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  1. Gameplay from one of our Friday Night scheduled events.
  2. List of active clans and communities

    Name: Crack Clan Tag: cc// Link: crackclan.com | crackclan.com.discord Language: English Description: A multi-gaming group that is about to celebrate 20 years together which carries a combined experience across everything from casual to competitive to milsim to professional e-sports. We are also interested in growing the group and creating content for several thousand followers that we already have. Our group consists of working professionals; we all have obligations to family and/or careers and need to schedule our gaming time. Therefore our environment often prefers the experience over the result, come on in to our Discord, tell us about yourself and how you’d like to play and feel free to ask any questions! Members: ~30 active; ~90 Legacy We also play: PUBG; Overwatch; Factorio; Escape from Tarkov; Rainbow Six:Siege; Minecraft; many more games through the community
  3. We were able to fill 2 squads on cc//Squad Mondays. Well on the way to filling a team! See you on the battlefield!
  4. CC// Crack Clan Videos

    you stayed alive a the medic should do....gg to ya
  5. CC// Crack Clan Videos

  6. CC// Crack Clan Videos

    1920x1080, 60fps...how about this one:
  7. CC// Crack Clan Videos

    Happy Holidays from Crack Clan!!!! Transform was on in my project settings.......This one should be much better:
  8. To date, we have played a few weekly sessions....fun times.