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  1. This sounds awesome. I Like the vehicle part most
  2. FPS drops when server fills up.

    Basicly this is normal, I start with 80-100 Client-FPS (Geforce 970GTX ("4GB" = 3,5GB). When players join the server the Server-FPS drops from time to time and this has impact on join Client-FPS too. Then I have around 50-70fps. In your case it`s the GPU I would say. The impact on slower machines is heavier, because the diffrents of 20fps is when you only have 40fps is hard. When you have 80+ and then 50+ who cares ^^
  3. ACOG point of AIM?

    Oh no, Redspoon run!!!
  4. no 1080 option

    This is your answer creamcakeclarky
  5. High Ping on UK servers

    The ping is only a placeholder. Its not the real ping, don`t worry.
  6. Torrent only?

    he ment a squad.zip, not exe. Edit: oh overread his extract part ^^
  7. Torrent only?

    Well, you download the .torrent-file, then you use a torrent software of your choise. I would recommend uTorrent for you. Then you drag and drop the .torrent-File in the middle of the software (Window) und you press ok. Then you your file in your std download folder, after a litte time (for me ~4min). This is very basic information, but it's the quickest way to start with that prog
  8. Server download?

    A little bird has told me, that the server files comes later this close beta
  9. Closed Alpha Released

    Where I find my Squadleader key?
  10. Servers and Ping

    If you have ping problems, you can host your own server in south africa - servers are cheap today.
  11. Squad Modding

    Hey Guys, is Squad modding only via. blueprints system possible or we can enjoy modding with c++? Cheers, Headz
  12. I would pay 50$ for this, but I recommend more or the Artists will hate you = to cheap to much work.