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  1. Got A Light?

    Can't you just ask your squad leader to pop some smokes after you're out? They should have 3 more smokes to use, and maybe other kits do as well, I can't recall right now.
  2. Graphics improvements?

    I don't think you can disable foliage anymore, at least not through the in-game options. Shadows still disappear on low though, which is quite unfair to anyone not using them. The shadow quality is fairly low even on maximum settings, and it doesn't really look like you're standing in a lit surrounding. The shadows are just vague blurs and the areas lit by the sun are not too bright. Fixing this should make hiding in woods a better plan, since higher contrast between shadow and light will hide you better among foliage. PUBG on max settings is a good example of this. I also noticed that having eye adaptation on can make seeing out of windows impossible on desert maps. The bright outside will appear completely white, which makes very little sense and is annoying as hell.
  3. I'm pretty new to squad, so I thought I'd give some feedback based on my first week of playing. I don't have anything specific but I'll list a number of observations I've run into so far. -Most importantly, shooting seems to be quite easy in the game. It usually only takes me 2-4 shots to down my target, even if I am surprised and on the move. This means firefights generally last less than a second, which is quite different than I expected from a milsim. Even in urban fighting my surroundings tend to be silent with occasional potshots since suppression and inaccuracy don't exist. I think the game could be improved by making kills more difficult to achieve. -Medic system seems to be better than the one in PR. It's simpler for the medic, and separating hit points and bleeding is a great improvement. -The vehicle claim system is a bit misleading. I don't think you can submit claims anywhere but the squad leader gets a claim accept interface in the map? Shouldn't it be hidden if the system is not implemented yet? -Capping seems to be a very easy way to win a game. A lot of games end in one side losing a single point and then getting steamrolled to the last flag before they have a chance to organize defence on any flag. Perhaps some mechanic could be useful to slow down capping, such as unlocking the next flag after a few minutes' delay? It could be that I've just ended up on a server populated by imbecilles, but it has happened several times already. -Vehicles seem to be very durable. Firing a HEAT at a tinfoil-armored BTR and seeing it scoot off practically undamaged is quite frustrating. Spending a full squad's load of RPGs to destroy a single APC doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Perhaps this is just a stand-in while we're waiting for heavier vehicles, but I find it very jarring personally.
  4. Graphics improvements?

    The game currently looks a bit bland when compared to other current UE4 games. Are there plans to add features like proper foliage shadows and better lighting, as well as improved shaders to the game? I find that it's often very easy to see people even in dense vegetation due to the poor lighting quality. I'd imagine this would be a fairly simple matter of just enabling the effects in the UE editor, as the prepackaged graphics look very nice already.