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  1. Hey there Martini, Our general recruitment is currently closed but we are always looking and inviting people who mesh well with from our regulars. Join our discord from the link above and play with out guys. It takes about 40 hours in server to get our regular tag, after that if people like you it is brought to a vote whether to extend an invite. Where abouts in Canada are you from. Hope to see you soon. Have a good one
  2. Thanks for the feedback Targor, Glad to hear the admins are behaving themselves. And no comment on inebriated admin actions
  3. [|56|] Canadian Gaming

    Hey Covalnet, Iv been trying to monitor how many admins we have had on as of late, I know a few of them have taken a bit of a break to play Tarkov but from my monitoring there is' almost always at least 2 members online on the server to help you, and if not our discord has an almost immediate response to assist should no one be on. Again I apologize if there hasnt been adequate coverage. As for the first to claim rule you are talking about, I try to manage rules that are both super easy to understand and super easy to police. I feel like late a night when we may be stretched thin from an administration stand point its easier to just have whoever gets the vich as opposed to having 20 messages a night with people complaining about stolen vehicles. The first come first serve rule has worked for us the last couple of year with only minimal issues. In regards to the terrible teamwork I cant comment as I was not in whatever game you were at the time. But I do know we have a very solid core of regulars that help keep things fresh but our learning friendly server has suffered a bit as we try to encourage new players to try things they normally would not in more of an educational environment. I would 100% agree that more seasoned players should avoid the server if they are easily annoyed by newer mistakes but our 24/7 heli server has been getting alot of good feedback from vet players for the game play there, I would recommend checking it out. Thanks for your feedback and Ill talk to the guys about some of the point you brought up.
  4. Hey Surv0, Yea general recruitment is closed and we invite players from our regulars pool. Join our discord discord.gg/xurkfxs and hang our with the guys, after 40 hours in server you will get the regular role and then after people get to know you're name we will normally toss an invite out. Glad to hear you are enjoying here, our guys also play DCS and EfT. Started doing PS weekends as well. So yea join the discord and hang out, we got a few guys from Kelowna aswell.
  5. Been a few months so I thought id give us a bump. Almost a year and a half now and some great strides for the community have been made. 2 Servers constantly sitting in the top 10, discord up to 1200 people, 164 patrons bringing in $760 a month that goes right back into the community (All financial records and tracking available to donors monthly). Recently upgraded hosting box with EVEN MORE POWER. Monthly giveaways / RL meet ups and as of late [|56|] run events. If you are looking for a community of normal people just playing to have fun with none of the stresses of overly competitive gameplay then feel free to stop by our discord. General recruitment is closed but we still invite from within our regular player pool so come hang out and support that beautiful red and white flag. Frequent Other Games: Post Scriptum, ARK, Space Engineers, DCS World. [|56|] Canadian Gaming - Learning Friendly / Map Votes [|56|] Canadian Gaming - 24/7 Heli Maps + CAF Visit 56thCanadian.com for more info.
  6. Aftermath of a ban

    Episode 3 - PP Gate
  7. Aftermath of a ban

    Episode 2
  8. Aftermath of a ban

    Hope this turns into a recurring video.
  9. [|56|] Canadian Gaming

    Just saw this Marko, Thanks for the feedback. I am glad you have been enjoying it, We have been trying to keep on top of having admins respond within a short time frame if they are not already on the server so its great to see its having a positive affect.
  10. 56th Canadian Combat Cam

  11. All current map information

    Squad maps is always being updated I am pretty sure. He is going through getting each maps vehicles posted now aswell which is a big undertaking. But if you were wanting to do something similar I would say the easiest would be fire up the firing range and load each one.
  12. Noob Wants to Find the Right Server

    Thanks for the positive comment there Zylfrax, glad that is an opinion that's out there. Yea Florida if you wanna swing by [|56|] just let the guys know you're new and we can help get you set up, we are geared as a learning friendly server.
  13. [|56|] Canadian Gaming

    Hey @DiscoLemonade, After checking your steam id I was unable to see a time where you were in server, if you could provide me for info for a time frame of whatever toxic behavior was displayed so I can look into it ? Thanks Hey @Berries, Thanks for the feedback. And I am glad to see you have learned in your time here as that's the goal our main learning friendly server. Unfortunately the close connection seems to be community wide that OWI is working on at the moment if I am correct. Thanks again for the kind words.
  14. One whole year has passed and we are stick kicking. Over the year have had 1 small clan meet up in Banff, Alberta this past April and our 1 year meet up will be taking place in Philly in September we have also grown into a second competitive squad server. Over the last few months we have received lots of great feedback about the server's and the community and I really appreciate that. We have 70+ active members playing over our 2 squad servers and 1 arma server and many other assorted games. We run our group as a community and not some try hard seal team, No ranks and things like that as we are equals trying to have fun. If you are looking for a relaxed place to find the premier Canadian squad experience then look no further, come be a reguleh or join our mediocre ranks. Join our discord and shoot us a message. Thanks for all the support over the past year and helping push us into the top 5 server rankings consistently. We look forward to many more friends and years to come. PS : Not to bad for a such a toxic cesspool filled with badmins.
  15. [|56|] Canadian Gaming

    Sorry Fuzzy, Just seeing this now. Do you have any other information or screenshot of who stated this ? Thanks