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  1. Mauti's Battle Stories

    Well done!...keep it up!
  2. Another way to deal with running speed in v13

    I think in our case our opinión on the matter is so different because we play in very different servers with very different Sls. I play in Europe and I think you play in American servers. That at least means we dont play in the same servers. Ill be following your arguments mate.
  3. Buddy rally poll

    A poll doesn´t exist with neutral vacuum period. One may argue that the wording in any survey may be biased. In this one people can speak their mind. And change their minds through arguments. And it has been like that for all the other changes you implemented in the game. Most people played the game and didn´t care to weigh in in the oficial fórums. Yet...for some of those changes you did decide to hear the "lound unhappy minority" expressing themselves here. Sometimes you decided to follow it, what does it depend on? Also, many of those happy people would be happy with no buddy rallies, they are just indifferent to it. So having 99 indofferent people and 1 sad can´t be better tan having 99 indifferent people and 1 happy. Btw. I´m also among those people playing the game (4 hours later) Just like with the result of a poll. Tied to subjective notions is part of human conditions. Bottom line. I think some of us who aren´t happy about some changes (don´t get me wrong in every other aspect v13 is great and I congratulate you) need yto hear some of your thinking behind these mechanics. For example. I´m aware there had been some arguments aout speed pre v12 even. So I understand where it comes from. Now Insta death and buddy rally came out of nowhere. And some of us are there just asking ourselves "what´s going on?", some even start conspiracy theories about SQUAD becoming COD/BF just to sell copies. That happens because there is a lack of explanation of the trend of thought behind changes that nobody asked for and nobody seemed to think were broken!
  4. Buddy rally poll

    Agreed. Still, with this same argument, the survey conducted in the server is not public and people don´t get to read arguments for and against things. A sample of people who are not passionate baout the changes is not ideal either. The question is that some people think that if you got steamrolled, it´s not a problem with the game mechanics, but with underperfoming SLs. So in that case the gameplay is not something to be changed, but the sl´s approach and skill need to be different. Take sports for example. If in a soccer/football match Team A wins 5-0. It´s not because the sport is flawed and we need to change it, it´s simply because one of them played very well and/ or the other team very poorly. Finally, I should mention that I can count the times a team was steamrolled in v12 with one hand. But that is only my experience. And the servers and times were you play will give you a completely differen perception of the game. So maybe if you constantly get a game in which one of the teams is steamrolled, and I usually never get it, it shows that the way the game is played affects it´s outcome.
  5. Another way to deal with running speed in v13

    Let me say that you have well laid arguments and it´s a pleasure discussing this with you in this way. Now let´s see. This first point is what makes people not need to take a decision seriously. The fact that the same squad, the same player is now going to be plan A, and try, run, die, and spawn again somewhere else, and be plan B. He is going to be his own reinforcement. Because it´s a game a people spawn back in it. And I´m not saying it has to be pure realism (I like that and there are other games or ONE LIFE EVENTS for that), but there is a long way before a one life event, and that is v12 in that aspect. I repeat I´m not advocating for a PURE REALISM GAME. I just use it to put things in perspective and show how things can move a bit towards that, without necessarily becoming that. Without further examples, in my opinion, v12 was more tactically realistic than v13. A "less forgiving system" doesn´t mean a "completely unforgiving system". Again, I didn´t say ONE LIFE is the kind of game I´m suggesting (that already exists), just v12 without Buddy rally, a bit slower, and with insta death, was "less forgiving". That made people care much for for every move they made, without making it a life or death/ win or lose at every corner. Not for the individual soldier, not for the SLs. Now all this is basically adressing my original argument. I don´t see Why you say I´m not talking about it. Everything I´m saying is how v13 (3 specific mechanics) impacted the game at the tactical level. Good or bad. Well that´s up to each player. As an Sl, first time I played v13 I felt tempted to order my whole squad to type in RESPAWN so we could spawn at some other SLs rally to defend a flag for which we didn´t have a HAB. That is a HUGE impact. After 2 weeks, people already realized that´s a valid tactic, and I´ve been ordered to do it. Because it was a GOOD IDEA!. In v12 you needed a prudent team that built a hab near capped flags in case things go wrong and you had to get back to ir. vs In v13 people are more wreckless in every aspect and just know that there will be some place to spawn because there are so many chances now with Buddy rally. In v12 you needed some quick thinking Sls that were communicating to organise the logistics to build in secret an offensive flag to push the next flag as son as you capp the previous one. That took skill to opérate behind lines, finds ways of approach, and conduct logistics and communication in a semi organized way. vs In v13 it´s enough with one squad moving towards the next cap and dropping a rally. No need to communicate, people in the previous cap just die trying to sweep remaining opposition, and respawn in some other squads rally. And then we get to it. So correct me if I´m wrong, but the logic I see behind your argument is that v13 fixed it for people (SLs) who didn´t know how to properly and competitively play v12. It´s like setting the basket lower, so shorter people can play basketball better. Because if you had an SL that as you say, kept thowing you into brick walls, then he didn´t know how to play the game.
  6. Buddy rally poll

  7. Buddy rally poll

    Thank you for dropping by! It´s nice feeling that one is being Heard. Yet in this one it´s kind of tricky. Because I think this poll is quite valuable. 1. I don´t know why you say it´s a sympathetic audience. When I posted I specifically say that I would keep my thoughts for later because I didn´t want to ask a (too) biased questions (that´s almost imposible). Even later in that thread when it was 20 NO vs 0 YES I asked for people to come in and comment why it would be a good Idea. 2. This poll has an option to vote and speak your mind. It´s more legitimate in the public aspect tan some other methodologies. 3. SOmebody also mentioned this. It´s not just the people who voted in this poll, but all the people I´ve been asking around in-game. Situation: Riding a logi form main, long ride: Guys what do you think about v13? and what about buddy rally? I´ve had NO POSITIVE ANSWER IN 2 WEEKENDS OF GAMING. I would be very surprised if the result of that survey on the launcher had a different result. Because the number is obviously much more tan the current 60 people that said NO. Thank you again. Keep up the good work. Just get rid of buddy rally...;)
  8. Another way to deal with running speed in v13

