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  1. Ridoncolous FPS variation all over the place In Boot Camp look at complex scenery,medium distance wall, skybox and ground , fps variation from 35 to 85 fps , with 12 to 24 ms frametimes Setting 1440 p, no AA , effects cinematic, all other settings HIGH, vsync off, supersampling off, motionblur off, steam overlay disabled. FOV 100 load all texture to video ram ON (8 gb vram) and i consider these perfectly reasonable settings for this kind of hardware. Place where i tested this is next to 8 cm mortar in FOB on Training Level. Imho this scenario should run easily a 100 fps on this system given the fact that it was the training level, theres no complex calculations going on with the CPU (no network load, no moving objects, no players,and no AI or stuff) , The GPU is absolutely capable of handling this. System: SKYLAKE Core I7 6700 3.4 ghz Nvidia GTX 980 M 8 GB 16 GB Kingston System SSD Samsung 960 EVO NVME m.2 PCI EXPRESS GAME SSD : SAMSUNG 850 EVO SATA no thermal throttling High Energy Profile Fans set to max speed System cost: Around 2500 € Windows 10 Pro Creators Fall Update, Latest Nvidia Driver
  2. The game fails to playback any sound when using my GRIND Bluetooth Headphones I can use these Headphones including DOLBY ATMOS on literally any other game or app on my system and my phone. The game also completely DISABLES audio playback of already running audio in the background (aka music , videos played in browser etc) Please provide hotfix for audio detection subsystem. The audio devices used on WINDOWS 10 PRO (creators fall update)