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  1. [|56|] Canadian Gaming

    GREETINGS, Just thought id throw a quick bump onto the thread. We are still around and kicking, last night we just hit 2 months of being pop'd daily with our server sitting in the top 10. Our server has been running 80/80 green server health and we are always looking for new members. Very laid back group with the semi regular competitive events. As always swing by the server and say hi, Thanks for your time. Discord : discordapp.com/invite/xurkfxs
  2. Name: Sumari Bala - Eastern Europe Location: Eastern Europe Size : 1320x1320m Teams: Brit vs Mil Gameplay: AAS Description: Having some cooking issues with my other project at the moment, while I work though that I decided to start a second map to prevent me from getting angry :P. My plan is a full make over of Sumari, to take it from the middle east to eastern Europe. May add a few things to spice it up a bit, but my hope is to keep the core Sumari gameplay alive. I think Sumari is a great map, especially for seeding and sense I spend so much time on it poping I may as well change the scenery a bit. As always all feedback is welcome as I continue to work towards a functional map. First Look https://imgur.com/a/C68L35I - Before https://imgur.com/a/N1GHi2w - After https://imgur.com/a/HBkKyDB - More early progress.
  3. [|56|] Canadian Gaming

    Seven successful month's in and we are still around as one of the only dedicated Canadian squad communities. Swing by our discord or website and say hi, Consistent 80/80 green server health nights Map voting in place to ensure we play what you want. Active admins Frequent event participation Hit us up and shoot us a message, see you guys out there. discordapp.com/invite/xurkfxs
  4. 56th Canadian Combat Cam

  5. 56th Canadian Combat Cam

  6. 56th Canadian Combat Cam

    Just some footage from our command Bradley during an organized commander event run by Rebound Gaming Network.
  7. [RIP] Rusty In Places

    Great group of guys, 10/10 if you are EU based, give these fine gents a go.
  8. Please Delete

  9. [|56|] Canadian Gaming

    Broke 50 members and still going. We are looking at branching into the modded server game aswell, if you are looking for a place that's laid back and just looking to have fun. Give us a shout and join our discord, discord.gg/xurkfxs
  10. [|56|] Canadian Gaming

    Coming up on month 4. Up to 39 active members and a server that has been running flawlessly. We are always looking to add new members to our ranks, whether you are brand new or a 1k vet we accept everyone. We have also decided to commit fully to the V12 test and have switched our box over to that and will run it until the update drops. Feel free to visit our discord and have a chat, discord.gg/xurkfxs 56thCanadian.com
  11. Updated with second flyover video. (Including shitty intro)
  12. Updated. Started work on a re-textured Russian back militia so I can run Mil vs Mil. The projects still alive, Just still having some workshop upload issues I have been working through.
  13. [|56|] Canadian Gaming

    Been a successful first month, we are up to about 20 members and are consistent in having a full 80/80 green server nights. We are always recruiting and looking for new members. Laid back and new player friendly, feel free to stop by discord and say hi !
  14. [|56|] Canadian Gaming

    [|56|] Canadian Gaming Hello Everyone, My name is West, recently with a few buddies I decided to strike out on my own and see if I can get a Canadian gaming community up and running. We started the server a few weeks ago and have been seeing consistent 80/80 nights with beautiful green server health. The name 56th comes from the original MOHAA clan I was a part of way back in 2002, the 56th Canadian Legion, unfortunately with the arrival of WoW the clan membership took a hit and the clan folded. If you are looking for a laid back and friendly group of players who welcome 1000+ hour vets to brand new players this is the place. We have about 10 members as of now but are growing fast. Quick and easy server popping starts around 16:00 mountain time and we have been seeing the server stay full until about 01:00 on most night. Feel free to join our discord and say hi, we have been building a solid group of regular players aswell. [|56|] offers both paid and unpaid memberships aswell as public players getting whitelist by donation. Thanks for taking the time and I look forward to seeing you all soon. Name : [|56|] Canadian Gaming Website : 56thCanadian.com Discord : discord.gg/xurkfxs Server Location : Montreal, Quebec Language : English