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  1. am i only one who hates the 3d menus ?

    agree...after 2nd time i enter the game this 3d menu stopped impressing me
  2. Update crippling my PC

    maybe he download some bitminers
  3. Question about trees

    so ... in noticed this in change log: Reduced large 4k foliage textures to 2k, where they did not need that high fidelity for performance improvements. u want to tell me ...that all this time people would load 4K textures of foliage for no reason ? is there more of this useless stuff that load 4k textures ? this is an action game ... people not walking around and jorking off on threes and textures .... we here to shoot stuff. so i suggest you to reduce textures resolution of stuff that doesn't matter.
  4. Question about trees

    if game in alpha it doesnt mean u should design it like shit. how does it alpha related to 4k grass ? who thought it was good idea ? who need 4k grass ?
  5. Stop bitching about teamwork.

    +1 there some lifeless army wanabes out there. its always make me sad that people thinking that this game is a real life
  6. What's next?

    u know that he not a dev right ?
  7. How Armored Combat Feels

    yes yes but this is a video game. and as much i was enjoying to be driver in pr. in squad is just a total bammer. so maybe its not 100% real > its more fun to have the PR view
  8. Stuttering Fix - V12

    dont listen to him. he always say the same stuff
  9. suppressors

  10. Graphic Updates

    its have nothing to do with the team size. smart devs know wherethey should use high res textures and where they can use low res cause no 1 will notice anyway. but in squad its all high textures even in most useless stuff
  11. Graphic Updates

    u miss the point. battlefield 3 looks better and runs better then squad bf3 is older then squad. squad require more resource then battlefield 3 and looks worse at the same time.... i will never forget when squad only released with the first screenshots. people commented that they put too much details on useless stuff. i pertically remember someone commented something like : "there is too much polygons on that hand watch"
  12. World of Warcraft - Combat Priest!

    i almost sure u wrong
  13. Humvee Gunner Crouch/Duck-Down?

    let me remind u.... battlefield 2 a 2004 game have this option......jezzz
  14. How Armored Combat Feels

    yes but the driver view is just total garbage. they should implement PR driver view
  15. Graphic Updates

    all the people who say " upgrade ur potato pc " u rly full of shit look at games like battlefield 3 that looks awesome and run awesomeon potato pcs. its all about smart optimization ....which squad doesnt have
  16. helicopter and health

    hello developers. after a quick 10 min in this new v16 beta. the main things u MUST add is the ability to patch my self ....and stop the bleeding.... 1) its realistic to heal people inside helicopter 2) its will add to gameplay more flexebility. thanks bye
  17. A16 Helicopter First Impressions

    honestly just copy paste PR heli control. i dont like the correct control that you just put the "speed" or what ever it called to 100% and it maintain 100% till you press "S" to lower the speed. i spend more time looking at HUD to get to that 45 angle sweet spot then "feeling the choper"
  18. random avatar models

    great idea hope they make it
  19. new DLC visuals

    i want to congrat the team that worked on this canada DLC, this new maps look far more interesting than the officials maps ... so i dont know if they are work for the OWI if not hire them and fire the old ones. on the visual side i happy to say that all the maps are now look much more better with this new colors and contrast. ( almost sure the Antialiasing is actually working) i happy to see that the devs got some new glasses and now they make colors of the maps looks good and have good contrast . also i happy to see the new fog in the game, smart decision as the game world details doesnt load that far anyway and its improve the performance of the game/ overall i happy to see this game going the right way... after...3 years of trying.....and now... the hype is over ...but still i sure that your next title will be good from the begging
  20. new DLC visuals

    why to load them anyway ? there no need.....you cant see players in that distance any way.... and i rather have smooth gameplay rather beautiful skyline of the map
  21. new DLC visuals

    well most of the other players do need that fps . and honestly without fog all that world details that load are just waste of RAM .
  22. Mounted scope realistic zoom

    its not the potato pcs....its the poor devs optimization . people can run latest title of battlefield on high settings but in squad getting 30fps on low. so dont blame pcs
  23. new DLC visuals

    maybe you are too old or hardcored to love it. but now it got more of the battlefield titles visual vibe and this its compliment the game. in the begging the game tried to aim to look "real" but i sorry this engine cant support this.... so yeah we will compromise
  24. just give as a link to a youtube channel