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  1. I agree up to a point with what´s being said. Still, I think some people are exaggerating. All that needs to be fixed is the HP of vehicles and hit locations and that´s it. There´s something that is broken at the moment that the devs clearly did not intend to have. 2/3 lats on a logi is obviously not intentional. 4 lats on rear of an APC was not intended. It´s just something that need "technical fixing" not a "design change"
  2. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    80% Of squads leaders are fine. It´s just tha there are some abusive ones that make a lot of noise. That´s it.

    I don´t like the "randomness" it Will add to the game. I imagine many boxes being abandoned there after the team has captured the flag and moved to the next one or lost the flang and moved back. I don´t see the US army dropping ammo crates at random places in the middle of nowhere without keeping track of it for insurgents to find them the following morning…:)
  4. Struggling with this game

    Now many players Will put that so they can get some respect and the "join the clan squad" to have a better gampleay experience will go to hell….:(
  5. All players being able to revive teammates... >:(

    Why? can u expand on that?
  6. All players being able to revive teammates... >:(

    I´m sorry but I don´t agree with what op said. It seems to me like you are judging a new mechanic based on limited experience during a game in which your squad was using somewhat poor tactics. Let me explain: 1- It doesn´t negate the role of medic because I´ve seen as many medics and before, and in some cases I even saw more. Now being a medic is more fun, because you can be revived yourself by anybody. You don´t need to put your ass on the line every time to sabe people. Playing as a medic now feels great. You are REALLY useful, but not essential to squads survivility. And then you say this causes something else... 2- You say you are continuously getting trapped on rallies and say this is because you keep taking the other guys down and they keep reviving. Well...on one hand, if you spawn at a rally that´s hot AND STAY THERE....that´s a bad idea. Pull back, disengage. Go to more advantageus terrain. Set a new rally there and keep fighting. You seem to be describing a situation in which the other squad was better than yours one of the reasons being you gave them a predictable point where to keep attacking, instead of moving somewhere else. Besides...if the other squad can revive their members to keep attacking, then you can also revive yours. On the other hand, there´s a basic concept that has to be taken into account. In these kind of Firefights if you take half the enemy squad 50 mts away, but then don´t MANOUVER to EXPLOIT YOUR ADVANTAGE, and you don´t CLOSE IN WITH THE ENEMY, then you can expect they are going to revive and keep fighting. That goes for all the squads. Yours as well. It seems the other squad was winning because it wasn´t just shooting, but it was also manouvering to exploit advantages, thus pusshing you and "trapping" you. Last thing. Fobs and rally placement should be taken into consideation. if you place them next to each other, the enemy will disable 2 points at once attacking on the same point. If, you place rallies at a certain distance from the fob, and on uncertain ways of approach, then the enemy has to have a lot of Intel on where both rally and fobs are at the same time (that´s only the rally of ONE squad, you could have many defending and spawning on different points), or be really well coordinated, in which case, they deserve to over run you completely.

    It´s interesting that I see the same things you see in the game, but I come to a different conclusión. I actually like most of it and I don´t think mps or map desginr is a problem. For instance: You say that logi runs are boring, but at the same time you say that they are critical to team success and very risky. For me the fact that they are risky and critical makes it interesting and fun. I also agree when you say that vehicles control larger parts of the map and have a big impact on supply change. That´s the interesting part of it. Still the clutered BUA and dense terrain áreas of the map are áreas better suited for infantry. With lat and hat they can be a problem for every vehicle in those áreas (I agree there is a problem now with vehicle hitbox reg). Now the fact that there is an emphasis on supply chan mechanics is a GOOD THING for me!... The way I see it, in previous versions of SQUAD the team with better classical FPS games had the upper hand. Now the team that manages resources propperly and plays with sound tactics and coordination has the upper hand It doesn´t matter that much if you are better at actual shooting and when it comes to hand eye coordination. If you don´t have ammo, a "slower clicking" guy is going to kill you if his team and himself are managing resources correctly. And that makes sense!
  8. V12 Positive feedback

    +1 Love it!...good Job devs! Now my only Little request is to DELAY NAMETAGS! and eliminate them over log distances!...thanks!!!
  9. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    Agreed!... There´s something weird going on with that. I haven´t experienced it. But something is REALLY WRONG. I hope devs address that soon. I admit I may be completely wrong myself and don´t know anything about modern tank warfare. Please correct me if I´m wrong. But several shots at the rear from point blank???
  10. Mark Rifleman Ammo Bags on Map

    I´m devided here…. I thought the same thing... But then: Map is a bit too clutered…. and... I kinda like that the riflemen and the rest of the squad need to communicate to locate and place the ammo bag. It´s main function should be to resupply the squad...not the whole team, although it can. But in many ways and for many people it would be irrelevant information in the map.
  11. FREE WEEKEND´s are out of control

    +1 Or just helps the new players know their way around the game and enjoy it... Remember how you felt when you started. And remember that v12 is much more complex than any previous version
  12. V12 no ammo

    I´m sorry but I don´t feel the same way. I´m loving the ammo system. In several rounds I played yesterday I only ran out of ammo once, and it was expected because we didn´t succed in a risky manouver behind enemy lines. That makes sense. Spawning with 3 mags is hard. But those 3 mags ARE NOT FOR KILLING PEOPLE. YOur first misión should be to survive ressuply and join your SQUAD. 3 mags is enough for that. 3 mags are not enough for attacking an enemy position, so don´t expect to succed if that is your approach.

    I cannot identify with anything you said. I played for like 6 hours on Sunday. All my games were GREAT!... There was always somebody running logis and keeping fobs ressuplied. When my team was winning and pushing the flags, the logi runs took longer, and it became harder to keep fobs running. Ammo system makes many things make sense. Many things came together with this system. This is not just a shooter. It simulates some other aspects. -Individual soldiers ned to manage their own resources. -Squads need to manage their resources through knowing where to spawn and the precios riflemen ammo bags -Teams need to manage its resources: by placing fobs wisely and having them supplied. I think peoples impressions on the first weekend of V12 depend A LOT on which servers they played in and who they played with. I just loved it!... I had never had such an immersive and fun experience in SQUAD!
  14. Tanks and others

    Well... I´m loving it... Remember this is the first iteration of tanks and damage model. They can still implement damage to crew, turret and sights. That will improve the whole picture. About this... I´m pretty sure we will have 2 hats per team when the servers reach 50 v 50.
  15. Love it!...could be improved...but definitely was something needed from previous versions!