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  1. Squad is dead or not ?

    I agree. At least I hope so...

    I don´t know about you, but I feel that somethings are being exploited in a very gamey way. It´s not very often, but still it happens to me or a squad member now and then. I´m talking about typing respawn or killing yourself with a nade or killing a teammate so you can respawn at a spot where you are more necessary. Recently I was part of a team that was doing quite well, and the match was even. We had a fob ready to attack the following flag, and once we cleared all the enemies and had almost captured the flag, the SL ordered us all to type respawn so we could attack the following flag, which was FAR away to move on foot. I understand there is a Price to pay, not only in tickets but in respawn timer being increased. Still, it made sense from a competitive point of view. It indeed worked like a charm, in a minute and a half we were spawning on the attacking fob just 30 seconds after it had become cappable. And it wasn´t just us, there was another squad with us. We caught the enemy off guard I must admit I felt "dirty". And I lost immersion in the game. I mostly play at the weekends and it´s been happening often to me. So after it happened again last night, I decided to post this. I understand there needs to be a respawn function for glitches and getting stuck and stuff. NO problem with that. But when that function is used more often as an exploitable tactic than as a way of fixing a game problem, then it feels odd. So if you feel the way I do, I suggest a couple of possibilities: 1- Respawn function allows you to respawn ONLY AT MAIN BASE. 2- Killing yourself with a NADE should allow you to respawn ONLY AT MAIN. 3- Killing a friendly increases your respawn timer to a DRASTIC TIME....say TIMES 3 or 4 (after the friendly gives up)* *I understand this doesn´t prevent people from spawning at a more useful place, but it´s a way to punish a squad that does that.
  3. Dragging Animation?

    Mmmm…. But in REAL LIFE it´s inmoral to shoot a wounded soldier because he´s assumed to be harmless. Out of combat. Not a threat. In this VIDEOGAME we positively know that after being patched he is not going back home to his family, … he´s going to be shooting at you after an animation that takes around 10 seconds…. so... the idea of "wounded" IRL and in the game are very different. So...
  4. 1 Hour

    That´s not really what I suggested. My idea was to have an objective,, say a flag to begin with, that spawns at a random point in the map. A flag with a slow cap function, like other flags. And one it´s captures. The flag dissapears and the team that captured it gets 50 tickets. So...bottom line...the objective dissapears after being captured and that´s it. Antoher objective might spawn somewhere else after x time.
  5. New Map: Grozny

    That map was my second 1 life event in PR years ago... there was much tensión. Good áreas for fighting. It was very immersive too, the historical background made it very interesting.

    1) Orcs 2) Zerg 3) The bad guys in command and conquer...
  7. Stopping Rouge Players Causing Nonstop Steamroll

    I´m sorry. I think this can be solved. It´s just what it is. PUBLIC MATCHES. The only reason PR achieved such level of greatness is because people take every round seriously. Rounds are longer and quite challenging. Everybody knows what to do. That, of course, comes to a Price. The community is much smaller. I have no problem with it. Just you cant profit from it.
  8. 1 Hour

    This has been suggested in the past (by me...lol). The idea was to have some random spawning of a flag, simulating some side objective coming up, and testing the team´s ability to react and organize a quick reaction forcé to go after it. The reward can be 50 tickets. That would easily add excitment, possibilities of comebacks, a solid reward for good organizational skills and a twit of unexpected. Specially if they make them appear in odd places.
  9. Stopping Rouge Players Causing Nonstop Steamroll

    Proper communication and tactics is usually the solution for everything, and even if it doesn´t solve the problem, just the implementation is reason enought o play the game. The problem some players find is that it´s quite hard to coordinate and play with some "reasoning" and organization in public servers. The average player is ignorant, selfish, disrespectful, and feels entitled to do whatever he wants because he bought the game. Now, some people, like the OP want to solve this by limiting the possibility of "tactical" mistakes. I´m sorry but I disagree, I know it sucks to suffer from the OBVIOUS mistakes some people on your team make even though tyou´re warning them about it.... but that´s the beauty of a team-game. That´s the point of it.
  10. Immersion

    I think they are taking the term immersion in 2 different ways. Being immerse as in "focused" on the objective and the competitive aspect of the game... and... Being immerse as in for some lapses forgetting about the objective, the flag, the spawning mechanic and "feeling" you´re a member of a squad in a gun fight... I´ve always assumed that "immersion" meant the 2nd one, but I also see how the term can also be used for another purpose.
  11. Drop left or right as an evasive manoeuvre.

    But you can do that...again with Q or E while proning…. I guess I just can´t understand what he means.
  12. SL comms overload solutions

    +1 Lol!....the few times i´ve played as SL I couldn´t believe how noisy it was. I had been sls in PR and that was used propperly. I think many people ignore the feature or just completely lack any sort of comms discipline. I even remember asking them to keep ALL SLS channel with only info relevant to multiple SLS, and I got a lot of salt!... lol and I thought I was the noob!
  13. Drop left or right as an evasive manoeuvre.

    You mean like by pressing Q or E?
  14. 1 Hour

    Oh no!...Please no more flashrounds...not again... With those short rounds I feel Im playing COD or battlefield.... NOOOO!...:(
  15. Helicopters and Jets

    OH NO!.... IT wouldn´t be similar!...NO WAY! In PR, knowing that that guided bomb that destroyed the tank that was pinning 2 squads close to a flag was something laser targeted by a human being, and the plane that fired that was antoher human being flying over that minutes ago was resuplying from the air base, and after receiving info on the Sls channel had to TAKE OFF, ...fly over the map AVOIDING NME AA, fly to objective, WAIT FOR CONFIRMATION by sl on the ground lasing the tank, and finally TAKING THE SHOT.... all that is such a harmonic cain of events where every part was controlled by different human beings coordinating over a mic and a headset, one is in the us the other one maybe in brazil...al that is JUST BEAUTIFUL... A co pressing a button on a mark on map...meh...thats COD.