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  1. Mute Button

    agree . i dont really want to listen for squad leader chat most of the time . pure cancer anyway . most of the time they speak about irrelevant stuff or trying to teach u how to play . SQUAD LEADER MUTE !!!
  2. Here come the girls part 2

    how is that important that you are girls ?
  3. Kicked for swearing?

    server admins sometimes just some nerds . you gonna need to deal with this
  4. pixelated mess

    engine is garbage . but then again look at pubg that have same engine ....looks good to me
  5. customization / ranking

  6. The problem with the Squad Leading in public games . is that you need to " Force " players to do stuff . there is no discipline like with clans or real life army . In public games you need to " Earn the respect and the attention " from the squad members . for example : in real life army if your squad leader tell to X , Y , Z to go to a hill and wait for an orders . the soldiers will do this without any questions with out then need to convince them or listen to there opinion of your plan .
  7. Ingame Interface

    I noticed that UI in the game a little bit to complex . just my idea of how to make it more simple and eye appealing 1) change the compass into more modern looking & with out line for a every number 2) remove the stance photo and break it down to a simple 3 lines that show you stance in a simple way ( 1 box - prone 2 - crouch 3 - standing ) 3) removing the name of the gun ( the name shown when you scroll in the inventory anyway) 4) squad chat redesign ( no need for mic icon ) what you guys think ?
  8. Photoshopgraphy

    Photoshoping a little bit ordinary pics to make them look .... better
  9. Above & Beyond

    After the owner leaving the house and small bunny found a hot bunny on TV and following his passion to meat this hot bunny . But not all stories ends well . Support the creator of this amazing remix : support this great artist : https://www.facebook.com/withJosep/
  10. What Happened Exactly?

    what happened ? unexperienced devs making too heavy game on limited engine . or trying to push the game and the engine to the limit making this game performance exclusive like Star Citizen . but in reality s game visual looks slightly above average with low optimization and high end gear demand
  11. Here come the girls

    13 girls .... its fine to fill up 2 teams of female squad leaders. 12 girls = 12 squads= 96 players but i think it will be more intresting if you make it Gender wars . female squad leaders vs male squad leaders . and if you sell this stream because of the girls factor ....then you need this girls to be hot and play half naked .
  12. Complexities

    no ... not at all ... who ever design there UI & UX ... is making poor design . the screen need to be clear of what stuff you can press and what you can with the menu . right now i found my self click on stuff that shouldnt be clicked . they just need to test different styles and make it more INTUITIVE
  13. Rally Waves Increase Squad Separation

    please no .... Squad is already a walking simulator lets not extended
  14. Complexities

    its true . the game the UI the map everything become so unnatural . i just deleted the game for now . its just not fun to play ....honesly something missing . in PR i can join a server after 2 yaers of not playing and its feels so natural what to press what to do and etc
  15. Why it is so pixelated?

    i guess devs dont know how to work with the engine . Pubg and squad made from UE4 . and Pubg looks and runs much better than squad in contest of how clear the image