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  1. [22SAS] 22nd SAS Regiment.

    22nd SAS Regiment 22nd SAS Regiment is a newly formed squad clan who aims to bring experienced and new players together. We would consider ourselves a semi-serious clan, with both the fun element and also the milsim element in it (depends on who you play with from the clan) We are currently getting a server set up for squad, and it should be up in the near future. We are currently reaching 35 members! We can offer: - A friendly and fun community for everyone over the age of 18. - Competent players from both NA and EU. - Squad meetings in a democratic manner, though only trusted members have the right to vote, all voices will be heard. - Training session to plan different tactics, formations and ways to play the game. - Social events - Active members - We help each other where we can and when we can, we're not only a gaming community but also talk and help people with real world issues. Requirements - Fairly active players would be appreciated, at least be able to play a few hours a week, though more would be recommended - 18+ - Being able to take orders, listen to command when in game. - Nice and open person, who likes to be a part of a community. - Have a mic. - One for all and all for one, have a teamwork oriented mindset. Find us on discord: https://discord.gg/xFxCxAg Or on our website: https://22-sasclan.enjin.com/ Though you will get the fastest response on discord, and make everything easier.
  2. Players We are looking for both new and experienced players to help the community grow and overall become better. In many servers, the good players dont help the bad ones, and we want this to happen. The main issue with some servers is that the new players come here with little understanding of the game, getting shouted at and overall feel a hostility in the community WE want to change that, and encourage new players to play with us, learn from us and make us all happy Squad Leaders Are required to have a mic, because if you are not able to talk to the other SL's, it is game ruining. Please don't take SL if you have under 50-ish hours in the game, since this is the player leading and helping the new ones. We want squad leaders to be active in their orders, and try their best to help the weak links in the squad! Rules 1. - No spamming, trolling, or abuse in voice chat. 2. - SLs may kick anyone from their squad for any reason, though a warning should be issued. 3. - No locked one man squads. 4. - SLs must have a mic, recommended that you are able to speak english for communications with other SL's who may or may not speak other languages. 5. - Acknowledge accidental tks and misfire on friendlies in ALL chat. 6. - Join a squad 7. - AFK players may be kicked to make room. 8. - Keep Squad/player names reasonable. 9. - No attempting to pull players to other servers. Server Seeding When server is 20v20 or lower, the following rules will apply to help us seed: 1. Do not attack or camp or destroy FOBs/HABs/Rallies. 2. Do not use any vehicles except the logistics trucks/transport trucks. 3. Fight over a single central point or the mid area of the map until seeded. 4. Do not place a FOB or HAB within 150 meters of the middle flag. Ban's 1. Can be addressed on our discord https://discord.gg/xFxCxAg or website https://22-sasclan.enjin.com/ Or here. Main • Camping Main is permissible if all previous capture points are taken. • Do NOT fire any weapons out of Main • Do NOT place a mine at any point you can see Main -Ping- • Pings consistently over 250 may be warned then kicked