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  1. What is really going on with Squad?

    He is 100% right, alpha 10 was HYPED like ****, yeah it was cool when it was released but it almost seems as if since they released that they've said NOTHING, post scriptum is dead completely and squad servers get less every day its guttering but they are doing it to themselves, why should we, paying customers, have to make an account and scour modding forums to check where the game we invested in is at? Going on holiday to italy for a week? come on, maybe if you released squad fully? what were you celebrating releasing a patch ? come onnnnnnnnnnnnn
  2. v11 Testing!

    Russians better get the BMP3 ASAP thats all I'll say! haha excellent work
  3. November 2017 Recap

    No Tanks, No ZU-23-2? this is just a teaser of v10 right you have left other announcements out a surprise for release?
  4. Dude Check out my post on the general discussion, give me a message I'm looking into a mod for war in the donbass, so stoked to see someone else doing this conflict!
  5. War in Donbass mod?

    Would anyone be interested in playing the Russian Separatist's and the Ukrainian army with even the possibility of the sub factions (e.g donbas battalion, right sector), with battles like The Donetsk airport , Ilovaisk, there is heaps of battles that can be recreated, a lot of interesting weapons can be added to both sides, anyone think that sounds good? give some opinions I'm a big boy.