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  1. Rally Point Changes Needed

    The whole idea of having a rally that is not there all the time is so people change the mind set of what you just said. In your words is the summary of SQUAD´s gameplay and exactly why a non permanent rally is necessary. You say that you need the rally so you can spawn, "run to where you need to be, then die and respawn". This is exactly it! having a non permanent rally Will discourage tactics that involve "Spawn, run, pew-pew, die, spawn run pew-pew, die spawn, and repeat" I don´t mean to sound offensive, but the encouragement of players with a taste for that kind of gameplay, is what has me, the op, and many more, VERY UPSET, for we were promised SQUAD would be soemthing different.
  2. Are you refering to Squad in its current form???
  3. Rally Point Changes Needed

    The 9 spawns mechanic was disliked the most. Because it was the one that put the heaviest burden on the SLs shoulder, and could also be abused. In addition, there was also a noob (or absent minded) player that would spawn in taking the last spawn and preventing the Sl from spawning at rally. Sl then had to spawn back at main with all the rest of the dead squadmates effectively BREAKING UP THE SQUAD.. I don´t think we need to reinvent the Wheel. PR´s method is tested by more than a decade of experienced gameplay. What the op suggest is very good. My problem is the old question I keep posting…. OWI has all the knowledge and experience necessary to implement wha PR did. Why haven´t they implemented it yet???? The simple answer is: THEY DON´T WANT TO. They don´t want PR´s gameplay. Then you can suggest reasons, like, PR´s gameplay wouldnt sell as much,...bla bla bla... At the end of the day, If they wanted to do it, they could. With all my respect and support for the OP, OWI already has the tools and the knowledge. I suspect that some of the devs are advocating for that change, but are not being heard.
  4. It is pretty sad. I haven´t played VANILLA for 1 year. Only coming back with each new update to try out and see if the mechanics had changed. I had some hope with buddy rally removed, but no. Nevertheless, my hopes are quite different. I don´t blame it on the casuals, I would not like them to leave. I blame it on the mechanics that allow those casuals to REMAIN CASUALS for ever. At the end of the day, it is a pretty basic game. All you have to master with the current version is "where I get shot from, and how to kill more". That is it, there is not much more Depth for grunts. For Sls, maybe a bit more. So I will come back to Vanilla when mechanics change.
  5. I don´t really think body dragging Will change anything. With the current gameplay, why would I risk myself trying to drag someone to a safe place to be revived???? It´s much better that I pew-pew as much as I can! After all, the downed guy can just give up (1ticket who cares?) and respawn quicly (short respawn timers for people with adhd) just 5 mts away from the action (permanent rallies with absurd overrun radius).
  6. Rally Point Changes Needed

    40 minutes is not really long compared to PR. In PR you could easily played 1.15-1.25 hours rounds. I am convined that making the rounds shorter was a goal set from the beginning. In general, rounds in PR are much longer and fuzzhead knows that. When he talks about long rounds, he does so comparing them to other games in the genre, not to PR (or a coop sesión in ARMA for that matter) Sadly, true. This has no DLCs they don´t need our money anymore. Completely right. YES, support modders to develop the content you would like to see. I am not a mdeer myself and I don´t know the first thing about it, but I participate in 2 different discord channels providing feedback and taking part in the testing matches.
  7. I agree. Everyone being able to revive was a step forward. It took a lot of pressure off the medics chests. IT was very hard to get people to play the medic, because the proper way of playing was KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN. Because the medic was the only one able to revive. Removing that responsability off the medic´s shoulder and expanding it across the Squad made the role much more common. Being the only one being able to heal and having a lot of bandages made the role special enough. BUT THEN.... Somebody had the fantastic idea to remove the dead-dead after being killed 60 seconds after revive. This mechanic was EXCELLENT. It made peole very aware and careful for their lives. It made the "push" after "achieving fire superiority" a thing, which was something experienced SLS and players were able to time. Removing that made everything just be a plain and uninteresting pew-pew….
  8. Rally Point Changes Needed

    I think it was prior to v10 rallies had a timer and then dissapeared. THen they gave them "rally spawns". It had 9 spawns but had no timer, and after the 9 spawnes it had to be reset. And then they became permanent. So I´m not quite sure OWI nerfs rallies every patch. Because they used to be much less powerful than they are now. But I do agree, they don´t say much about their direction. OR.... They do say it, with their acts. And this is what they want, something with a learning curve that doesn´t scare away new players, and short rounds with a lot of pew-pew action for casuals and a certain part of the audience.
  9. Rally Point Changes Needed

    +1 Mate!...if only. I support you all the way. But SQUAD is no longer a "baby", and the devs know everything there is to know about PR. If they haven´t done it yet, it is because they don´t want that kind of gameplay. Believe me, there is nothing I would appreciate more. But… business...you know…. And here we go again, on the "this should be PR´s spiritual successor ride! yupiii!
  10. Statement.

    I agree with the general idea. Nevertheless, Moderators used to take steps into keeping order, like giving warnings to people who were off kilter, and eliminating posts that were improductive, off topic, or straight offensive. However, lately, some threads have been closed without any warning. Maybe it´s just a coincidence that the content was about the old discussion (Sim vs Arcade, PR successor, and so on), or maybe the modertators were out of patience that given day. I feel it is a pity that many people lose their chance to express themselves because a few behave poorly. Now to develop a bit more... This is the old discussion all over again. Owi can´t roam around servers policing people for playing "poorly". It´s not their role nor is it doable. The fact of the matter is that aming at that seet middle spot between tactical players and more casual arcade players (some believe it is not posible (or compatible with business)) leaves a WIDE range of posible different approaches to the game. This has evolved into a fight over the identity of SQUAD and what it should be ….bla bla bla.... Be patient. Squad can be A FANTASTIC cornerstone for many (different) communities to mod the game in whatever way they see fit. All that takes a lot of work, but I imagine that in some years there Will be a SQUAD mod attractive for every one of us!
  11. Statement.

    There is a tendency later of threads getting locked when they address the current gameplay with hard criticism. Just go and have a look at how many; all from players criticizing the ARCADY gameplay. So I agree with you, but unlike Geebus, I keep no hopes for Vanilla. I only stick around for ONE LIFE events (Which are FANTASTIC) and some interesting upcoming mods.
  12. I wanna join squad!

    Not sure if you are being ironic. It think he means a clan/team/community. In that case, there is a section in the forum with clans recruiting. You could also try joining the discord community, or Reddit.
  13. No. It´s not like that. It´s more Darwinian, like: You are unlikely to have tall herbivore creatures, if the environment doesn´t have tall plants to feed from. If all the plants are very low, creatures don´t need to grow (quickly explained, we all know the basics of the theory) If the game isn´t demanding more realistic gameplay and teamwork, players are unlikely to develop that. You can choose to play like that. No problem. But in order to win the game, you don´t need to play like that. In fact, in some cases, it´s counterproductive.
  14. Am I the only one that doesn't enjoy Squad?

    Things to check before you join a Squad: 1- Check that the SL has the SL kit. 2- Open the map and check if the squad is moving (mor eor less) together. 3- The Squad has at least 1 medic (It´s also Good if they dont have a MARKSMAN) Things to check after you join. 1- Say "hi" and see if people respond. 2. Ask what kit you should take and where to respond. Not getting an answer and getting "get whatever you want" are BAD ANSWERS. 3- If the sl doesn´t say anything for the first 60 seconds chances are this is not really a SQUAD.
  15. Multiple Questions

    I just love this question!...;)