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  1. [USA] East Coast Warriors

    I am one of the owners of the server. Thank you for posting your concern. I would like to express to you that this information is incorrect. We do not even have an admin by the name of Z. No admins have z in their name. You may be confused with the other East Coast servers. As for overlord, we do not ban without proof of intent. We (being a new server) have many brand new people or ones banned on many servers that join. If you killed an entire sqaud with a gernade, it was on purpose i can assure you. We have never ever said gernades are not allowed. How can we deny something that is made in the game? Thank you but please correct the statements!
  2. Server Help

    Hello, i had a couple questions regarding server commands. Anyway to show when an admin goes in cam to pop up in admin chat to prevent abuse?
  3. Don't team kill for any reason If you are having a problem with another player, report it to the admin. If you have been purposely attacked by a fellow teammate, report him/her to the admin. If you accidentally team kill another player, then acknowledge it in the "ALL CHAT" so the admin doesn't kick or ban you. Don't camp enemy base Do not lay in wait for the enemy to roll out of the protected zone to destroy them. This includes placing IEDs just outside of the enemy main. Do not use your main base's protected zone as a shield to attack enemy players If the admin warns you to back away from the enemy main, do it. Don't cheat/glitch Report anyone cheating or any glitches that have been found to the admin If a player is found in violation of this, then he/she will be banned Don't insult other players If you are having problems with another player please report it with an admin. This includes grieving, ammo spamming at FOBs, and all forms of trolling. Don't be a toxic person Don't be racist to another player We have ZERO-TOLERANCE when it comes to racism and discrimination on this server. Violators will be permabanned Report all incidents of discrimination of any kind to the admin. Don't spam in the text, local, squad, or command chat Communication is extremely important in Squad. If you are blocking comms, then you are hurting your squad's ability to win the fight. Don't provide intel to the enemy team Do no Ghost. You will be perma banned. This includes stating information about your team in the "ALL CHAT" regardless if it is correct information or not. This will result in a ban Don't sabotage your own team in anyway Why are you even playing the game at this point? This will result in a ban Squad Leaders are Required to use a microphone Communication is Squad is extremely vital, without a mic a Squad Leader will be ineffective in providing commands or situational awareness to he/her soldiers Admins are free to kick/ban anyone that has a disregard for the rules, and decides to either troll the admins or break server rules. DISCORD: https://discord.gg/ZGCECaS STEAM GROUP: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/EastCoastWarriorsSquad