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  1. [WIP] Qwai River but not really

    Land bridge is already there
  2. [WIP] Qwai River but not really

    Cranes were added with the Talil update.
  3. [WIP] Qwai River but not really

    Name: Qwai River but no asian assets Location: Eastern Europe Size: 4km Teams: US and RUS Gameplay: AAS Description: After over 6 months of hard work, I'm happy to share deep progress into this project. Heavily influenced by a classic Project Reality map, the original "Qwai River", this project is a reiteration of experimental design elements I had implemented in my own heavily forested PR map named "Route E-106" . This map is a complete overhaul of the original Qwai River built from the ground up using only the SDK. My sole ambition is create a unique and fun Squad environment while paying homage to several Qwai River landmarks and points of interests utilizing the original map's layout. Qwai River for squad is heavily designed where infantry combat is always the main focus and core for gameplay. Generally what this means is that almost every portion of the map provides plenty of cover and concealment for an entire squad without becoming claustrophobic. Through thoughtful placement of level design elements such as foliage, this map aims to provide entire squads plenty of room for combat decisions where teamwork and smart positional choices will be the deciding factor to winning engagements. Minimap : [ Splines FTW ] Lots of villages rendering.... they need fences and stuff
  4. Just checked out your flyover vid that you posted. That airport has amazing work so far and I think you picked the perfect map that will fit in Squad. If you need any references I've saved a bunch that I can share with you that can help keep you motivated to finish it.
  5. Game Title Opinions And Suggestions

    Squad Contacthttp://www.thesaurus.com/browse/contact?s=t
  6. Welcome to Squad!

    SIck! Sign me up if other positions open up. Playing PR and becoming friends with some of the devs have been the primary reasons I wanted to become a game devleoper. Having played PR for over 6 years, and being in my 4th year of art school, I hope I can be of service anywhere that could use it. Animation, Modeling, Texturing, UVing, Rigging, World Building, Mapping, Scripting, Testing, WHATEVER!! GET ME ON THIS HYPE TRAIN!!!