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    Our clan's main purpose is to build a community of like minded players and get the best experience possible in gaming. if you find yourself wondering if this clan is for you just hang out with us squad up and play with us. what im looking for at this point is active players that love squad as much as we do. MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS The requirements to join clan are a minimum of 100 hours in squad. Plus if you never played with us when you first join you will wear tag (7L) in game but will go on a trial period for a undetermined amount of time as a recruit, designated in discord with its own color and tag. this is pretty much for us to get to know you and make sure you dont break rule #1 once admins agree you can be full member you will become a legionnaire wish grants you access to certain member only channels in discord. Legatus if you want to get involved even more with clan and are looking to become legion commander aka Legatus and help with clan business let an admin know or you may be asked by a admin if we think you have what it takes. only legionnaires can become Legatus. Legatus have decision making power within the clan and can introduce projects for growth. Legatus also have the most responsibilities. Legatus are also Admins in discord. RULES #1 Dont be an assh*&% Thank you guys and i hope you have tons of fun with us this is really all we want for everyone. hope to see you guys in the battlefield! Add me on steam or join our discord and say hello. Discord https://discord.gg/AtgfDXF My steam url http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198100635259/ Our team group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/legionofthe7th