    I didn´t say that there was no serious value to tactics. I said there was no need to take tactical decisions seriously. There is a big difference. Let me ilustrte. To say there are no serious tactical decisions means that the factor that affects the outcome of the game is not tactical, and it can be anything else, like skillful shooters. On the other hand, not needing to take a tactical decisioin seriously means that you don´t need to commit to it. Simply because I can make a tactical change in 30 seconds. So tactics is still a decisive factor, but you can change them every 30 seconds. For ex: Instead of attacking from the north and committing to that idea for a cosiderable period of the game with considerable resources, I can just try from the north and then if that fails I can spawn at some other squads rally and try form the south. Whereas in a les forgiving environment, a Squad would be presented with a tactical problema, asses the situation and resources, decid the best way to deal with it, and excecute. Comiting to it because you won´t know if it´s work or not after some time. Maybe the consequences of your actions are nor revealed until later. Just take Squad ONE LIFE EVENTS as an example. That is almost as unforgiving as it gets. There whatever tactical decisión you make you take it seriously because it´s basically the whole game there. There is a HUGE difference and the wording is intentional and precise to what I wanted to say. So I may need to clarify.
  9. Buddy rally poll

    Why is it an awful suggestion? I think it´s a great idea. In the sense that it takes the game towards the gameplay HE wants to see. And he also explains Why. You might want to see some different gameplay. So you suggest things that take the game that way and explain Why. It´s obvious that SQUAD has players with different tastes. It´s not ARMA and it´s not COD (this has been discussed a bunch of times). So if somebody posts an idea like that, u have to understand what he expects from the game. Then u have two options: If its the same thing that u want to see but u think it wont be achieved by doing what he says, you act accordingly. Or if his idea of enjoyable gameplay is different from yours then you act accordingly too. Try to find a middle ground. And then we get to what SQUAD CLAIMED TO BE when they got us all to buy it. And the discussion goes on and on... For my part I know that SQUAD will ALWAYS have rallies. The will never remove them. They can tweek them. But rallies will always be there in some way. But It´s quite clear that if habs runs on amo for spawns, then logis would play a much determining role, and would automatically become a haigher valued objective. You may like the idea or not, but it´s not wrong. But for starters. I think you still need to say Why you think this is an awful idea.
  10. Another way to deal with running speed in v13

    Speed is addictive. Some anticipated that making it faster for some weeks would make it imposible to go back to v12 speed. Because even people who had no problem with v12 speed, and people who thought that v13 was too much at first will now be "addicted" to it. SO i´m pretty sure that any poll held 3+ weeks after the Increase would be favourable to v13 speed, not because it´s better, just because now people would feel "cripled" if they run at v12 speed again. It´s a one way path. On the other hand, I have to admit I don´t understand the "traverse a big map" argument. I´ve read it many times but I just don´t see the point. Big maps aren´t to be traversed on foot. We have transports for that. So Infantry speed should never be in the same topic of map sizes. Nor should one be an excuse for the other. Finally, I do think speed has impacted the game Flow. In 2 ways. 1- I had only seldom seen people hopping and running when under fire. In v13 it´s more and more common. People are realizing (including me) that when under fire rush in "zig-zag" kind of style to hard cover is much more effective than hitting the dirt. And as people feel safer doing that, they simply move around the map in a much relaxed matter, because they know if nme opens op on them they can just run. 2- And this is the biggest. Combined with BUDDY RALLY and NO INSTA DEATH, this has affected game Flow a LOT! People feel safer, and if they die, they can be revived and try to crawl to cover or keep engaging, same thing, because my medic is next to me and he has lot´s of bandages!!!. And even if everything goes to hell. I can always spawn in any of the rallies around. Don´t take me wrong. Speed in v13 is the least of my worries. I could do with it, although it´s too fast. But the 3 of them together have changed the way this game is played. For good or bad, it´s changed. There are still tactical decisions of course, but THERE IS NO NEED TO TAKE THOSE TACTICAL DECISIONS SERIOUSLY ANYMORE. IF a plan failed, try another one in 30 seconds, and that goes for the individual soldier and for the whole squad.
  11. convoy game type

    THer are already one life events and they have such scenarios from time to time. I think that would be too much for the average pub player
  12. Buddy rally poll

    why? The one Owi is conducting is secret. This one is public and with public comments at least. +1
  13. Buddy Rally and other alternatives.

    I find this idea very interesting. I see pros and some cons...but VERY interesting. I´m pretty sure they´ve already realised that every time a new updte comes out, a lot of people buy the game. It´s a game with a steepe and slower learning curve than most shooters. And if new buyers find themselves killed quickly without seeing the enemy and having to wait to respawn FAR from battle....that´s a steam refund. So I guess they´re trying to hold on new buyers. So I think they didn´t do it for gameplay reasons more than marketing reasons.
  14. Buddy rally poll

    +1 Even though you said the words "the meatgrinder is still fun"...Lol Well worded.
  15. Let's deal with these pet peeves

    I´m all in for no name tags (or name tag heavy reduction) Still I admit there´s a problem with optimization, textures and pixelation yet. And that would make IFF by uniform (Specially regular armies) much harder now than in PR. So I understand Why they´re still there. But I would love to hear what OWI´s plan is in the future regarding this.