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  1. Teamwork incentive

    So one thing I've noticed over the past year as a squad leader or just generally looking at the entire team's position on the map is the amount of people going rogue/rambo instead of working and following with their squad. It's definitely not a systemic game-breaking problem by any means but it does get annoying, especially as a squad leader, and typically interferes with the tactical aspect of the game in my opinion. There are exceptions of course, such as scouts placing mines or having a LP/OP forward of the defense, but these are usually a minority of players lone gunning it. Now, I know these players could be dealt with easily by being kicked from the squad but all that does is make them someone else's problem or just unassigned and doing the same thing. This is definitely a problem (small one) that may not have a solution outside of squading up with other like minded players who enjoy the "authentic" teamwork experience. My idea as a possible incentive to fighting as a team would be to add a slight stamina boost that's only possible by staying within a certain proximity of your squad leader/squad. My idea of what this would look like would be along the lines of decreasing the speed at which stamina is used up while sprinting or maybe regenerating stamina faster within that certain proximity of your squaddies. If you're too far away from your buddies you would lose this "boost" which would put Rambo's at a slight disadvantage. Of course, the whole idea may sound stupid but as a former infantry Marine (2006-2010), being around fellow Marines during any type of physical exertion made you want to run faster and push harder than you otherwise would to avoid being that weakest link shitbag that no one likes. I also have no idea if this is even possible to implement but I thought it was worth throwing out there in case it hasn't been mentioned before to see what everyone else thinks. Maybe there are better/easier ideas that can be worked in. Or maybe we just continue kicking these players from our squads. Either way, not going to stop playing this game and looking forward to the future of Squad