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    SERVER NAME -[BIGFOOTS CAVE] Server Conduct We encourage teamwork. Be respectful and follow our server rules. Server Rules Spamming, trolling, or abusive text/voice chat will not be tolerated. Squad Leaders may kick anyone from their squad for any reason. Squad Leaders must have a microphone. Squad Leaders must speak English. No intentional Team killing One man, locked squads, will not be tolerated. Racism, sexism, or abusive behavior will not be tolerated. AFK players will be kicked after a period of time to allow active players to join. Ban Lengths Players will be warned for minor offenses. The following is the general expected outcome for breaking a rule. 1st Offense - 1 Week 2nd Offense, Teamkilling, Ghosting - 1 Month 3rd Offense, Hacking, Gross foul behavior (Racism, sexism, etc) - Permanent Any complaints can be posted here as a comment, or you can visit us on our Discord at https://discord.gg/Kcxu7pD Send one of our admins a direct message, or you can talk to me personally in a direct message.