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  1. Hit-Detection

    I´m suspicious of everything this game has after v13. Maybe its intentional….lol...:)
  2. suppressors

    If it doesn´t matter then why do they even display it at all. By your description you seem to have experienced a completely different game I have. From the perspective of competitive gameplay the LAT solo hunting vehicles around is more effective. And the Combat Engineer soloing planting mines is also quite effective. I wish. Saddly SQUADs gameplay behaves in a different way.
  3. suppressors

    Or...play Squad. Wandering away from your Squad can actually improve yout K/d ratio as long as you are good at the game. Or play LAT and wander away from Squad with the excuse of hunting some vehicles.... that is the most effective tactic. Or plat combat angineer an go away hunting fobs and planting mines. That is very effective....
  4. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    Well laid arguments. And I appreciate your point of view. I Specially agree with the claim that this argument is about a SCALE, not a binary condition (like I was trying to explain somebody else). Nevertheless I do think that this game is "masquerading" itself as a hardcore games but is really a casual one. It´s indeed a very interesting topic to discuss, it´s a shame we only have the forum format to do it. So I´ll try to point out a thing or two to keep it simple. One of the aspects is the "baby sitting" of players. While squad on the "casual side" has implemented mechanics to "help" players in many aspects, for example get in the action more quickly, simpler rally spawn mechanics, I think that a more "hardcore" game would create the mechanics and let players learn the ropes to "deal with them". This is no secret, and one can read the reasons for implementing and keeping mechanics like buddy rally. Words use were "to help players get into action more quickly until helicopters are added". A help that was not asked for, nor was it necessary, and all it did was make the gameplay become more "casual" by making the environment more unfirgiving. More of this can be said about permanent rallies. I do agree that some players quit short after they join the game. They quit because they come with they have an unconcious assumption that a fps is pure action, like what they see in YouTube videos, and this certainly isn´t COD. The problem, as I see it, is that DEVELOPERS also realized about this phenomena, so there is a coincidence in the implementation of certain mechanics and the raise in the numbers of people who bought the game and stick around. Bascially they made the game "easier" and less "frustrating" so numbers of players Increase. Nothing bad with that, form a business perspective. The problem comes for those of us who don´t want to be baby sitted. Those of us who actually want a challenge and we want to have to deal with the frustration using tactics and teamwork. The players who already learnt the basics of how to stay alive, and can avoid dying and getting frustrated constantly, or the players who want a chanllenge of a very slow learning curve looking for a very rewarding gameplay, Suddenly find that this game became less rewarding. This is a simplified version of a very good and long paper about the topic. https://thinkgamedesign.com/flow-theory-game-design/ As a result, we have a game that for some people is an obstacle of itself. 3 years ago it was unthinkable for me to have people asking for a "self constructing" mechanic, because "building is boring" and a "time wasting diversión from action". Now some people in the forums ask for things like that. So those people actually don´t appreciate the Deep tactical aspect of a team creating it´s own spawning points, but want more shooting asap. Another thing I read was people asking for a map on the lower right corner of the screen open all the time. So as to Increase the situational awareness of the players and making it easier to know where to shoot. While I think a more hardcore game should expect people to develop that awareness and not help them. These are some examples, and luckily, these haven´t been applied. But the fat that they are being propossed by people who have less than 10 posts in the forums, that is, mostly new players, marks a tendency of a game being open to new people coming and agreeing to become "more casual" and "less hardcore" to appeal to those players and make them stick around. I don´t really think these mechanics will ever be implemented. But then again, I never thought a mechanic like "buddy rally" was to be implemented. On the other hand, what affects me more was that the old perceived transition towards a more hardcore gameplay has stopped. For example, some of us were hoping/expecting/ waiting for the removal of nametags (or the delaying of them) demanding the players to develop IFF skills. Well, what once was a matter of time, now has become somehting that doesn´t look like it will ever happen.
  5. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    Lol! I also re-read this. I think your confussion comes from two different comments to two different posts of two different people that were not one the consequence or deduction of the other.
