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  1. Balance Is For Normies

    i mean like for real . the dot it self ... is it should be like in v9 or like in v10 . what the difference ? i really want to understand OP . u aim at the red dot .... so what is the problem ?
  2. Balance Is For Normies

    i not fully understand what is the problem with the reddot ?
  3. Medium Ruck model is too small

    in idf they trow this backpacks as soon as engage
  4. Please Fix the visibility.

    there is common standard of how image should look on FullHD . i have 30' desktop and i play all my games on fullHD (PR , GTA5 , COD , BF , HITMAN ) they all looks sharp and clear . ( and almost no one complain on there forums ) in this game there is a problem and some people address the problem as it is . washed out blury visuals . and instead of acknowledge the issue people looking for some poor excuses why it good as it is now ( more real , u cant see in real life that war & much more ). we as the costumers have the right to complain when the product is not delivering the standards . ( and running the game on 4K to get something that u should get on FULLHD is not an answer ) . i myself working the blury visual with NVIDEA saturation and my inbuild screen Sharpness . but it not how its should be in the begging
  5. Please Fix the visibility.

    if you need to run game at 4k to make it look sharp .... you have a problem somewhere ...
  6. Please Fix the visibility.

    its soooooooooooo crispyyyyy . is it like 4k ? or something .... i cried while watching this
  7. mind to explain or drop a link . i tryed with nvidea inspeactor AA didnt work =(
  8. Please Fix the visibility.

    2007 game looks better and sharper than 2018 squad . life goals
  9. How to slow the gameplay

    i like the game as it is right now . no need to change the rally system . i dont like walking simulators
  10. This is looks bad <----

    settings are all high . x1.25 , T+FXAA . nvidea +10 saturation incresse . i have 1 question . who decide on this colors ? this is looks good for you ? a,b,c of design is make contrast . your game have none small twiks with color balance and contrast levels and already looks better
  11. This is looks bad <----

    contrast doesnt have to be black and white . its can be done with shapes and different colors . with right contrast you get more depth in the game . as the game right now he looks flat , boring and dead . . look outside the window and you will see the reality not look like this game .
  12. i really love to use mortars in the game . but i cant undestand or maybe its even a bug or something . when i put marker on map its say lets say 500m .... and when i shoot mortar i see that its way way too short so i move my marker lets say 2 pixels more . and then its jump to 750 m .... . i just want to understand is this a bug or wtf is happening .
  13. Disable ALL chat! PLEASE!

    you crazy ? i agree there should be like an option to turn off the chat via settings . but i love the all chat . its fun . in the end of the day . we come to squad to communicate ... even with enemys . btw .. go play project reality . chat is like half of the screen and no one is complaining

    i notice ...that in all war games ( PR , BATTLEFIELD , COD ) and now SQUAD players not using weapon sling ..... i dont know maybe us soldiers dont used it . but her in IDF we all have weapon sling in all time .... just wondering why there no slings on weapons ... https://bulldogequipment.us/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/p-214-3_point_m4_weapons_sling.jpg
  15. Reshade

    i dont think they give a shit about minority
  16. Reshade

    well first of all lets say thx for they have sharpness slider ingame . but they can add some color options . some people say game colors looks bad some dont........why not make everyone happy

    oh i see .... well if hits performance than i can live without it =)
  18. Reshade

    i used reshade for saturations and gamma correction . because lets be honest game colors and color balance looks like shit . i dont even know that you can zoom with reshade . but now .... everyone knows
  19. in-game character voices

    i agree that this kind of idea will help a lot in game like battlefield 4 . but in squad everyone use VOIP and myself when my girlfriend not at home i yelling stuff via voip like " OMG WE GONA DIE " " I DONT WANT TO DIE MEDIC PLEASE HELP ME " its help the immersion to me and the poor people who hearing me in the game
  20. I dont know if its bother someone or its just me . but the acceleration ingame of the vehicles in game is very very slow . in army i drove R10 ( us logi truck ) and HUMMVEs . and i agree they slow ...... but no that slow . i think they need to fix the acceleration of most of the cars
  21. FOB = my love

    i started to play this game and was thinking .....k cod with cars ... but after i discovered the building element of the game . its like i dont care at all about the rest of the game . everyday after coming home from work . i join the game open a squad , take logi and just building super fobs . i dont know why but ....it just hook me sooo bad to build little base with defences and getting into messy situations to defend it . ( too bad there no real job of building fobs ) i would like to have some sort of game mode that like we need to build huge fob and other team need to attack it or something similar <3 what u guys think ? u love building or u think its waste of time ?
  22. what you thinking about the new rule . when u leave or kicked out of squad you lose your kit . as a SL i LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!! to kick some lone wolfers and knowing that they not run without nothing make me happy . as a MEMBER i HATE IT !!!!!!! when i joining a squad and after some time in the middle of the map i find better squad or even i want to link to squad that closer to me . or even sometimes your squad is just retarded so u want to switch . u stack with this kit without anything .... kinda sad . what u think ?
  23. Leave Squad = Leaving Weapon

    ..... u sure ? i never lost my kid when i exited a squad
  24. Leave Squad = Leaving Weapon

    i dont know man .... we didnt had this in v9 and game was fine .... in project reality you dont have this . and its never was a issue