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    Yea i should have, but me and remembering names.... No we were all supposed to spawn. I suspect he lost patience in me since it took longer time for me to get in due to being run over twice in close proximity to our vehicle (though that was not my fault). Yea i read it, it's alright. Edit: Thanks for the reply!

    I got this game a couple of weeks ago (during the free weekend) and my first impression was that this is a really fun game with a lot of teamplay. And such helpful players too! I have returned the kindness and helped other players whenever i had a chance to. Unfortunately a few bad experiences lately with "the law" on mumblerines server has really taken its toll on me. The first bad experience was when i was playing as medic and we were attempting to capture "train station". My team had mostly died and scattered and i was alone on the 2nd floor in a building next to the train station, shooting at multiple enemies who are on train stations upper floor. I got wounded just as another player from another squad comes into the room. I ask him for a field dressing so i can heal up. He starts *yelling* at me something like "No i dont have any, get out of here and help people, don't just sit here and camp, you're a medic, get out there!!". So explained to him that i helped a lot of people that's why i was out of field dressings, but he just kept yelling and then kicked me from the server (!). My squad leader had (a little earlier when most of us were alive) said i did a very good job as a medic when i had lived long enough to run out of field dressings, so it just blew my mind that somebody would yell at me and kick me from the server for that. The second experience ended in me being banned for breaking the server rules. At the start of the round we were all supposed to get into a technical. I was just about to enter the vehicle from the rear when i get run over. I try to stand up as fast as i can but then i immediately get run over a second time. As i get up again the vehicle is starting to move away from me but i run after it. When its about 10 meters away i noticed the names turn blue so i realized i was kicked out of the squad. Who does something like that? Who drives away from somebody trying to get into the vehicle just a few meters away and kicks him/her from the squad? That is just pure griefing. So i got really mad and fire three rapid shots in anger at the truck. Unfortunately one guy on the truck gets killed because of me and i do feel sorry for that guy who likely did nothing wrong. Since i teamkilled i was therefore banned correctly according to the rules. I think you have a lot of responsibility if you want this game to live on. Treat people bad and it will cause them to go play another game instead.