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  1. I'm so desperate to see mortars in the game, Basra just wouldnt be Basra without mortars. They were as common as the damn flies out there. @Anders, I have high hopes for your mortar audio mate, that ear splitting crack when they land real close, crump and bass thud when they impact further away and the high end crump in the distance and of course not forgetting that mortar whine as they come in. After a while I learned to get off on the excitement of never knowing where it was gonna hit, it still makes me feel the adrenaline start to build whenever i think back to those days. Flashback me Anders!
  2. Sluggish Character Movement

    Yeah that describes it a little better. Controls feel not very responsive, like im wading in water all the time.
  3. Sluggish Character Movement

    I agree its not realistic at all. You can sprint strafe but cant rebound off a glancing blow on a low wall or object.
  4. Just make SQUAD like Project Reality (2)!

    Also not forgetting that PR came from a game platform that was already established with its systems such as Aircraft and helicopters. The PR team had to "tweak" systems already inplace to suit their needs, create new minor systems to run along side established ones and create assests. Squad developers are having to write their own full systems as well as create all the assets. When considering that, Squad is on fire progress wise.
  5. Just make SQUAD like Project Reality (2)!

    I'm really looking forward to seeing where the game will be in a few years time. I think it might not feel exactly the same as PR but i bet it will be close enough to be the spiritual successor to PR, and with quite a few devs from PR working here it would be presumptious to "dislike" in advance the work they intend to do when you liked so much their last efforts on PR. I loved some of PR's features but I've always viewed this game as the next rendition so I dont expect it nor want it to be another PR, I want it to be what the devs envisioned, thats why I backed it. The only thing that does make me feel a little skeptical is that at the moment the game feels hollow, but im 99% sure thats because its so early in the development process. Core game mechanics and systems are still being created and implimented, and if I was confident enough to put my faith and my money in this team to make a game I will like to play then I try to remind myself of that when i doubt.
  6. British Army DPM camo

    It's based on my experience, and the would be lack of temperate colour system if one were required in the real world senarios I spoke of, each new colour scheme of combat material is an adaption of the last and based on current operational needs, MPT also alleviated the need for 2 types of cam hence why most of us wore mixed desert dpm and temperate dpm during our earlier tours. My opinion is whilst MTP is a great cam system for the middle eastern countries it was also part of the "streamlining" done by our government to cut as much cost as possible, but no doubt it will change again once the environment requires it. Senarios in game would be entirely hypothetical of course.
  7. Sluggish Character Movement

    Yeah true, I think im used to games forcing my character off objects, like a bouncing type effect so it helps keep momentum going, its a standard in gaming since way back. I know its missing from Squad, even a glancing collision with say a small wall etc will stick you to it. I'd love to see that improved so it bounces you off it like all other games.
  8. British Army DPM camo

    Err that a trick question? why would you think CS95's are out of use. These things tend to be theatre specific, if a european theatre came into being again or jungle then CS95's would be reissued. Also on a personal opinion, CS95's look better than the current.
  9. Ive been struggling to play squad lately as the character movement feels offputting. By this I mean the movements left, right etc feel sluggish and not flowing naturally. I also always seem to get caught on objects and manouvering around them feels so slow and unnatural. Does anyone have any tips or tweaks to help resolve this for me. Thanks
  10. British Army DPM camo

    Thats a great shame to not see woodland and desert DPM, considering the length of time they were in service
  11. The long awaited "monthly recap hype thread"

    ..we'll keep on fighting till the end, we are the campions! we are the campions! no time for loosers, cos we are the campions, of the world!
  12. The long awaited "monthly recap hype thread"

    hahah but still...thats kinda ****ed up
  13. Any new guns sounds or guns comming soon?

    I hope very much we get some of the older versions of helmets, CBA and what not, ie 2002 upwards time frame.
  14. Area attack

    Yup I'd say so, content is content and area attack is great, its a feature in real life and this game is striving to be realistic as well as entertaining.
  15. Area attack

    I do not understand your logic at all. You want features removed from game?