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  1. Re-Master Loading Screen

    i enjoy play this game from time to....... time and something that i noticed . loading screen with the keyboards layout ...is a little bit outdates ... and looks....little bit "old" . So my question if i will redesign it and i will just make it look a little bit more .... 2018 ... would it be considerate to put in use ...or just waste of my time... of course i will do it for free
  2. Re-Master Loading Screen

    i love the new players . they are so clueless and helpless . they follow you like baby ducks and shovel what ever garbage you ask them to shovel and believe in you no matter what i hate to play with "veterans" & "tactipro" players because if you do something that is not mainstream and you try to do something different (atack plan , hipster fob place , opinion) they start bitching and complaining and judge you . jesus
  3. Re-Master Loading Screen

    i know its ok ..... i talking about to remaster the correct loading screen with keyboard layout .... but just to match same design lang as the game have right now .
  4. 1440p fix !?

    I HAVE 27" MONITOR AND EVERYTIME i put the game on 1440 p the game run fine for like 3 min . than the game getting bigger and wont fit my screen so then i need to alt tab to get the game into the monitor boards ... after like 5 min or if i press like ESC or something the game is scalling up again . how can i fix this issue ?
  5. Game Visual

    Shalom Friends . so i got brand new 1060 GTX (6gb) . because i couldnt play the game on my 960 anymore .... so first thing i did after installing my was to put 1920X1080 EPIC + TPXX + 1.5 MULTISAMPLER .... it was fine... but the jaggering edge remain ((more or less)(its very anoing on desert map where there lot of tall grass)) ... i was very angry .... i put the game on 1440 P all high + TPXX + no multisampler ....= game looks decent but still with a little bit jaggered edges and a little washed out ... ( i cranked that screen sharp a little bit ) my question ... how ? why ? i play PUBG and at FULLHD 1920X1080 with 1.25 upscaling ... its look sharp and f good with out any jaggered edges its looks chrispy like a good chicken dinner . any... TIPS ? HACKS ? TRICKS ? offtopic : when i run the game at 1440p FULLSCREEN my game not fitting on the screen and i need to altTab to fix it ...kinda anoing because its randomly getting bigger again and i need to alt tab to fix it
  6. Hello guys i made a new Lyrics video to my Remode to a new song by Axwell Ingrosso - Dancing alone its took me about 4 days link to my remode on soundcloud : would like for some feedback
  7. T shirts for squad

    hey i made a t shirt for squad https://represent.com/squad-102?store=ghostid&variant=227
  8. this is why i always mute command chat . and just do my things more fun
  9. well.... with this new UPDATE when i play its feels like game running "slow" and not smooth like it was back in v.10 feel is like i run the game on 23-30 fps . but when i check with the ingame "startFPS' it say 60-70 . its hard to explain its feels like when u slow down a video a little bit ...sorry for this poor explanation i tryed : new drivers . old drivers . clear cashe . switch physx to CPU .... my setting are like the same from 0.9 1080p 1.25 AA TSAA and the rest is on medium ... i run the game on my 960 gtx . i wondering if anyone else feel this weird slowly . this make me stop playing for now and switch to PUBG ... and i hopping for next update maybe will fix this
  10. v.11 iluminate fps issue .

    yeah i think u on something its like u feel that something should be more faster but isnt .... feels off little bit
  11. v.11 iluminate fps issue .

    no way i have i5 ... i alwasy clear my cashe ...
  12. Can we use the game's soundtrack?

    u on the internet ... everything is legal unless u provide ur real life information
  13. Team commitment .

    1st idea is good . 2nd idea is bad . simple . thx. bye.
  14. v.11 iluminate fps issue .

    yeah there is overlay of blue and green on some maps ... but i think they just made something that blocks the "sharpness of the movement " and made everything smoothly . but i will try to set everything to low ..
  15. v.11 iluminate fps issue .

    by the numbers i do have better fps . i got 70 fps ... but the "feel" is very heavy .... its like everything i do in game is feel so heavy.. its doesnt have that sharp feel of moving and looking like in other fps games or before the update .
  16. well.... i think they not disappear ... when i play as APC and someone is shooting RPG from far away . i manage to kill the shooter but the RPG rocket is still flying and dealing damage
  17. Comms Drop?

    yes 70% is good enough . its will also push people to clan up and get organized . you can look at this other way around . normal 70% are just simple soldiers and clans who play with TS they like Specops so they have a little advantage . honestly maps in game so small and most of the time fight always in same spot . even if i will tell to my friends that i got enemy on me they will be like " No sh1t bro "
  18. Comms Drop?

    dont listen to them mate . its a great idea . period . there is always a work around for every good idea . probably 70% of the team on normal server . are just random people without taemspeak . the idea is good and i would like to see it
  19. Defenses

    you not wrong ... but you not right also . some people LOVE super fobing . and super fob with mortars is always good a a defended spawn point
  20. omfg this suppression look like a joke . please dont add this to squad . everyone after 10 min of gameplay will have a headace
  21. RIP Project Reality

    double April fool's day guys
  22. its a great idea ... bro ... can we make a pool ?
  23. Melee & hand to hand combat.

    well in squad there no knifes / shovels / belts or objects that u can pick up . not even everyone have secondary weapon ... you cant even request ammo ...