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  1. What do you Usually Name Your Squad?

    small dicks .
  2. weapons switch

    i wounder if someone else find the weapon switching animation too slow and annoying. i cant even count how many times i bleedout because i got my RPG selected and when i get shoot and i press 5 to take my bandage the player will slowly start to putout a rocket and then closing the rpg maybe a little drink and then he proceed to take his bandage and then boom i dead . do you think we can have some kind of SPAM shift for faster switching . because as if now it super slow . do you think it slow ? or maybe this is something that old folks like
  3. Vehicule crew

    you mean ............... like ...... in PR ? game that nailed everything right ?
  4. player skin

    why u racist . i really dont see the problem . i white i want to see my model to be white . why u force me to be black
  5. jesus end this alpha . end go back to work on it . game crush every 15 min. guns float in the air . animations stuck and glitchs 50% of the time . freelook looks retarded . when u exit the squad ur gun is disapear and u get some empty kit ( like wtf is this pay2win game ). its ok we tested . its full of bugs . go work on it and release when u ready
  6. player skin

    i noticed that when i play as us i always play as black model . i play as AT or Rifleman with scope and both of them are black models ... very annoying because i white and it break my game immersion . i really like to see any way to switch or maybe decide that my model will be white all the time . anyone will the same ?
  7. Game Flow

    Hello humans After about 10 years of PR . i decide to buy Squad .... boy o boy what a waste . i respect the Devs but ... just try to look at other games work and take reference or just copy if you cant think about something . First of all UI / UX in this game is probably the worst i seen in past years . maps icons are hard to see , not very clear what objectives are and it even doesn't bother to tell you when someone join ur squad or . vehicle claim .... i like the idea good ... exactly like in PR ... but really this is the best you came up with ? open map -> zoom in -> press right mouse button -> claim vehicle .... really ? what about just stand near the vehicle press T and press CLAIM ? no ? Animation ..... yes alpha .....but still its soooo bad and akward . its should be first priority to fix or work on and engine ......know your limitation ... you cant take some shity engine and run it without "FOG of WAR" after some distance everything looks washed out and pixelated even with 4k . and optimization .... why there no TEXTURE quality settings ? but i guess its will be in the future . but most disappointing things is .... KITS .... why you cant pick up kits ? its A B C of games .... when i run out of ammo or dressing fields .....i could just pick up from my dead buddy next tom me ... but no..... work on this ... or most recent example i drive with my squad with logi truck to build FOB ...but i forgot officer kit ....well i could use the supples that in the truck to take the kit ...but i cant because who ever design game mechanics have both left hands the only good thing that i can think of is the SOUND .... who ever record and work on the sounds of the game is a true artist .... the sounds in the game is 11/10 the gun fights and expotions are WOW ! well i guess i going to test this game again in like 5 years when it will be in beta or something