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  1. There should be more sway while ADS

    dude .... we still want to enjoy this video game u know
  2. Squad landing page

    Hello as part of my not getting rusty i designed landing page for squad . if you have any ideas or issues tell me please
  3. Squad landing page

    i understand . but i used same text as in the "PRESS" section . its what it say in there "Features" http://press.joinsquad.com/sheet.php?p=squad
  4. Concerned

    they can always finish the product and then add free DLC .
  5. isnt that like 5 sec logo with a little bit of soundtrack ?
  6. Concerned

    but you know game that been in 2 years open alpha and god know how much before that .... i think its too much .... this stage already need to be a beta ... its feel like that i got some sweet spot . where it just very comfortable to be in the alpha stage and charge almost full price
  7. i think this is the most original request ever . i dont think someone ever needed this kind of option . but meanwhile you can open webbrowser in the background and play any radio / music / dj set you want
  8. Hand grenade bounce-back solution

    i agree with the issue ... and the solution for this ... is like some of the games have is some kind of line or dots of the path .... honestly its a very ugly solution
  9. .... ok .... just wondering why u need this kind of function ?
  10. Concerned

    it think its very comfortable when the game is in alpha for 2 years . so every issue you can always pull the alpha card . but even if the game is not released or what ever you called it . the game is still in the shelf of steam and people pay money to play it . no matter the lable ... people still play it as a normal game .... and get bored of it as a normal game ... so in the end they will get bored of it . and will buy new game and move on .... i mean ... its no one problem but this is what will happen
  11. Rifleman --> Ammo Bearer

    happens almost once in a every round . or i run out of ammo or patches
  12. cars slow af . + climbing animation most of the time bagged
  13. bipod for sniper fusil, please

    yeah whats up with that ? ! all the SMG have bipods . and marksman dont ... kind wierd
  14. this isnt doctor simulator . i want my revive simple as it now
  15. Rifleman --> Ammo Bearer

    great idea ... or have ammo bag like in battlefield
  16. Ego play - what you do ?

    lets say you squad leading a squad with some pub people . and you do some objects that you decided to do ( go to flag X or build FOB at Y or doing some other stuff ) . and the next : A) some random squad leader telling you that you useless and you need to DO something that he think will be more useful . B) squad leader that is admin telling that you not doing good and you MUST to do something different that he suggests . what u usually do ? obey ? explain ur plan ? cry ? ignore ?
  17. Ego play - what you do ?

    but the problem without commander ..... there no head that decide what plan good or not . and just to go to atack flag marker like a bot is also boring . and there a problem that u have 9 people who are SL . and how you decide you are the 1 that will approve ur plan or not
  18. wallpaper

    you have some lit pics in the press section if u want wallpaper ...... if u want to make new 1 . just enter the game and print screen people hhh
  19. The little broken things

    wow if you manage to do this on tactical position this will be soooo cooool
  20. Spotting enemies?

    sadly i use this tactical very often .
  21. No more reshade, Any AA update?

    i see .... my sarcasm its too high ..... the forum divided between people who say that this game look blury and shity . and other people who telling that games look great and its looks good and compare its to real life visuals and stuff like that . and some people who just tell you to run this game at 4K . but you know ....
  22. ..... i kinda want to see my kills ( maybe after delay of 5 min of so ) but i actually love the suprsie when u finish the game and see all the kills and u feel like a pro
  23. Please Fix the visibility.

    its unbelievable how people are just blind for situation . we not speaking about real life or real life eyes or nothings . just take battlefield 3 all high settings 1080p . squad all high 1080p . compare only the visuals . people just want simple clean visual . that wont get blury and washing after 100 m we not speaking real life mega pixels or fovs . people just want to see on they monitor what they used too . clear image
  24. minecraft 2018

    me and my friend build a huge babylon tower . and we noticed weird stuff . if u place RADIOs its hit the performance of the game and the server . but if u place other stuff like walls , fobs , sandbags , hmg & all the other things that u need to shovel its have no impact on the performance . i noticed that building stuff in the shooting range is more easy than in the normal multiplayer server ... why ? i managed to put hmg on top of heco wall with no problem witch very useful but i never manged to make it in the normal server .

    its not the game bro ... its the community ..... if we do what you suggest its will be the same but with a little bit more dead time in the middle ... its will go like that spawn at fob ...walk....get to point die....respawn at fob ... walk again ... die ....repeat