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  1. Compiling a Linux version

    That is some valid points, but the compiling of a Linux version can be done extremely easily with little to no effort (relatively). Even 1% of 125,000,000 users is a considerable amount of users especially considering that It would make Squad one of the most competitive games on the Linux platform almost guaranteeing profits for the devs for almost no work. And if the devs are using any Windows dependent tools on a multiplatform engine, that would be just silly. The only negative I could see is the potential for cheaters due to Linux being more difficult to program anti cheats on. Although, the cheating scene on Squad is already extremely low and Linux cheats are not profitable so there is little to no incentive for p2c companies to invest their time or effort.
  2. Dear Squad Developers, I am a Linux home user and would love to see your game come to the Linux platform. The fact that Unreal Engine has a Linux build feature makes this process easy! Here is the documentation to do so, should be simple enough. https://wiki.unrealengine.com/Compiling_For_Linux Honestly, there is a lack of good shooters on the Linux platform. Being a quality game on Linux would give Offworld Industries a great edge and I'm sure would increase sales. If your team decides not to support it, can you please remove it from showing up in my STEAMOS + Linux library? Thanks guys.