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  1. Rally Point

  2. Squad Classic

    Oh!,,,so now Squad is not UNIQUE anymore? Now you want something different tan the vanilla? You dont like the direction the game took? Oh,... ok. Well, I could copy paste all of your messages from the past 5 months here to respond with your own comments.
  3. Squad Classic

    So accurate. So well laid down. Someone borught it up for no apparent reason. I asked up there. But there was no explanation.
  4. Squad Classic

    If only more people opened their minds. If only more players took the time to do what you did... My god we would have AN AMAZING GAME CALLED SQUAD. Because all the community would learn from 10 years of an experienced community and a game that received a lot of love and knowledge. I think I´ve only played 3 hours in v13. Not special anymore. Still have hopes... mods, ONE LIFE, etc.
  5. Increased Aim Punch to improve the flow of CQC

    +1 OR sth similar. but on the right track for me.
  6. Ticket loss on incap', refund when revived

    Quite interesting actually. At some point PR had something like 1 ticket for dropping somebody, 2 for the actual kill if he wasnt revived. It was removed though.
  7. Squad Classic

    I fail to see how PR has anything to do with this thread. Btw. You should play it. I´m not saying you´re going to like it, but you Will be able to see the broad picture of things like development goals, first backers complaints, inspiration of mechanics, etc.
  8. Squad Classic

    Weren´t you of the idea that things like this would segregate the community? Everybody had to play the vanilla version and devs shouldn´t waste any time doing anything other than the basic version of the game? You were very vocal about that. That was one of your most fundamental arguments. Interesting...
  9. Gameplay Chaos (FOB's)

    People leave the flag because they don´t want to defend, not because they don´t know it´s a bad idea. So... If people don´t want to defend, they just won´t defend, and you will have the meta of everyone rughing away from the flag on to the next one trying to be the first one to leave so only the last teammates are charged with the responsibility of doing it because "they are still there/ they were the last to leave".... And even then, if those guys don´t want to defend, they will just leave.
  10. Gameplay Chaos (FOB's)

    So currently the problem is that people don´t stay to defend the flag…. because they don´t want to stay and defend the flag... how will that change? If people don´t want to defend they will just leave and attack. Why would that change?
  11. Gameplay Chaos (FOB's)

    Oh God! Please NO!.... If people aren´t Smart enough to just stay and defend the flag let them lose it!... This would be the ultimate "dumb the game down" so people can play…
  12. Nanisivik_RAAS_v2

    Lol...!! Loved it!
  13. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    Good questions. 1. This is not PR. This is a Good game with te possibility to be all the time in the action. Of course, everyboyd knows that if all the game is instant action, then action itself losses it´s meaning. If ou get what I mean,...then...you get what I mean. 2. Well, they advertized SQUAD that way, but right now… it´s a big NO. It´s more like BF2 successor. What you can expect Will vary from server to server and from the hour of the day in which you play. And also the squad you join. Now, not even in the most immersive server with the most seasoned squad Will you experience PR gameplay. Why?, well, because those said players Will be playing SQUAD and SQUAD mechanics, which are not very immersive. why?... A- Life in SQUAD values almost nothing. After you know how the game goes you Will never feel that you are better off alive. You Will actually realice that you´re move valuable for your team dying over and over trying to cap the point than alive just keeping overwatch. B- You get to respawn quite quickly and VERY close to action, and the location of your respawn is guaranteed to be close to the action. You can actually do the old "you killed me now I Will respawn and go where you killed me from and get you from the back" kind of meta present in all the arcady shooters. Because you literally spawn metres away from the fight. Now my advise from my experience at the moment is: I have played PR 3/4 hours since v13 came out. Why? just to check if they change anything sinificant to gameplay. And...no. They haven´t. After one round I´m honest with myself and no matter how much I want to enjoy the game (I really want to enjoy it), I realice I don´t. Now, I´m amazed what the SQUADOPS guys do. That looks great. One life event every week. Those are immersive. And SQuad shows ALL ITS POTENTIAL. Basically that´s why I´m still around SQUAD, SQUAD OPS one life events. The vanilla game is eye Candy and I understand why many people enjoy it.
  14. I follow and support this Project in any way I can (I can´t mod to sabe my life though :()
  15. Devs have hit a hard rock trying to implement the BODY DRAGGING mechanic. Once it´s part of the game, then revives can be left to the medics. In the meantime, this mechanic Works fine. Thank you again and I apologize for my part of it. On the other hand, please note that some people may come to this thread just to be offensive, just because they don´t like the ideas here mentioned. And locking this thread might be exaclty what they want. Again. Good call.