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  1. I´m afraid you confused me with someone else. That wasn´t me. I think you quoted the wrong person.
  2. I really pity players who make the game look worse to get an advantage....they have missed the whole point of "playing"....its so sad.
  3. Make a Good Game Better (WiP)

    Is there any way you can just kick from the thread the people you consider are disrespectful and counterproductive instead of locking the whole thread?7 It is a shame that some ruin it for all. Even after the warning given.
  4. Make a Good Game Better (WiP)

    I´m sorry. You are right. I will ignore silly arguments. I know my place.
  5. You are the one doing mental gymnastics. I don´t need to prove anything. Read these words: I AGREE WITH YOU. (mindblowing right?) You can win and have fun. You win and not have fun. You can lose and have fun. You can lose and not have fun. See? happy? takes us nowhere because it was never the point. The point being you feel the need to argue. This are some of the things you did to the post. You made it about what fun is. Then you made it about somebdoy said about what fun is The you made it about what a complaint is. See a pattern? You argue for the sake of it. Even wiht people that agree with you. Call it whatever you want. Wanna call it a complaint? Fine. I concede that...so what? I don´t think devs should/can do anything about it. Do you really think I google things up? to talk to you?.... Well...you think I care about it that much then... If you think I do...keep wating for my next response. It is not a coincidence how threads go to hell everyime you show up.
  6. Make a Good Game Better (WiP)

    Yeap. You are exactly right.
  7. 1 You said there was an objective "fun". This doesn´t explain it. Yes. I see what you did. You confused yourself.. The fact (even if) that a complain doesn´t have to request a change. And that a request for a change doesn´t have to be a complaint, doesn´t prove at all that what I did was a complaint. You still haven´t shown how what I wrote was a complain. Comment, claim, argument, etc... it could be many things. You just want it to be a complaint. I´m not complaining. I will copy paste what I said before.... I wrote it before, the option to lower the graphics has to be there for people who don´t have a very powerful computer. If that is going to allow people to lower their settings when they dont need to, so be it.
  8. Make a Good Game Better (WiP)

    +1 +1 You are right. But by now you whould already identify the names of people who are trolls, haters and disrespectful. If you read ALL the posts you will realice whose appearance changed the tone of the argument. As far as I´m concerned I will stop feeding that behaviour. Apologies. Yeah that is pretty much a concent. The problem is that a consent among who? Reddit users might have their opinion, Forum users other, Discrod users a different one. It would be good to have an official discourse, or survey about these things.
  9. 2 Core Mechanics

    How is it biased? how would you have worded the questions? I have so much fun with you dude...
  10. You can win and not have fun. You can lose and have fun. So I´m not convinvced with that explanation of an "objective fun". Nope. A complaint in a forum is a request for a change. Never have I requested anything about changing that. I have written it twice before already. I stated that I found very sad how some people lower their settings to have an advantage. PERIOD. A complaint would have been like this: "I think devs should set a mínimum to the settings because some people...blablablá"... "Many people do blablablá and I think devs should blablablá" "Im tire if getting shot behind a bush in the shadows from 500mts because blablablá". I wrote it before, the option to lower the graphics has to be there for people who don´t have a very powerful computer. If that is going to allow people to lower their settings when they dont need to, so be it. Understand now? Not everything is a complaint. And you don´t have to argue with everybody that writes something.
  11. 2 Core Mechanics

    I´m not even looking for arguments for the "NO". I would be happy to hear somebody say "I like it like this becaus eaction is quicker" or "I think this makes the action more instantaneous" or whatever... but they just vote and don´t say anything.
  12. Make a Good Game Better (WiP)

    1. BF 2 has NOTHIGN to do with PR. And only somebody who hasn´t played PR would confuse that or think that they are even remotely similar. 2. You played for 3 hours over a random weekend. Remember? I have some of your provate msgs. Don´t bother. Some time ago he realice that all his arguemtns met a dead end when people asked him if he had played PR. So he tried to play it. HE actually sent me some private msgs. Thing is he tried for less than 3 hours in a random weekend. He only did that to "prove" that he knew what he was talking about. But you know... He gives himself out when he says.... "PEople hardly ever communicate" You gotta love it.
  13. Make a Good Game Better (WiP)

    1 Opinion of someone who hasnt played PR or suggested any other option.... 2 Read the OP again, it is exactly the point of the whole thread. And changing rallies wasn´t first suggested by me. 3 Nope. I actually think the devs will not implement this feature. They want the gameplay to be quicker and more new player friendly. More instant action to appeal to all crowds. I think that their business system will work perfectly for everybody. Eventually the modding community will come up with such rally system (or similar) and I will be playing that game. I think they didn´t forget. I know they decided not to include it that way. Very well thought. Not a mistake. So...
  14. Wait...there is an "objective" way of having fun?... Can you please explain that??? Now about all this.... it is unrelated to what I wrote. I actually agree with many of the things you say. With most of them actually. You seem to be misintepreting what I say ... I didn´t complain about people abusing it. I just said it was sad. I think lower graphics is a necessary evil for people who can´t run the game propperly.
  15. I´m curious---Is that the only way you know of having fun? This doesn´t make sense and you know it. You don´t even think like that. If you really believed that you wouldn´t have bought this or any other game after 1998. BEcause based on your argument, those graphics were good enough for you to "compete" and "win". Ne need to have more realistic feeling around the player. And I really like and support a game that can be played by a lot of people who don´t have a very powerful computer. I didn´t say anything about people who CAN´T run the game smoothly at decent frames. I mentioned the people who CAN do it, and lower the graphics intentionally to get an advantage, that is just SAD....very very sad.