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  1. Just checked out your flyover vid that you posted. That airport has amazing work so far and I think you picked the perfect map that will fit in Squad. If you need any references I've saved a bunch that I can share with you that can help keep you motivated to finish it.
  2. Game Title Opinions And Suggestions

    Squad Contacthttp://www.thesaurus.com/browse/contact?s=t
  3. Welcome to Squad!

    SIck! Sign me up if other positions open up. Playing PR and becoming friends with some of the devs have been the primary reasons I wanted to become a game devleoper. Having played PR for over 6 years, and being in my 4th year of art school, I hope I can be of service anywhere that could use it. Animation, Modeling, Texturing, UVing, Rigging, World Building, Mapping, Scripting, Testing, WHATEVER!! GET ME ON THIS HYPE TRAIN!!!