  6. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    I think the problem arises because you expect me to be radical in one or the other way. Well. Sorry. I´m not. I have a Little bit more complex point of view. Lets go over it one by one... The anwer to this one is quite simple. The fewer ways a player has to get back into the action, the more "penalized" each of his deaths is going to be. Eventually players become more careful about what they do and how they do it. When players are more caeful a whole new dimensión of gameplay arises. Now, I never even commented on "fix" vs "player-placed rally". This is what makes me think that you read my posts expecting one radical point of view or the other and as you didn´t find it, it was hard to understand. I can comment on that, but I won´t add any more here. I don´t like that mechanic at all. I think that the captured point becoming the new spawn takes away from a great tactical dimensión SQUAD can have by adding placeable fobs, with building and supply points and a basic logistics system. I really think that you read my post imagining something that is not true. I think the answer to this was clear. But I will explain. We aren´t asking in COD forums to make the game slower paced and more realism oriented. Because COD didn´t promise that. We aren´t in the ARMA forums asking for a more casual gamer approachble game. Because ARMA didn´t promise that. We are here because SQUAD promised to be PR spiritual successor. Until v13 everything seemed to be shaping up that way. And then it changed. If you don´t believe this or you cant see this as a big deal, then please read FUZZHEAD´s posts. He himself is evidence of how "valid" our requests are. He himself addresses these issues in his posts and how he is trying to deal with them. I read my posts again and I´m quite clear, as long as you read them withouth any assumptions that i´m on one side of the fence or the other. Still, I am obliged to clarify and I hope this is clear now.
  7. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    I have come to think that you are VERY pessimistic. It´s like you don´t even want people to be happy playing the game they like, or even hope for a better gameplay. Where does that take you? Imagine Devs releasing a YouTube video with a lost of "upcoming supported mods" …. that would get people interested in new options and gameplays. The saky is the limit. But being this negative doesnt help anybody.
  8. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    I will explain then. Zilfrax would like to see a more unforgiving gameplay. But he admits that most people wouldnt play something like ARMA 3 (ACE mod). I pointed out that those two mechanics (no buddy rally, and increasing respawn timers) would make it "MORE" unforgiving. I have to admit I´m kind of proud that you can´t easily tell if i´m for it or against it. Basically because I think this whole discussion is a matter of degree, NOT ABSOLUTES. So on the one hand I don´t want to see a fast paced FPS like COD, but on the other hand I don´t want SQUAD to be a complete hardcore game with no rallies, no habs and no respawns (Actually for that we already have SQUAD OPS which is great). So when I advocate for those mechanics, I want the game to become "more" unforgiving, without it necessarily becoming completely unforgiving. Thus my comment to what Zylfrax said. Well. I think the fact that we even have these threads criticizing SQUAD´s new approach and the fact that there are "many differing views" proves that there was a "main promise" that is not being delivered. I know everybody feels entitled to support this or that gameplay.... Yet, you don´t see me or Multi Squid, or many others, logging in on a COD forum and demanding the game should be slower paced and more unforgiving….do you? Same, we don´t log in on ARMA´s forum claiming the game should be more Dynamic and casual friendly. But... we DO do all that here. Why is that? well, we first supported this game because of that "MAIN PROMISE", and for some of us, that main promise is quite clear. COD didn´t promise me anything I liked, that´s Why I didn´t buy it. ARMA promised me somehting very different, that´s Why I bought it and play it for VERY specific gameplay wiht Friends (Scenarios basically). But here we are. SQUAD did promise somehting, which some of us feel is not being delivered. I still have hope and faith in the developers. The way I see it, once full game is released, if they manage to "take off" they will address certain things for some of us that will please us. For example, whitelisting (and hopefully supporting) mods with different settings.
  9. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    Will you marry me? +1 Just maybe one point to disagree with: SQUAD can be saved….just not for some of us. No need to go to that extreme. Removing buddy rally and incresing respawn timer every time somebody diez would already be unforgiving, serious, gritty, without being ACE in ARMA 3.
  10. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    I´m just curious. What are the numbers of the other games in the genre? I´m also curious. What is the genre SQUAD belongs to? Some people would say FPS...putting it together with COD, BF, Insurgency, Rainbow Six and ARMA. Some would say it´s it´s own thing. So... what is it for you? And what numbers do those games have?
  11. Yes. You don´t get penalized for helping. You get the consequences of being defeated. If you defend the point. You orginize the defense, fight, and if you are overmatched, you retreat. YOU RETREAT. Nobody ever retreats in Squad. You even didnt consider it a possibility when you posted that. That is because the gameplay makes is useless and pointless to retreat. People in Squad fight suicidely to the death. edeath is not really a punishment, just a few seconds delay from the next pew-pew moment. A game in which you actually need to take steps to withdraw form a fight you are losing in order not to lose all your SQUAD is a game SQUAD is not right now. This is one of the reasons some see it as a ONE-SHOT KILL VERSION OF COD WITH SOME BUILDING ELEMENTS IN BIG MAPS. And that´s it.
  12. Make "suppression" logical again!

