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  1. Good luck with getting a straight answer.
  2. What is Squad?

    Don´t bother. He won´t do it. He would have to change his mind and I don´t think he is the kind of people who changes mind. So...it has happened once. It can happen again. Who cares about the "big picture"? I still play PR and most people haven´t even Heard about it. The size of the community is much less important than the quality. Again...all things that you would know if you had played PR.
  3. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    Same here... haven´t played in almost 3 months now
  4. Auto-run and logy runs

    Really?...your hand hurts from pressing one key on your keyboard? Besiders if you do that for two hours that means you got lost in a 4km map…. u sure u know how to open the map to get to main???
  5. I´ll believe it when I see it. I´m afraid you´re right.
  6. Mute Button

    I love this thread. This is the proof that SQUAD has changed completely from the initial claims of the intended gameplay.
  7. Don´t worry mate. The devs will do whatever they want with some aspects of the game in spite of the survey results. Particularily with a feature they want to be in the game and had to hire voice actors and all the stuff to implement it. So even if we all had said NO to the voice lines, they would still be there.
  8. Squad has killed my hard drive

  9. I was about to write the same thing.... +1
  10. Vanilla gameplay is very por right now. Not special at all. Just another game. It´s sad.
  11. V12-V13-V14 feedback

    I acknowledge some of the issues you mention. I haven´t played Squad in 3 weeks. Nevertheless, I don´t play anymore for other reasons. I can put up with some of the things you mention. I can handle the frustration it causes. In my case, I feel the game is right now "MEH!"....There´s nothing special to it. ´m only around for 2 main reasons: ONE LIFE EVENTS and the posibility of a new game mode that is more tactical/realistic/immersion oriented.
  12. Mute Button

    Yeah!... As I said, no problema with you or with what you´re doing. I´d be doing the same thing. I actually have a problema with the game that makes those tactics be very useful and usually pay back. And actually makes somebody ask for a mute button in the game.
  13. Mute Button

    Isn´t he fob hunting with you? Are you lonewolfing fob hunting? Be advised that I´m not being judgemental, after all, current SQUAD mechanics incentivize that kind of tactics. If you are just tell him you´re doing it and mute your squad mates. I wouldn´t mind having a button. Still…. IF we have come to the point in which somebody is asking for a TOTAL MUTE button then SQUAD is obviously losing its "uniqueness". A game that is supossed to be about teamwork and and is suppossed to be different from mainstream fast paced individually played shooters has people asking for a MUTE BUTTON (so I can do my own thing) , somebody is asking for SUPRESSION REMOVAL, somebody else wants AUTOBUILDING CONSTRUCTIONS, somebody is asking for BOT DRIVEN LOGIS... sad...
  14. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    I think it´s the obvious answer. Read my full answer again. You seem to think that Having another game mode is somehow incompatible with the business. But you haben´t explained why? This would be a new game mode, not the game itself. This whole thread makes the point that we (the people advocating for it) cannot compete with the capitalist world (as you put it) and have given up trying to change the Vanilla game. So adding a new game mode would make everyone happy. Again, many games (for some reason you don´t understand the example with sports game or warthunder) develop both parts of the community TO THEIR ADVANTAGE and PROFIT. Can you please explain wh you think this would make them lose money??? There´s already community supported ONE LIFE mods. PRETTY HARDCORE.... and that makes the devs lose money...how??????????????????? This was attemped a long time ago but was imposible due to engine problems (the technicallities escape me but you can read all about that in their fórums) It´s not really that hard. I don´t see why you find it difficult. Let´s put it this way. Although SQUAD was advertised as PR´s successor it is actually becoming BF successor. So this hardcore mode would be to SQUAD what PR was to BF. Just that now this company happens to have the knowledge and experience of how things developed 10+ years ago to date and can accomplish something that would make them if anything BIGGER BUSINESS.
  15. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    I´d say sales. Nevertheless, whatever the cause is, the fact is that the direction it´s taking is different (NOT THE OPPOSITE), so, the fact that a new game mode is needed/desired by a part of the community still stands.