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  1. Gameplay improvement/realism features

    Ye thats it. Not like an ammo bag i dont think you go to a fight with a bag with a magacines and bullets it will be more logic to lend the stuff you have and in there you have that chemistry of what teamplay means
  2. Gameplay improvement/realism features

    No. I dont understand the concept like that my idea (at least in my head) is not carry more ammo is to lend ammo to other teammates like hey can you give me one magacine that would be more realistic as my view
  3. Gameplay improvement/realism features

    Hello comunity i would like to show my feedback to this idea of SuperCoco because this proposal is very interesting. In every match of squad people who have the rol of medic, always need bandages, and sometimes (a lot of times) medics dont have enough bandages to heal everyone in the field and the same with ammo if you are in a combat and you dont have more magacines you are in trouble, how are you gonna kill those who are firing at you without amunition? this of course will be a boost to the teamplay and the realism of the game and I totally agree. Thank you. See you in the field ^^. Asman11.
  4. Evento "Cara a cara" 15/02/2018

    Me apunto equipo 1 si puede ser