    Yes. It is. Precisely for you are saying. Suppression Works because when you achieve "fire superiority" over the enemy, the enemy can´t response. He has become SUPPRESSED. This IS at the heart of infantry unit tactics. Maybe you don´t like it and you prefer some other kind of shooter. But it is PRECISELY that. Otheerwise, Why would they call it "suppression"??? You have other options. First of all change your approach. While suppressed you shouldnt be trying to get some "lucky hits". You shouldn´t be going for "hits" at all. Just identify where the enemy is firing from, and if it´s safe enough to peak for a second to send some that way, you do and get cover again. You do that until the enemy get´s the effects of suppression and stops firing at you or you feel he stops firing accurately. Then it´s when you go for precise "hits". After you have achieved fire superiority. All this within the context of other members of a Squad Works pretty instinctively once you have all become used to infantry tactics. It can even work if you are lonewolfing against another lonewolf. Skill is exaclty what is required to overcome this. Maybe not the kind of skill you want to see in a game. But skill is by definition required.
  13. Make "suppression" logical again!

    Supression is at the heart of infantry units infantry tactics. And you think it ruins the gameplay? How? Why?
  14. +1 Increase spawn timer every time somebody clicks the GIVE UP button. +15 seconds every time. PR did something like that some years ago. Increasing respawn timer eveyr time you died. Just instead of doing it every time you died, do it eveyr time somebody clicks the GIVE UP button. In general I´m for the increasing punishment instead of increasing reward. The reward should be alreayd that you´re playing a videogame.
  15. I'm giving up on this game.

    Mmm...No. Those changes dont affect gameplay that much. Lets put it like this. If you could change /implement/ eliminate any ONE single feature int he game, ONLY ONE, which one would it be? IN other words, which one has a bigger impact in the gameplay. Do you really think vehicle respawntimers affect gameplay as much as buddy rally? Anfinally, it´s VERY IRONIC, how you direct people to buy the code from OWI to make their own game, yet you have dozens of changes, while some of us only have 1 or 2. VERY INCOHERENT. Even beyond all those assumptions that "exploit" was much less noticeable tan buddy rally previous V13,...so I would trade them definetely. Agian I like it and I find ir IRONIC, how all my changes are against the capitalistic instinct and against OWIs business model and I should "get real", and yet your changes are all so moeny friendly…. So IRONIC. This. Well. I didnt really pay much attention. It´s off topic and redudnant. Seems like you are doing some major degree in economics and want to review your notes with us. Dont waste your time writing this (at least not for me I wont read this)
  16. I'm giving up on this game.

    ^ This right there sums up Squad gameplay (After v13). Not only dont people care about dying alone, but it´s a perfect valid and useful tactic in the game. Such as engineers doing their own thing 400 mts from squad hunting for fobs or planting mines. HATs guys 500 mts away on the other direction trying to find enemy vehicles. And the worst thing is that it Works!!! Why?...Well... Low risk, HUGE reward. HATs (and lats) instead of being an asset to the squad are their own thing. Special forces operatives RAMBO like behind enemy lines. Risk- Losing a ticket and respawning in 20 seconds close to action again so I can repeat…. Reward- Destroying/disabling an nme tank /hab... Of course I would do it...it makes sense. Now Why didnt it happen in PR. Because HAT was a KIT. And if you died with it behind nme lines, then the kit was lost in the middle of enemy and your team had lost a lot of firepower. Squad doesn´t want to use KITs. So come up with another solution because this is aweful gameplay in my opinion. Suggestion...maybe...just add a separe respawn timer for roles like HAT 5 minutes after player is dead or sth like that.
  17. I'm giving up on this game.

