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  1. Main Battle Tanks (MBT's)

    I agree with designed interior of vehicles. Like Red orchestra. In red orchestra I feel I get inside the tank, whereas in Squad I feel I BECOME the tank. I wish that could be incorporated in the game.
  2. 50 vs 50 servers ?

    Again...that´s What the map is designed for. 4km by 4km. But right now...the playable área is less than half. Open the map next time you play and you will notice the shady área around the central part. That is gonna be expanded in the future to actually become a 4km by 4km map...and that map is suppossed to accomodate 100 players. Right now, 1/2 that área is accomodating 3/4 of the players it will in the future....alas...maps are tiny.
  3. 50 vs 50 servers ?

    Nope...tiny...as in: really small. Take Belaya for example. It is designed to be a 4km by 4lm map. And that is for a 50 vs 50 server when they are actually implemented. BUT... Right now the playable area on Belaya is less tan half that. And servers are not 25 vs 25. Of course, if you compare Squad maps with COD/insurgency, etc maps, they are HUGE. If you compare them to PR,...they are really small.
  4. 50 vs 50 servers ?

    maps are tiny right now for 50 vs 50...some are small even for 37 vs 37
  5. Object's view distance doesn't work well.

    ...please read What you wrote...
  6. Helping the community

    I´m sorry then. I just want to thank you. I had a lot of fun thanks to you guys. Don´t feel bad about it. CHEERS!

    I agree with all you said...except for the "eating healthy".... Now I´d like to add one more BIG thing. and that is....what people consider PLAYING. Some people only consider they are actually "playing" the game when they can see the enemy down their sights and shooting. Some people consider that marking an enemy fob or infanty in a map is playing. Some people consider scanning the horizon for 10 minutes is playing. Some people consider playing soritng out the kits of the squad, planning ageneral strategy, listening to orders, going to the right chopper, flying for 3 minutes, landing in the right place, walking for 2 more mins while scanning the horizon, waiting for supplies while scanning the horizon, building a fob while scanning the horizon, and trying to find the enemy before it finds you. And when that doesn´t work and you get killed having shot less tan half a magazine. It boils down to "what people consider playing". My point is that people that dont consider playing the LONG versión, might as well be playing any other shooter and still have fun. I want SQUAD to be something different....UNIQUE
  8. 2 things that would make me very very happy

    I think he just wants some more planning time and more transport trucks?....that can be done...wouldn´t break any current gameplay mechanic.
  9. The best game you've ever had - (Kills)

    I´m sorry if you felt ofended. I did read your whole post. Still, I think that what INSPIRED your post was a good KD ratio. Am I wrong? I just read it again and that´s what i´m getting from it. I´m not trying to attack you in anyway, I´m happy you enjoyed that round and that you´re enjoying the game. The only reason I didn´t quote the second part of your post is because it didn´t have to do with the spirit behind your posting. but here it goes: This sounds exaclty like the kind of gameplay I get every time I play Squad. I understand why it´s fun. It´s just not unique nor special (for me). Again, this wasn´t an attack on you or anything, I have participated in another post somewhat similar to this. The question was "Is this what the community wants to see???" 40+ kills by an infantryman in a 1+/- hour round????? It is an honest and sincere quesiton. SQUAD claims to be the spiritual successor of PR, and there is no way somebody can get that number of kills (or deaths) in a round. Take into account that PR rounds are a bit longer. Not even being CAS or tank (Maybe tank gunner could get something like that) So...If a player is able to spawn and kill and die that many times....there´s something that is not in line to what SQUAD claims to be. Now here is me assuming....I asume that when YOU flanked the squad and wiped it out...you did it on your own, didnt you? I have found that lonewofling is a really valid tactic in this game that can harvest you many kills. Now don´t asume I assumed...lol...just kidding.

    Are you sure that´s healthy?...lol I thank you for your reply. I always feel the devs are listening to what I have to say. I know you have a hard job of keeping it fun for EVERYBODY. Mybe one day will come in which you will have to choose your target audience....;)

    Amen for that... That´s it. People aren´t patient and that´s because being impatient is not punished by game mechanics. Spawning time is too short, habs arent deactivated by enemy presence, rallies are really easy to refresh, etc. I want to see a MUCH more punishing gameplay. "shit if I peak now, and get shot, then that´s 3 min wating to respawn, FAAAAR away, and alone. I better keep myself safe". This is a videogame, and this is the only way to get to a "KEEP SAFE" mentality. Now once you have instilled the KEEP SAFE mentality in the playerbase, that´s when tactitcs that make sense in real life will start making sense in the game. But more fun...because you dont get hurt!...:D
  12. 2 things that would make me very very happy

    Have you ever played PR? the point is that all the squads are created at the same time, thus there is no squad long before the sls know how many squads there actually are and what their role will be.
  13. 2 things that would make me very very happy

    Automatic Spawning at base. I like that.... I would add the "no squad before 2 minutes left thing". That would incentivize planning I think. Right now as sl join the game, they créate a squad without there being any communication with other sls.
  14. Helping the community

    Nice to see the community being nice and helpful. Good job! Btw....What happened to QFF servers??? can´t find them!
  15. The best game you've ever had - (Kills)

    SQUAD as I see it right now. The fact that the game mechanics incentivize a post like this makes me sad. The fact that some people answer that their BEST GAME was something different that the KD ratio gives me hope.