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  1. Flickering since V9

    I'm having flickering a lot more in the new basrah map than previously r9 fury
  2. No VOIP (outbound)

    I re-set is as default and default communication device and it worked. Go figure, thanks!
  3. No VOIP (outbound)

    yes, regular 2.5mm mic into the sound card There's no some kind of issue with running multiple voip apps at one time is there (say, teamspeak)?
  4. No VOIP (outbound)

    windows 10 asus xonar dg Other players cannot hear me. Game sounds are fine, voip inbound (what they say) is fine. Just nothing out. Mic works fine in other apps. Appreciate the help or any input. It's also set as my default input device.
  5. No key?

    Figured, just checking. I upgraded my key so I wasn't 100% sure. Yeah it's a hilarious show.
  6. No key?

    Is it expected we may not have our link yet [still]?
  7. Is the aim down sight instant?

    Whenever I hear questions like this I think about https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mcUPY0RMdU @ 0:11