    Maybe because instead of arguing with me, you are arguing with a certain idea you have of me and what I represent and what my arguments would be. I couldnt care less about those other features you mention. That doesn´t affect the gameplay I want to see. The only things that would actually change gameplay are: 1- Buddy rally: Having less people spawning close to actions means people will be more careful about their lives, instant action will decrease int he game (which I thing is a FANTASTIC thing), and habs logistics will get a mor prominent role. 2- Name tags: just by delaying the appearance of name tags and getting rid of them beyond...say....50 meters… would bring IFF into the game. Players wont be trigger happy and shoot at the first thing that moves because it could be friendly. Then position of squads and position of members within squad would be a thing, thus, imitating some combat reality of cohesion and orientation. 3- Just SLIGHTLY longer respawn times. To reduce the brain activity videogames cause of just bloodthirsty action that drivs people to arcade games (dont take me wrong, I like those games, I just want Squad to be different) All the other things you mention for me are thin air. I may agree or not, but non of them would prevent me to play the game. And I definetely agre with some (like vehicle tickets). Now with this you are obviously confused. Just by bringing it up. It´s like you just don´t listen. Nobody (at least not me) is asking for that kind of game. So just to sabe you some time, stop bringing it up. Observe as many economic laws as you want just do that in another post or even another forum, because here it is off topic.
  18. I'm giving up on this game.

    Well. The other team was playing propperly. OWI´s RESPONSIBILITY (not fault) comes in when they decided to incorpórate arcady mechanics that appeal to a much borader audience to buy the game...and keep it. And stick around so they can show big numbers in steam charts. That part of the community are to impatient, too COD oriented to actually take their time to think and they dont conceive a FPS game where there are other things as important, if not more important, than actually pointing your gun at enemy and shooting. Things like coordination, logistics, tactis. Even just passing Intel. Then you realice how can a team have sls that play the way you described.
  19. I'm giving up on this game.

    So you think basically that removing buddy rally is imposible because they would go out of business. Ok. So why do you suggest for it to be removed in other posts? Because that´s all I am saying. Remove buddy rally. THATS IT!.... do you think that Will destroy their income? They can also add SERVER OPTIONS. As simple as that! everybody happy.
  20. I'm giving up on this game.

    Can you please READ THIS CAREFULLY. PR wasnt a "completely realistic military fps". I don´t want that kind of game. I probably wouldnt play that kind of game. I DONT WANT A "COMPLETELY REALISTIC MILITARY FPS". There are degrees and all some people want is STOP MAKING IT ARCADE. Buddy rally is a VERY arcady mechanic. Low respawn timers is another one. Some others, like supply points on HABS is much more realistic than PR was in that aspect and I applaud that. So get it off your head. PR players dont advocate for ARMA kind of simulation. Those guys play ARMA and go nowhere near games like PR. It´s like you have a personal agenda with PR. Maybe if you had played it for more than 2 hours...and with other intention than to be able to write that "i´ve played PR" in the forums... Somebody also told you already (many times)... Maybe this time you will finally get it. I DON´T WANT A "COMPLETELY REALISTIC PVP MILITARY FPS"...
  21. I'm giving up on this game.

    Well. Now it might be player´s feedback. But when v13 came out and that first survey, OWI was respinsible because they tailored the interpretation on the negative results on -BUDDY RALLY. 4 surveys later, the mechanic didn´t get a single survey in which it came on top. Still, there it is. Accelerating gameplay, lowering the value of life in SQUAD, rendering real tactics pointless. By now it´s obvious. The accelerated gameplay, tempting COD/BF players, more casual players to buy the game and stick to it, tu Increase the volumen of players. Making it less painful, most forgiving made it more attractive to the casual player and the general audience, but alienated many of us. To some people this hybrid is working, to some, it just isn´t. Bottomline, it´s NOT just players´feedback. OWI is also responsable. But hey, they are making money, good for them. Don´t take me wrong, it´s a GREAT videogame. It truly. It´s just not the videogame I want to see, it´s not the videogame I was promised.
  22. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    Like somebody has already pointed out that is exaggerated. Reducing arguments to absurd propositions creates false impressions. First of all, It wouldnt take you 30 minutes to get back into action and you know it. Secondly, maybe if it takes you longer to get into action then you, and EVERYBODY ELSE, would value life in the game much more and firefights wouldnt last 30 seconds. Finally, take into account that I´m not for eliminating HABs and Rallies completely, but I definetely plrefer that to what we have now (although it Will never happen, because that wouldnt sell. Masses want instant action and clicking pretending they play a "tactical" game)
  23. How far is it from being released?