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  1. The meat grinder is awful

    My god that scares me.... good "realistic" games have always been more of a niche game...not really popular. That´s why it scares me that this game becomes "one of the most popular". It´s a bit like What I said before,...realistic gameplay and popularity with a huge playerbase are NOT COMPATIBLE. I hope i´m wrong...but...
  2. The meat grinder is awful

    +1 That´s actually the reason why I haven´t played for 4 months. I felt I was playing insurgency with a microphone. I have some hopes still. I will come back when they make it less COD click-fest style. But let´s face it. People have a different idea of What "REALISM" means. Some people think that in order to be "realistic" a game should look and sound realistic. Everything from the shadows, to some ítem in the soldiers backpack has to look like in reality. Whereas some others, think "REALISM" has to do with the need to implement tactics that you would in real life. Some kind of suppression mechanic that would make u keep your head down and try to survive, etc, etc, etc... Nowadays, we could have both, the problem is that part of this community is happy with the first idea of realism and a faster gameplay. They don´t want to wait for 15 minutes from the momento you re-spawn until you fire your weapon at an enemy. They find it "boring" and claim that a game "should be fun". The devs know this, and are trying to juggle with the desires of all of us and trying to keep us all happy. Can they do it?...is it even posible?
  3. partially hardcore - no name tags

    You´re right mate. Sorry everybody.
  4. partially hardcore - no name tags

    Mate sorry….but...why are u acting like this? I am not moaning. Maybe you imagine somebody moaning while you read my post on a computer screen and think I am moaning. I dont waste my time on moaning. I´ve asked in 3 different opportunities for name tags to be removed or servers to have the option of doing it (or delaying them) I was answered by devs in more than one occasion. The name tags are still there...Ill come back when they are gone. PERIOD. Nobody is moaning. I didnt start a thread as a HATER crying and complaining because nametags are for pussies or stuff like that. I didn´t say that and I don´t think that. I just stopped playing and that´s it. For the last 2 months I´ve been playing (my 90 minutes a day) WARTHUNDER....guess what...simulation mode has no nametags. and that´s about it.
  5. partially hardcore - no name tags

    Am I moaning about something? Did I attack or offend anybody?....NO... I don´t get what I want, that´s why Im not playing. PERIOD. About the players that want tags. That´s great. Have an option for the servers to disable them. That is basically what people are suggestng in this thread. So everybody is happy. To disable my hud?....that wouldn´t change gameplay. that would just give me less information that it gives the other players. And trigger happy FPS players Will still shoot as sson as they see anything moving without a tag on it. NO IFF in a allegedly "realistic" game. If they decided to go a different way. Good for them. I said...they already got my money, they can shut down the Project right now and I wouldnt see a penny of it. Maybe it bothers you in some way that I have my point of view and/or I am not playing the game? Wanna hear something funny. Haven´t played in almost 2 months. I was searching info about some MBTs and YouTube gave me SQUAD video. I clicked out of curiosity and decided to drop by the fórums. I found this thread and dais..."oh dear...it´s been years like this…." Why Am I losing faith, well maybe because NAMETAGS ARE THE LEAST OF WORRIES. Their worries are...as I said before and you are welcome to re-read it… getting new customers. Selling the game. So they´ll keep working on abrhams and mbts that catch people´s attention and don´t address other things. In my case, i got the shorter stick. To sum up. I´m sorry if me having and opinión and expressing it respectfully affects u in any way. Some people feel ofended when the games they like are subject to criticism. Even if that is done with respect and clarity. I edit this because something came to my head. Its something you said...Are companies really allowed to CHANGE THEIR DIRECTION COMPLETELY?...like...can they now make a less realistic game….lets say...make a COD?....would that be ok?,...they might as well make SQUAD a military vehicles Racing game. Is that so they can change all they want away from what they advertized?...I´m just thinking out loud now.
  6. partially hardcore - no name tags

    I bought the game a couple or years a go...I didn´t like it. I stopped playing. I came back one year later. Nametags were still there and the promise to remove them. I stopped playing. I came back in february and I thought the game had moved forward. I played for a months or so. There was another update...nametags are still there. I stopped playing. Currently...I haven´t played since the beggining of April. I think the devs are decent. But I know they have to make money and run a business. I won´t lie to myself anymore, and admit some things will be there to attract people and sell the game. The thing is...the devs already got my money. No need to please me at all. They need to do stuff to make people buy the game. Ill come back to play Maybe in december. But i´m losing my faith in some things.
  7. New Maps

    If you play any game every day of the week...more tan 2 hours a day...it´s easy to get bored.
  8. Main Battle Tanks (MBT's)

    I agree with designed interior of vehicles. Like Red orchestra. In red orchestra I feel I get inside the tank, whereas in Squad I feel I BECOME the tank. I wish that could be incorporated in the game.
  9. 50 vs 50 servers ?

    Again...that´s What the map is designed for. 4km by 4km. But right now...the playable área is less than half. Open the map next time you play and you will notice the shady área around the central part. That is gonna be expanded in the future to actually become a 4km by 4km map...and that map is suppossed to accomodate 100 players. Right now, 1/2 that área is accomodating 3/4 of the players it will in the future....alas...maps are tiny.
  10. 50 vs 50 servers ?

    Nope...tiny...as in: really small. Take Belaya for example. It is designed to be a 4km by 4lm map. And that is for a 50 vs 50 server when they are actually implemented. BUT... Right now the playable area on Belaya is less tan half that. And servers are not 25 vs 25. Of course, if you compare Squad maps with COD/insurgency, etc maps, they are HUGE. If you compare them to PR,...they are really small.
  11. 50 vs 50 servers ?

    maps are tiny right now for 50 vs 50...some are small even for 37 vs 37
  12. Object's view distance doesn't work well.

    ...please read What you wrote...
  13. Helping the community

    I´m sorry then. I just want to thank you. I had a lot of fun thanks to you guys. Don´t feel bad about it. CHEERS!

    I agree with all you said...except for the "eating healthy".... Now I´d like to add one more BIG thing. and that is....what people consider PLAYING. Some people only consider they are actually "playing" the game when they can see the enemy down their sights and shooting. Some people consider that marking an enemy fob or infanty in a map is playing. Some people consider scanning the horizon for 10 minutes is playing. Some people consider playing soritng out the kits of the squad, planning ageneral strategy, listening to orders, going to the right chopper, flying for 3 minutes, landing in the right place, walking for 2 more mins while scanning the horizon, waiting for supplies while scanning the horizon, building a fob while scanning the horizon, and trying to find the enemy before it finds you. And when that doesn´t work and you get killed having shot less tan half a magazine. It boils down to "what people consider playing". My point is that people that dont consider playing the LONG versión, might as well be playing any other shooter and still have fun. I want SQUAD to be something different....UNIQUE
  15. 2 things that would make me very very happy

    I think he just wants some more planning time and more transport trucks?....that can be done...wouldn´t break any current gameplay mechanic.