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  1. Tank Interiors addition

    I hope....some day. In RO2 and ARMA you get into the tank.... In Squad you BECOME the tank.... I think it´s a bit dull for such a good game. Still….not a priority for me... but i´d love to see it some day
  2. General v12 Feedback

    +1 to everything!
  3. Suppression system

    You don´t need to be perfectly lined up to return fire. Just fire close enough to the target and it will be suppressed, the second he stops because he can´t supress u anymore, then u have the upper hand. and now you can be as "aggressive" as you want. Have in mind that most marksman rifles are not fit for that task. Still...it will help. On the other hand... If you are into BF5 and comparing it to this in such way, then maybe you should stop playing, I don´t think you´re gonna find much fun in Squad.
  4. More tickets, longer games

    I LOVE LONGER GAMES. Great to find commited players. When that happends and you´re squad leading, then maybe it´s a good opportunity to attack the enemy supply lines and not the Fob. A Fob is way weaker without ammo. Ambush enemy logis and you´ll overcome that war. Problem is, not many players think that far ahead.
  5. Suppression system

    A guy with a 50 cal. has been shooting for 3 mins. He has ranged in with tracers. Has obvious control of the area he´s been shoting at for some time. Are you gonna peak???
  6. Suppression system

    Suppression system is there to simulate somehting that couldnt be avhieved in any other way. It´s a video game, and nobody fears dying. Which is not realistic. In order to simulate some tensión they´ve implemented a suppression system that makes sense. What you had to do in that situation, instead of trying to take an accurate shot was to take short burst in the general direction in order to suppress the target. Once the target is suppressed, no he is going to be on the position you and your mate were a second ago, and you can achieve fire superiority. Now that the enemy is hiding, if you just cant shoot him because he´s behind solid cover, one of you can try monouverint around him while the other keeps over watch on target.... and...voilá….you get real life tactics in a game.
  7. Rally Points system make this game arcade ?

    PR delays name tags, and renders them invisible beyond a certain point. And of course behind walls. I think that would be the way to go once optimization allows better definition so people dont go blind trying to spot. Still...being aware of location of Friends and enemy through Intel, squad report and managing of map will always be a fundamental way to IFF
  8. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    It is indeed quite a valid argument. As long as nothing in the game is in a way its not intended to be.
  9. Rally Points system make this game arcade ?

    Yes. I know. But turning them off would only slow MY gameplay, not GAMEPLAY in general. I would have to deal with identifying enemy from friend while the rest would just know exaclty who I am. Or in case of enemy, they would shoot at anything that moves that doesn´t have a name tag and shoot me 7 times while I try to identify if it´s friend or foe!
  10. Rally Points system make this game arcade ?

    I´m one of the PR people and I have to agree with you in some extent. V12 has taken the game much closer to PR tan I had expected. I do think the game needs to slow down a bit more but rallies and fobs may not be the main way to do it. In my opinion NAME TAGS right now are THE BIGGEST ARCADE FACTOR IN THIS GAME. *Delaying them *Getting rid of them at some distance *No name Tags through walls/vehicles, etc. Best argument against this right now is the optimization. RIght now the game may not look "Sharp" enough to allow people to identify friend from foe based on the uniform. Resourcing to opening the map every 30 secs would be the only way to go to IFF. On the other hand I would make respawn timer a bit more punishing. Say at least 1.30 OR adding a respawn timer to your death + the wave spawn timer.
  11. Rally Points system make this game arcade ?

    Remember that this is the first attempt devs had at wave spawn infinite rally system. So things can be tweeked to achieve a desired balance. And I do agree with you that it´s far from perfect. Although with all the other new changes, considering all of them together, it´s much better than we had before. Still I mantain my position that what you are describing is a situation that requieres quiet a lot of skill and coordination to actually work well. I seriously doubt that level of coordination with the desired result is common in a public server. An enemy squad that was detected North and is 60 seconds later attacking from South and 60 seconds later is West is HIGHLY coordinated. I have my doubts about your experience fighting just a single Squad. Specially if they had enough Manpower to keep you on your toes.
  12. Nmmr , no more magical rallys

    I´m sorry but I feel this discussion would be interesting if it wasn´t a bit pointless in the terms it´s been laid out. Squad (basic game version produced by devs) I think, is always going to have rallies. And they are always going to be similar to what we´ve been seing in the last 2 or 3 versions. That doesn´t mean I wouldn´t like to see changes or that they allow mods to recreate rallies in any posible way or even get rid of them all together. Many ways are being suggested, and some of them sound interesting. But the complete removal of them seem far from plausible.
  13. Rally Points system make this game arcade ?

    Ouch! I can´t agree with you there anymore. Leaving the fact that PR may or may not have better rally system aside for a minute, you cannot deny that what you just said requires A LOT of skill. First of all, lets asume that your experience was from actually figthing 1 and only 1 squad. In that case, If they were so coordinated as to change the location of the rally point 3 times in 3 minutes and do so around the position of your own squad....well...THAT IS SKILL. In the situation above, not only did the SL had the situational awareness to know exactly where your squad was at all times to surrpound you, but his squad also keps a man with him all the time while I asume fighting with your squad. And all that keeping enough firepower to prevent you from doing the same thing. We can say that we don´t like that. But 2 things have to be said: 1- Such a level of skill and coordination is not too common. 2- "Running and shooting" is not all that matters in all that was happening around you in that firefight.
  14. Rally Points system make this game arcade ?

    I really understand you. I played PR for years and I´ve realized that is one of "the best games I will ever play". It will be difficult to experience that fantastic gaming experience and immersion in the future with a FPS game. Although I have hopes that Squad will get near that in the future. I bought Squad when it was v8 or v9 (dont remember now) and after less than 2 hours I was asking for my moeny back on steam and launching PR!!!!!!!! I came back at V10 and was suprised it had changed. It was becoming more like PR. but still not there. I asked for my money back but STEAM said "NO". I kept playing PR. Then V11 came out and I tried it. And I thought that it was a bit more like PR. And It cant be a coincidence. Devs are slowly vending the gameplay to ressemble PR. mhm…. Still….a long way to go. And now V12 is here. This is the BEST ITERATION OF SQUAD EVER. It keeps moving towards PR. It´s not there yet, but it´s not as arcady as it was 2 years ago. It´s much better. Things make sense now. Now Rally points....well...they are experimenting with them. And I think this current wave spawning is not too bad. In the future with bigger maps and helis the game will be even better and even less arcady. Lol this made me laugh. I don´t go nowhere near those games...but it was a funny revelation!
  15. Solving the v12 Logistics Nightmare

    I´m sorry but I cant relate to this. I don´t think there´s a "V12 logistic nightmare". I do think that some teams sometimes are so bad at handling logistics that the round becomes a nightmare for them and they get their asses kicked. 10 minutes logi run seems a bit exaggerated. It depends on the map and the road you take. Even if it´s 10 minutes...it´s not that much and it´s part of the game. I sometimes run a Logistics squads and I exclusively run logis. I feel like a REALLY useful part of the team. Having fobs well supplied and with people spawning and re arming and Rolling over the enemy is sometimes only posible because somebody is running logistics.