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  1. Mortars "have to go"

    I have no idea where you get this from. Can you share some sources??? A timer for mortars? NO. Absoulutely disagree. What should be added is the tuve heating up and preventing you from firing. We can find some sources on the recommended rounds per tuve fire consecutively within a safety frame from heating.
  2. +1 To be honest I think we hit the crossroads 5 updates ago, and its quite clear what SQUAD has become. Whoever is into having a more tactical gameplay should dedicate their efforts to support new mods. VANILLA Squad decided its course long ago. And that is towards being INSURGENCY with bigger maps and building stuff...
  3. Heavy sniper as in the game Project Reality

    Nah... he WILL be lonewolfing...
  4. Making Squad tactical realistic. The overhaul.

    I´m sorry. But those aren´t "flaws". They are intended to be there. Squad has long abandoned the path of a tactical/teamwork/realistic gameplay, giving in to a more casual/arcade oriented mass of buyers (money...you know) Closed version is almost finished, if they had wanted to make it more "realistic" they would have done it a LONG time ago. A game that counted with all the support of a community willing to migrate into this game, a base of loyal players from PR community, and ALL of PR development/gameplay experience... if they didn´t hear, its because the didnt want to.... Now. I appreciate your energy and effort you put into this post. But I´d suggest you adres this energy and enthusiasm in what is left fot players interested in the same "tactical" gameplay. And that is the new and DISSAPOINTING HardcoreMOD, and community made mods and its support. Because they will never listen to you if you suggest and overhaul change to vanilla Squad, whereas your suggestions can be welcomed and useful in other channels. OR....just go play PR....lol
  5. Exactly. Some players know it (especially the ones that come from PR). The devs know it. But do you think they will change and make the game more punishing in the VANILLA? I really think they won´t. BEcause although many people say they like "more serious/and slow paced gameplay", THEY ACTUALLY DON´T.
  6. We need smaller maps for more close combat action

    Squad is an arcade TDM with side quests. Some people realice about that sooner, some later.
  7. I see. And I like the changes you suggest. Yet, I think that the only true, really effective way to make people stop giving up is nerfing all the respawn points. Fobs and rallies increased overrun radius. Rallies no permanent but 45 seconds timer plus cool down timer to place a new one. And increased respawn timer. The only way to make people value their life is punishing them with "no action" for a longer time. Still, I like the changes you suggest.
  8. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    Sadly they wont. They are happy with the amount of people it attracts (and how it sells) and will just try to make changes so more people stay to populate servers. All we can ask for is supported mods to make the game more punishing. Vanilla is beyond "simulation minded" players. This is true. Waiting for a medic more than 30 seconds is usually sub-optimal way of playing the game competitively. Give up, respawn, reload, go flank the dude that killed you/go get back in the cap. THIS IS SQUAD.... sadly.
  9. I like what you suggest. VERY interesting. But what problem is it supossed to fix?
  10. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    Nobody is teaming up against you. If somebody disagrees with you, he isn´t against you, he just happens to disagree. And if two or more people disagree with you and agree with each other, that doesn´t mean they are "ganging up on you". I know internet is a place for salt and toxicity. It´s usually in us not only outside, so we should all try to calm down and dont take things personal. Now. Going back to the topic. We obviously agree on something. The game has become too gamey. Let´s work from there... The problem is that you think it´s for very different reasons I do. This is interesting. In my case, I´m basing my arguments on the experience from PR and Squad both. In Squad some things were moving towards a more simulation gameplay, while some others were going the opposite way. From those things that move the game towards a more gamey style you put it on medics being able to revive everybody, and I put it on rallies (and fobs) being too powerful and allowing people to get back in action almost immediately. What I present as "evidence" is PR. In PR "everybody" (as long as they have a medic kit) can revive anybody. But at the same time, rallies are not permanent. They are by far a secondary spawning means. They are easily overrun (so are fobs). And PR is much more realistic than Squad. The meta is much more interesting much less arcady and gamey. So I consider then, that overpowered spawning points is much more relevant than everybody being able to revive when it comes to making the game "gamey" This is of course just some of the reasons for Squad being gamey (I consider there are 2 big ones and a secondary 3rd)
  11. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    It was an interesting debate and then you started being disrespectful. The fact that you didn´t play PR is something that should fill you with curiosity. After all, Squad wouldnt exist without PR. Maybe you are unaware of how Squad came to be and how Squad copied most of the basic PR mechanics. Now. Trying to get the debate back on track. If you had to choose only one of the following to explain Why squad has become too gamey, what would it be? A) Rallies being permanent with a very small overrun radius. B) All squad members being able to revive, rather than just medics.
  12. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    I´m sorry but I don´t agree. I understand what you say, but Squad has been around for some time now, and people tend to play the best they can. So the fact that it has drifted to a much more frequent use of the respawn than the staying together and reviving is, for me, evidence that this is effective not because everyone does it, but that everyone does it because it´s effective What´s more, in previous versions (ab)use of respawn was less common than now. When rallies weren´t permanent and the last spawn on the rally was teken and there was a medic around, everybody waited because otherwise it meant respawning back at main or a far fob. I even remember very clearly developing that kind of gameplay. After v13 I found that most of the time it wasn´t worth the waiting for somebody to pick me up because of the time wasted. I´m sorry but the idea that "Respawners" will run low on tickets doesn´t add up. The way I see it, the best way to keep an attack going is having people respawn as quickly as posible. and keep the pressure until objective falls. And then finally, another point you make takes us to another VERY RELATED topic. You argue that respawners will come to combat one by one not as a part of a squad but as an individual player. Well, in that case I also think that is not necessarily less effective. In the most competitive Squad being a part of a squad only means OCASSIONALLY closing in to the SL´ or another membe´s position to perform a specific task such as drop a rally, ask a fireman for ammo, or get some healing, and then setting off again to do their own thing. So the best squads in SQUAD are a low cohesion low dependency kind of organism. Whereas in PR the squad is a HIGH cohesion High dependency organism. Why do the most competitive players play like this? Well, because different environments recreate different conditions and people have to develop different skills and ways to adapt the best posible way.

    It has been discussed before. you won´t have problem finding the threads and Reading what people think about it.
  14. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    The reason for people playing wrecklessly is not the ability of everybody to revive, but the quickness with which they can be back in action immediately. The proof of that is that many people don´t even wait to be revived. Not even by the regular rifleman that they have 10mts away. Furthermore, giving up is a VERY EFFECTIVE TACTIC; because the sooner you give up and respawn, the sooner you will be attacking and flanking the position where they shot you from and back on the cap. Having everybody able to revive but only medics able to bring them up to full "combat effectiveness" is a great mechanic to keep the squad together. The problem is that all that is deluded in a meta that is only about running gunning, dying spawning repeating.
  15. Leveling progression