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  1. Remove desert, remove Russian

    I never sold my game because I know I'll never finish it. What about your game dev experience? You sound like you're a real expert. Remember, modding is not game development.
  2. Poor framerate

    I have an i7 3820 @ 3.6 GHz, 16 GB of ram and the game is on my SSD. I tried all kinds of settings between 4k and epic and 1080p on low, and framerate seemed to be around 30-50 on the maps I played regardless of settings, which sounds like the game is bottlenecked by something else than my GPU, not that that's a huge surprise. I had similar issues with PUBG which made me stop playing it altogether. Competitive shooters are horrible to play when FPS is not steady. I guess UE4 just hates my setup for some reason.
  3. Poor framerate

    I played for the first time today along with four of my old PR pals, and all of us had fairly terrible performance. I had only occasional bouts of 60 fps, mostly in the lower 40s and even dips to 30s, as well as horrible stuttering in more urban levels. I have an i7 as well as a GTX 1080, and so do two of my friends, so running this poorly even at 1080p, everything on low is totally unacceptable. Aiming with stuttering 30fps is absolutely terrible. I can just hit stationary targets but tracking running targets is not really reliable. It's kind of laughable that despite the 'amazing' engine upgrade, Squad runs worse than PR did on most maps. Is everyone's performance this poor, or is there something special in our setups? You'd think with three different PC builds some of us would fare better. Are there any tricks you can do to improve performance or are we just stuck with this clumsy mess?
  4. Limit locked squads

    No thanks, I want to play with my clanmates who are all in TS with me, not babysit random idiots who barely listen to anything I say. Just because someone else made their squad first I don't want to be limited to a cat herding role.