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  1. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    I agree!!! Right now, I have to admit, that, although I still think that things in PR were done a bit better (for me a great balance between gameplay and realism), PRs best asset and key to be what it is, is THE COMMUNITY. Main 2 differences: PR community is MUCH smaller. PR community is much more homogeneous. Most people agree upon what they want to see in the game. How it should be and feel. So the hottest debates were about . "which faction to mod next"....not stuff like "logi driven by AI, or planes yes or no". As of now, I think that there´s one specific change that will completely change the meta withouth changing ANY MECHANIC in the game (besides the one comming in the next patch), and that is:... BIGGER MAPS. I asume bigger maps will arrive once helis are ready. And bigger maps with dedicated logi/trans squads will requiere a level of organizational teamwork that is gonna push the game into the next level without really changing any mechanic. Right now playing squad is like playing a skirmish (seeding) mode of PR but with fobs. Instant action, some meatgrinding (still), lots of lonewolfing. I think bigger maps and helis will go a long way into a better gameplay.
  2. Change the menu music to old rock.

    "This war is different. We don´t even have our own war songs!" American soldier in afghanistan. That´s from a famous movie o series...can remember which one. Maybe "generation kill"?
  3. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    But wasn´t this game suppossed to be different??? isnt this the successor of PR??? Why make yet another COD / BF / RO game???
  4. The pitfall that is community feedback

    Sure!... I agree with you completely. So many issues and demands could be adressed by just creating/allowing mods or modes for specific demands. HArdcore mode, simulation mode, vs arcade/light mode/standard mode...any name. I´m pretty sure that will come eventually.
  5. WTF with the cheating over?

    Lately I´ve realized what people meant by having graphics settings fixed. I was tweeking my graphics setting to work around blurry TAA (PLEASE DEVS GIVE US A BETTER AA) and I switched "Grass" settings to mínimum (i dont really remember the name of the setting... And WTF....no Grass...no bushes...Little shadows. It was so easy to spot enemies!!!!!.... Then it all came together. The number of times I was shot when I thought i hadnt revealed my position in the middle of a field with bushes and high Grass. Suddenly I got it. IT must have been somebody using really low settings that can easily spot people!!! That changed my point of view. I used to think that people with lower end computers had the right to play the game just fine. Now I think that there´s a mínimum setting that should be applied in order to guarantee fair gamplay (withouth leaving people out of the game due to a por graphic card if possible)
  6. promoting teamplay

    This is an interesing discussion. The problema with trying to get NUMBERS to tell us something from reality is always tricky. And I think there´s a key with that PROTOCOL says about TRUE CONTRIBUTION. Eg. Last weekend, Playing in NARVA. Me and the lat were pinned in the busshes and the nmy apc was around, really close. They knew we where around but not exactly where. The apc was about to start shootign at the bushes we were in "just in case" and it was gonna kill us. I was AR, so I said "**** it"... I told the lat I was going to distract the APC. So i ran out of cover away from the lat and got the APCs attention….of course, i was killed in seconds, but the lat got a rear shot on the APC. 2 things here. That´s quite a contribution. That´s teamwork. That cant be measured in any way by any number or system or percentage. (I really don´t care, I dont need any system to measure anything) 2nd thing. That is a sacrifice I probably woudnt have made if it was real life Now about points to "reward" logi runs. I DONT NEED THEM. From time to time I volunteer and I expect everyone to do the same. People who usually don´t volunteer to do it wont do it even if you give them a 10000000 points for a logi run. In my opinion, the only system to measure teamwork efficienci is WHO WON AND WHO LOST AND BY HOW MANY TICKETS. Give or take some chance factor...thats it.
  7. The pitfall that is community feedback

    Thank you! Now we know what you feel like...and why. And we have some arguments. Now that´s feedback. Even if you use expresisons like "dogshit" here and there, we can now actually talk about something. That´s pretty much what the OP was asking for. Thank you for extending your answer. Still. Things such as more or less realism can be discussed elsewhere. It´s quite obvious by now that I agree with the OPs point about how feedback is driven. How people present their ideas. How they are discussed. And how people agree or disagree in a more civilised manner than internet usually incites. There´s a number of ideas out there in This forum that I don´t really like. And I think those ideas are not going to be good for the game (or what I want to see in the game). There are some ideas that dont even sound like they are for This videogame!!!... Still… if I don´t agree, I either explain why, without any comment that may offend the poster, or i don´t say anything.
  8. promoting teamplay

    Why points at all?
  9. promoting teamplay

    How many people do you think would stop playing Squad if there weren´t any K/D score??? I mean...NOT EVEN AT THE END OF THE ROUND... I would definetely keep playing. I think some would keep playing in a less TDM oriented way. And I think many would just quit the game.
  10. The pitfall that is community feedback

    Mate. If you re-read the OP, you will realize that he was making a point about how initial responses are many times quite basics and dont really place any arguments on the table, but just write a line driven by emotion without thinking about the suggested idea too much. Furthermore, they tend to be negative and recreate a negative atmosphere of tensión between posters. Now right after quoting hte OPs well organised and presented arguments (with which i don´t totally agree) This is what you wrote: You start by directly attacking the OP by saying that it´s a "good thing he isnt on the dev team" Then you just type "lol". Finally you express that it sounds like a bad idea. Don´t take me wrong I think it´s fantastic that you get to express your opinion and you may not like what the OP is saying. But... you didn´t really say anything. No reasons, no arguments, not much to work with. And I think that´s exactly one of the things the OP meant.
  11. What would you like to see in Squad

    -Player-flown AIRCRAFTS.... I know I know... This game could be great, but without flyable planes it will be in danger of becoming a big meh!...
  12. Seems like an awesome game to me, but ...

    Try again on Saturday at 4pm.... you will pay for an empty server.
  13. What would you like to see in Squad

    - Better Anti-Aliasing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Delay NAMETAGS (greatly) I guess This two go hand by hand. If you want the game to look good, then it looks either blurry or too Sharp. Both things make it really hard to identify enemy by its uniform and equipment beyond 30 mts. So nametags are a necessity. But as long as nametags appear so quickly and there is no propper IFF mechanic, then gameplay will still ebb towards arcade shooting.
  14. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    I agree with you. Rallies can provide the squad with the chance to stay together. But I think that´s not really the reason why they exist. Even if that is the reason why there are rallies, they shouldnt be the only reason for the squad to stick together, and they prove they are sometimes insuficient for that end. Anyway it´s another discussion, probably fruitless.
  15. So you guys want the game to allow you to sprint, and suddenly when you run into enemy, jump into the prone stance while you fire, accuratelly I guess, a weapon such as m249 that might be like 8-9kg? So you will actually be firing while you sprint, then while you are in mid air, and finally from the prone position, non stop¿? Im asking just to make sure I understand what you want. No. It´s not the same engine that PR.