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  1. New Discord RCON Bot

    Thanks Odin! I did this over the course of a couple evenings, so I expect that if people want to use it that I will be cleaning it up and updating it. I always appreciate pull requests as well. The open source community is awesome.
  2. New Discord RCON Bot

    Hello everyone, I've been working on an RCON bot that allows you to manage your squad server from Discord. I did this simply as an experiment with Discord bots and many of you may not find it useful outside of mobile server management via the Discord app. The available commands are as follows: (prefix can be changed) !bot help {Command (optional)} !bot clear !match broadcast {Message} !match restart !match end !map list !map change {MapName} !map next {MapName} !player list !player ban {Name, SteamId, or PlayerId} {BanLength} {Reason} !player kick {Name, SteamId, or PlayerId} {Reason} !player swap {Name, SteamId, or PlayerId} This was built pretty quickly and may be prone to errors. Feel free to leave bug reports on GitHub or here. GitHub Setup instructions in Readme Screenshot