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  1. Hi everyone, I'm from the Philippines and I just purchased Squad. I am very active in my local Arma group, but neither my friends in Steam nor in Arma can give me feedback on the status of Squad playing from my country, and I'm quite anxious if it is gonna be worth it especially after seeing all the youtube videos and finding out that they mostly play in American or European servers. I'd really like your inputs on this especially from people who are playing from SEA like me. Is it gonna be worth it playing from SEA? Is it feasible to play on western servers from SEA (I have little to no problem playing PUBG on any of the servers and my ping to official Arma servers (US) is around 130+)? The two-hour margin granted by Steam to test a game before asking for a refund becomes subjective, is just too narrow of a margin for a complex game such as Squad so I want as many inputs as possible before I click that Play button and start the clock. Thanks, everyone!