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  1. Error #00000001

    Error #00000001 can be often seen when restarting the system while the game is running. That error code doesn't explain the problem that you are experiencing.
  2. Reshade

    It's a simple effect script which provided that zoom that you can use and adjust like that.
  3. EAC Kicked

    I did notice something peculiar in that log file which would be the timestamp going backwards one hour a few minutes before your connection to the host has been lost. Would it be possible for you @POPE to check the older logs where you also got disconnected or to play till it happens again and send that log as well?
  4. squad wont launch

    You could have a some sort of error message pop up behind the loader or some addition information in one of the log files. If you can post your launcher log file and the squad log file, then we may be able to help you out. Launcher log can be found from the game directory's sub directory. (\Squad\EasyAntiCheat\launcher_log.txt) and Squad log can be found from Appdata directory such as %appdata%\..\Local\Squad\Saved\Logs\Squad.log
  5. Yes this is the right file, thank you for posting this. I'll have a look at this with some other engineers and see if there are any errors related to EasyAntiCheat. I should be able to get back to you today, hopefully with a solution.
  6. That looks like the \Squad\EasyAntiCheat\launcher_log.txt log file @PR.IT Aragorn89, however I'd like to see the contents of Squad.log as it contains information about EasyAntiCheatClient module initialization.
  7. Could you post your in game log for us? It should be located in C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Squad\Saved\Logs