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    Played with your people before... Good people.
  2. The framerate stability has allowed me to enter more direct combat roles or put myself in the line of fire more than I'd like to say as of recently that I have all the time I've had the game since 2017. (300 hours now) But one tip I'd give you is to constantly put yourself in those positions to make split-second decisions whether or not to peek a corner or not and engage. I mostly play close quarters since the majority of the time I do have a long range scope I end up having to get really close to the enemy thus the scope being ineffective at basically point blank range. So, first of all, make sure you have iron sights or a red dot (1x) but personally, I don't think you have to get into every gunfight you see or go after every single one of course but I'd also say that don't shy away from them if you don't have too. Try to use everything in your experience to train your muscle memory to do things however I'm not perfect, one thing I cannot do in this game is relay accurate locations right away during gunplay. I can get a little quiet unless I'm in cover then I'll definitely lay out some directions quickly. So in case that is all too much to read, I'll just state them out in a list. 1. Good framerate, tweak your settings. Must be stable. 2. Get a good mouse as well. 3. Try to be very aggressive but also know your place when you have to or must play the defensive be it being outnumbered or needing to fall back for a rally. 4. As stationary can be really relevant to get you kills, it doesn't always work especially if you suck. 5. Just get to know all the guns, and imo know your guns and how comfortable you are with them. Just to complete this I would say instead of getting upset (idk if you do) at dying or whatever it may be. Try to take every experience of a gunfight and take it apart to see where your flaws and faults were to then fix them for the next time. I like to think it's all about muscle memory.
  3. I read very little, to be honest but the idea of a commander being able to reach out to the other squad leads and in my case more toward the inexperienced and first-time squad leads (cause the only way you get better is repeating the same thing until your good at it) to help teach them how to play as a squad lead and give them tips. Not sure how fun that would be, being the only person not engaged in direct combat but it'd be cool to see something like that. Because when it's a squad leader from another squad trying to tell you what you should or how you should do it in the middle of a frustrating round and he's got bullets whizzing past him and maybe more. Things can get a little hectic. I just really wanna close that gap that players have that there will be 4-5 full squads and then a good squad and a half of unassigned players that do not want to squad lead but are actually there waiting for someone else to make the first click. That's something I really feel like would have been abolished by now but we're still here so many years later after PR and even the early access launch of Squad that we're here dealing with issues like that. I do squad lead time to time but I prefer to be a rifleman or just really someone who is contributing cause sometimes squad leading can be a little frustrating alone since sometimes if you have 2-3 guys doing what they wanna do the rest of the squad that does not know you will do what they wanna do as well unfortunately, but of course some people may say to kick those individuals but it's got to a point; Should I just kick my whole squad at this point? But other then that I like the idea but I don't like exactly any of the point and profit pointers that were mentioned that I saw.
  4. Pve Mod?

    I can't wait for it but I enjoy PVP just as much and maybe even more since it's a lot easier to play this and identify who is apart of my team then PR:BF2 fortunately as I tried to go back to PR and give it a shot to see what had changed or anything like that and I shot my own teammates more than once. Not sure what that was about but yeah!
  5. Random ping lag spike!

    I have noticed that when I play on certain servers (it doesn't matter the server health) that I will play with 90 ping and usually higher than that. I was mistaking it for my game skipping but it was actually me lagging on those servers. I asked around and the first time it happened it was occuring to effecting the entire server as all our pings went complete bananas. Now that a few months have actually gone by I have realized I am now the only one stuck with this problem, there are a few servers that I have this issue with and it's actually most. I don't strafe too far away from the current servers that I play on in V12 since if I go anywhere else I am bound to encounter my ping spiking from 90 to 400 and even higher sometimes then dropping back down to normal. At first I thought it was a global bug/issue, but I am hoping this is fixed on V13 as I tried out V13 and i rarely came across this issue. (only once or twice and that was on a farther server since the closet was down or full if I remember right) But I am just looking for hopefully some sort of fix for this in case anyone has encountered this before. I can also list any screenshots if needed or even if I still have any clips I can also do that as well. I'm also currently on the east coast of the United States (NY) The only server I'm aware that I can play on without encountering this issue is [FS] Firestorm. Which I don't mind but one server on Squad is literally a recipe for disaster as anything can happen including being in a 10+ queue. (lol)
  6. This is awesome and I cannot believe I had this idea in my head for so long. I'm so glad somebody else had this idea, and thanks for this post!
  7. FREE WEEKEND´s are out of control

    Yeah it was pretty bad this time around. I actually got on for the entire free weekend and I've never been on a free weekend like this or seen so much bad shit happen (TKing, loggy transport, and other etc) it was really bad this time around but there's virtually almost nothing you can do about it either way and well at the same time I met a lot of cool new players who were willing to learn and not shit talk me if I had to tell them what they were doing wrong. Surprisingly somebody thought I was a new player and tried to school me lmao.