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    ================================================================================================================================== Name: MonsieurRose Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198025257675/ Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 22 Timezone or Region: EST Nature of Interest: Casual/MilSim looking for squad gameplay with more meat to it. its pretty hit and miss playing with people randomly, i'm looking for a more dedicated group to play with with more of a focus on teamwork, command, and following said commands. Gaming Background: I tend to play whatever game catches my interest, new to this serious fps experience, played arma with a buddy for awhile using custom scenarios, but never went further. now i'm looking for more. other than that i do love me some grand strategy. Additional Skills: so far 90% of my squad experience is playing medic but wouldn't mind trying new roles. i have a good time with it and reviving people is rewarding as hell for me, and i sneak in a few kills here and there. mostly i work to communicate with the team where the enemy are and am very good at follow the SL's orders Status: "Unsigned" ==================================================================================================================================