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  1. W♥S Mortar Calculator goes 2.0

    That's just how the unity web browser engine is. If it's a big application, it can take awhile. They could potentially choose to release it as an exe maybe.
  2. Heyo, The Cohort is a gaming guild of players who like playing a bunch of different types of games together - Ashes of Creation, LoL, Civ, PUBG, Terraria, etc. Squad is a staple though, and we're growing our squad clan! Our members are EST/CST/PST, and you can find groups most evenings and weekends. We believe that gaming is about making friendships, but that it's more fun when you are winning. So, we're about people and progression but people first. If you are someone who: 1) Is willing to actively communicate in voice chat, 2) Is compatible with our core values - http://cohortgaming.com/core-values and 3) Is willing to improve their skill level with our in game academies Then we are probably a good group for you! Check us out at on discord http://cohortgaming.com/discord Look for me on the discord. @tugowar Look forward to meeting soon! Hugs and kisses, tug
  3. W♥S Mortar Calculator goes 2.0

    Thanks for the unity version! I look forward to trying this out soon
  4. Squad lead

    Heyo, a little internet disclaimer here: I'm going to disagree with you, but this isn't an attack on you... I think there's a balance to be had here, and that the way you described it is too far on the pendulum. I agree you generally shouldn't micro manage your squad. I don't like SL's who try to place my position. I'm competent enough that I understand how to get my own spacing and hold a perimeter. I don't agree that you should let the whole squad go feral. If you know that there are some exceptional killers on your squad, then ya, I let them loose. But I only do that if I know from experience (not just their word...) that they are a killa. In all other cases, coordinated fire and call outs is needed for the average player (myself included...). Also, making a little leap here, if you're not directing your squad, you are probably not playing the objective either. Assaulting the objective tends to lead to a negative K:D. Squad and SL especially is not about that K:D; it's about the win. Your team can win even with a negative K:D. Mission first. I realize that is personal preference, but at the point that you get a large portion of the community who doesn't believe in mission first, then the teamwork aspect of Squad will break down. This game isn't anything without teamwork.
  5. Squad lead

    Hi, I agree with everything stated here, but I'd add a few notes around morale. It's pretty amazing to me that this translates to the virtual world, but that's how awesome Squad is. Positivity is a force multiplier. A few things that will kill morale: 1. Not managing your rally points well and making your squad run a lot, and 2. Throwing yourself at the same killing grind over and over again. If you find yourself unable to assault an objective, it's time to think of a new tactic, even if that just means engaging from a different direction. A few things that will increase morale: 1. Your own positivity 2. Constant communication - share with them what the squad is doing, what the other squads are doing, what your objective is, how you think the best way to approach it. Also, I'll frequently ask for recommendations. "Hey, we're going to assault here, any recommendations on assault direction?" or "Hey, we're going to set up a FOB here, any recommendations on good locations?" I'm still new enough that I don't have all the maps down perfect, so rely on the others experience. 3. After we've finished an objective, I'll try to do a strategy update. "Hey guys, I know that was tough, but our team is in a good spot. We have 4 flags blah blah blah." A little pep talk. Also, not related to morale, but use the shit out of your binoculars and map. Hugs and kisses, tug
  6. Hi there!

    Welcome! Hit me up if you need any help
  7. tugowar here from the Cohort

    Thanks! Enjoying the game quite a bit. Actually just bought the game Thursday, and already have 34 hours and gifted 3 copies of the game! I love the teamwork and shooting mechanics in this game!
  8. Hi, yo, sup.

    Welcome! Look forward to seeing you in game.
  9. List of active clans and communities

    Name: Cohort Gaming Tag: [Cohort] Link: http://cohortgaming.com Language: English Description: We are a small, cross PC game group who enjoys MMOs and FPS games. We are looking for gamers who are: (i) chill, (ii) use voice chat, and (iii) are willing to improve their skill level. Members: ~50 We also play: Player Unknown Battlegrounds, League of Legends, Civ6, Ashes of Creation, Crowfall, and others
  10. Hello fellas!

    Welcome! Try out different servers too. Some are better than others.
  11. tugowar here from the Cohort

    Yeah we played. I'm definitely still learning the game, so don't judge me too hard!
  12. Hey guys, Just found squad recently because some people in our gaming guild ( http://cohortgaming.com ) recommended it. I'm loving it! Look forward to getting plugged into the community. hugs and kisses, tug