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  1. PR Vets, vote here.

    Sometimes an armor heavy fight can be fun. What's wrong with just placing more heavy armor assets in the mains to simulate an engagement between armored forces? Why do teams in game ALWAYS have to have the same infantry-heavy composition?
  2. Ideas For New Roles

    I miss the old PR grappling hooks D':
  3. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    True, but I assumed (correctly) that there would be people who, while inactive in Squad, nevertheless continue to follow the forums because they're hanging onto some degree of interest in the game and/or its community. And I think there is value in revealing what that group of players has to say.
  4. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    Keeping up with school, relationships, and other responsibilities takes up most of my time. But besides that, I'm really holding out for the suppression rework. I've always wanted to experience a teamwork and communication-centric FPS where application of authentic fire and maneuver tactics is central to success. I'm sure we can all agree that suppressive fire is crucial in any modern firefight. While most of us would hope Squad steers clear of ultra hardcore milsim territory, I would like the game to at least impart the impression of realism in a manner fairly accessible to non-milsim nerds. Currently, however, suppressive fire is seldom seen in-game because, as many have mentioned on the forums, it mostly results in giving away your position for negligible benefit (just some screen blurring that enemy players can work around). The gameplay in Squad just won't feel right for me until gaining fire superiority and fixing the enemy in place becomes a key priority during firefights. Call me nitpicky, but that's where I'm at. What are you guys holding out for?
  5. null_value

    For sure, making Squad extreme milsim would kill off a huge chunk of the playerbase. But also, what playerbase remained would almost certainly be very loyal to the game. Extreme milsim would also probably spawn a lot of quasi-roleplay servers, most of which would probably be terminally cancerous.
  6. November 2017 Recap

    I was just throwing my two cents out to the wind, never expected anyone on the Squad staff to actually see it and respond to it. The fact that you acknowledged my comment and gave additional info is awesome. Honestly, as a player, I'm really happy about that. Good job, guys!
  7. November 2017 Recap

    Neato. I'm really hoping to see some news about suppression mechanics in December, tho
  8. Repair vehicles/recovery vehicles

    I like the logi idea. More gameplay for an asset we already have in game = good IMO. Plus, isn't there already precedent for mobile repair? I could've sworn there were vehicles that could drop off a temporary mobile repair station in BF2:PR.
  9. Some thoughts from a new player

    Right, I just want to state that I'm in no way advocating for Squad to take a turn toward hardcore milsim. I'm interested in whether players view meta tactics (such as suiciding and switching squads to respawn at a better rally) as enhancing or detracting from the overall experience of playing Squad. I think most would say that it's possible to strike a balance between realism and fun gameplay. A game can deliver an impression of "realism" without being wholly realistic. Regarding meta tactics, I think many fall a little too hard on the gamey side of the scale. If you were a Squad dev, would you take steps to stomp out the more exploitative meta tactics, or would you let them persist?
  10. Some thoughts from a new player

    Firstly, I don't support losing games over notions of realism or whatever. With that said, I'm curious -- How do you feel about the gameplay you're describing? Do you think it aligns with Squad's goal of "capturing combat realism through communication and teamplay?" In an ideal completed game, would you still want such tactics to be in wide use?
  11. Local voice chat volume?

    While in game, I've had problems hearing teammates in local voice chat unless they're practically right next to me and shouting, and that's even in fairly normal conditions. God forbid there's a vehicle engine or gunfire in the background, because then it's a lost cause. I've had to set my voice chat volume to 200% AND turn down my game effects to 80-ish percent (still working on a good balance) in order to hear anything locally. Squad voice chat is fine, since there's no distance-related volume algorithm in play, but I think local voice chat volume could use a little tweaking. Anyone experience anything similar?
  12. Game Flow

    I'm sure you're as good a game dev as you are good with words. Jesus.
  13. Squad lead

    Holy shit, HOG's still around. I used to play on their 24/7 Muttrah server all the time.
  14. Squad lead

    I've actually been highly considering going back to PR until Squad is in a more complete state. Is the community still active?