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  1. 60 Hours in Squad but only few good matches on EU

    bad luck mate .... but yes sometimes the game is boring

    its like some people have too much time . and they are like " Devs please make me walk 20 mins in the open just to die and walk again "
  3. Q: When can we pick up dropped weapons?

    never understood why this elements is not in the game . its best thing that can happen .... like lot of times and i got out of ammo or bandages and i see near me lot of dead friends and i see ammo and bandages on there vests and i cant take it =(((((( the ammo crates are rarely used.... and if they do they too far away ... there no role that can give u ammo no ammo crates from jeeps and logis like in PR . so ur best solution is just to respawn . very weird and accady situation
  4. Cock Block Rush

    i dont know why but every round is a super duper rush towards the " MAIN " flag .... like tunnel in the belaya ... i dont know why its happen ... but its something that almost never happen in PR .. so in the end of the day almost every map no matter how big she is will end up in small area of fight ... i really dont know why this is happening
  5. Direct teammate coms

    very good idea .... its almost perfect..... squad limitation is 9 people .... and u have 9 numbers on ur keypad .... like +1 on the idea man
  6. How long till it die ?

    just wondering with this beta stage going for a while . ( but to be honest for people there no difference if it beta or full release ... its just a label ) they get bored after time . even if the game is will get fully "RELEASED" but looks like the beta they already been playing for a while they wont come back . Made me think for how long you think this game will hold ? . i mean look at battlefield peek around 2-3 years . PR peek hold up for around 5 years . and now slowly dieing . but any way i give this game 2 more years

    i love SQUAD and PR . becouse of the communication beetwin the people . but to be good in the game you need to have COD style . if i walk slowly and check my corners like some tactical pug i will get rusted

    i dont really see it . i making huge K/D with my bf game style

    the game as it now . from my point of view and my point of gameplay . its like Battlefield but with better communication . if you move slowly and tactical you die if you run and drink redbull you will dominate
  10. Squad lead, and squad comms

    before we fix this . we need to fix the issue that most SL press G and speak like its an open forum . i think we need to disable the ALL SQUAD LEADER chat . pleas speak directly to the squad you want . 98% of sh!t i hear on the squad leader chat is not relevant to me , its just someone too lazy . and please in the name of memes dont speak france / polish / kurdish / german in all chat .... even if the server is local ....
  11. How long till it die ?

    it doesnt matter if they swimming or not . this game is not charity . its a business . that put price on there product . you willing to do free crowdfunding ? think about that will they give you free copy of the game if you need 1 ?
  12. How long till it die ?

    we should not crown fund . this is not some a free game . you pay money to play it and the company should advertise with there money . do you make crowd fund youtube for battlefield 4 too ?
  13. Bullet and Target Reaction

    its a little bit too much . still its a video game . and i want to have fun and not waste my time walking
  14. How long till it die ?

    shit .... doesnt look that good at all hhhh
  15. How long till it die ?

    shhhh ............EA is around the corner watching
  16. How long till it die ?

    maybe be true . but i dont think people will stay that long ... even me when i started to play PR 0.3 and i was best game i 3v3r played i got bored of the core game and came back at 0.5 then at 0.85 and after 1.0 ever 2 months . people getting tired of same stuff even if u spice it with some candy every half a year
  17. Immediate loss of a fire support kit

    even if u get kicked its beyond idiotic to lose you kit to recruit .
  18. un**** the fob mechanics plz

    looks like fun actually
  19. Is minecrafting ever effective?

    lol . i think building fob making this game standout from other shooters . most of the time its failed hard . but its fun . on some maps my superfobs winning the game and some maps not ( most of the time )
  20. Why you should always be recording

    honestly this is sound like a cleaver ad .... but back to the topic most of the times admin kick \ ban without any evidence or investigation . just because his friends recommend it or told him . so your game will be ruined anyway . and to record all time will reduce ur fps and harm ur hdd in a long them
  21. i agree with you ... a little bit .... sometimes when i lead squad . some players Volunteer and ask if i need logi runs ... and they continue to do logi runs full round without stop and without say any thing .... i love this people ( but deep in my hearth i know something i wrong with them )
  22. Quid of Squad AIM Speed

    lets not forget that ingame its just normal soldiers and not some specops . but i agree that standing up animation need to be increases a little bit
  23. Cheaters on Squad ?

    i noticed this kind of behavior in some games too . but not sure if hax
  24. Balance Is For Normies

    oh ... never thought about it ... but now ... THIS GAME IS FACKING RUINED ! garbage game . i WANT my DOT !!!!!!