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  1. Name TAGS and game rythm

    Just to give some background for my feedback, I got SQUAD because I play PR. Whoever has played PR for some time will understand then my arguments better. I think SQUAD is really good. The sound is amazing, the way it looks, the sound is amazing, the firefights, the sound is amazing....did I say the sound is amazing?. Now I think that the immediate visibility of temmates Name TAGS takes A LOT of realism off the game. There is no need to confirm target, it it moves and there is no name tag, shoot!...ask later. Well no need to ask actually it can only be an enemy. You can step on any point in the middle of the battle, swing your mouse around and know who´s who, and where the Friends are, so shoot the other way. EVEN THROUGH WALLS!!!!....I think that assesing this in a more realistic way will make it feel less arcady. The other thing I´ve noticed is that players can spawn inside a fob even if its under attack and enemy is quite close to it. I´ve felt many times that I was spawning, running out throwing frags and shooting right out of the fob. As if this was some Call of duty deathmatch mode. I think the distance of spawn disabling* should be corrected. All in all these 2 things make the game´s rythm a bit too arcady for me. I think it´s a completely different thing from Project Reality. Two different games, for good or bad. Anyway, Great game, can´t wait to use choppers and tanks!
  2. Hi there!

    Hello everybody!... Just saying hi. I´m a PR player, Ive been playing Squad and expect a lot from this game. See you in battle!