server. Hope to see you around!