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    The Playground Server Discord Server Name: The Playground - NoRush|VicClaim|NewbFriendly Type: Licensed Location: NY, USA Slots: 78 + 2 reserved ADMINS: 40+ active admins. If you have an incident in game, visit out Discord for immediate help! Use the #report-an-issue and #appeal-a-ban channels to get the help you need. RULES: The admin team has the right to remove any player from the server for any reason deemed detrimental to the community. Including, but not limited to: BEHAVIOR ALWAYS respect fellow players. NEVER troll. NEVER be toxic. NEVER express racism, antisemitism, sexism, fascism, homophobia, etc. in chat, squadnames, usernames, or voice channels. NEVER spam text or voice chat, including excessive music. NEVER intentionally teamkill or retaliate if teamkilled. ALWAYS apologize for teamkills. GAMEPLAY/TEAMWORK ALWAYS join or create a squad. NEVER lonewolf or lock one-player squads. ALWAYS focus on and support the objectives. This should be the thought process for every action. (example: A superFOB away from objectives in the corner of the map is not helpful.) ALWAYS use the Squad Leader kit when Squad Leading. (If promoted to SL without warning: either change to SL kit and keep the job, or pass SL to someone else.) ALWAYS have a microphone when Squad Leading and be capable of speaking English. NEVER attack, camp, mine, or IED the enemy main base. NEVER get closer than halfway past the closest objective. NEVER team stack or switch teams to win. Clans with 10+ players should split to both teams. NO-RUSHING ALWAYS note the protected objectives that are broadcasted at the start of the match. NEVER go inside protected objectives or attack anything inside/approaching them. Potection ends when all related objectives are captured or become a valid attack objective. NEVER follow a Squad Leader who orders a rush. Squad Leaders are responsible for their squad and will be the first to receive justice. ALLOWED to set up for an attack on a protected objective as long as the above is carefully followed. VEHICLES ALWAYS coordinate with the team to use vehicles for their intended use. Use TEAMWORK for transportation, armored fire support, logistics, etc. These new vehicle rules will require roles to be filled, much moreso than the jack-of-all-trades squads of the past. NEVER lonewolf, waste, or abuse the role of any vehicle. (example: using logistics as a transport.) LIGHT VEHICLES - Logistics, Transports, MATVs, BRDMs, Technicals, Bikes. ALLOWED to be used by any squad. Specific names/roles are not required, but still encouraged. ALLOWED to be one-player crewed, but be careful not to waste/abuse. HEAVY VEHICLES - APCs (Stryker, BTR-80, MTLB), IFVs (BTR-82A), TRANS HELOs (Black Hawk, Mi-8). ALWAYS have 2 crew for each available vehicle to lock the squad, except helicopters with no copilot functions. (example: 3 APCs on the layer? lock only at 6+ players!) ALWAYS be claimed in specific named squads. First-come, first-serve. ALWAYS have specific asset/class in squad name, see above list. (example: Name the squad "APC", not "BTR", because some BTRs are IFVs! However, "30mm BTR" is ok!) NEVER create duplicate squads for the same asset class. ALLOWED to share vehicle claims with other squads. (example: APC squad explicitly allows the infantry squad to use a BTR.) SEEDING - When server population is less than 20v20. ALWAYS fight over the central objective(s) (example: Mosque on Sumari.) NEVER attack, camp, or destroy FOBs/HABs. NEVER place a FOB/HAB within 100m of the central objective. NEVER use any vehicles except logistics.